County agency takes custody of beaten Norwalk baby

A Norwalk infant who was allegedly beat by his mother's boyfriend was released from the Akron Children's Hospital on Wednesday.
Emil Whitis
Jul 27, 2012


A Norwalk infant who was allegedly beat by his mother’s boyfriend was released from the Akron Children’s Hospital on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Christoffer Mills, 20, of Norwalk, was charged with felony assualt Tuesday after he allegedly admitted hurting the child.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said Mills had no criminal history.

On Thursday Huron County deputies held a news conference to answer lingering questions.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said the 9-month-old infant sustained four leg fractures and several injuries to the torso during a “series of attacks” by Mills over a period of two months.

The alleged abuse came to light Saturday after the mother took her infant to Akron Children’s Hospital for an unrelated health problem. When hospital staff discovered four fractures to the infant’s leg they contacted Huron County Children Services, which in turn reported the information to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies rushed to Akron to interview Mills, who was at the hospital. 

Mills told deputies he beat the child several times at a house in the 300 block of Edwards Road in Nowalk where he’d been staying with the infant’s mother for the last several months, according to deputies. 

Howard refused to say whether anyone else was home during the alleged beatings. He said answering the question wouldn’t be “appropriate” or “fair” to the ongoing investigation.

He did say deputies were still looking at several “people of interest” in the case.

There was no doubt that Mills was the “primary actor” in the abuse, but it is possible that others neglected to protect the child, Howard said.

He pointed out that the infant had multiple injuries — namely the four leg fractures — that went untreated for an unknown amount of time.

During an interview Mills told deputies he lost his temper when the boy wouldn’t stop crying, Howard said.

Shortly before the boy’s injuries were discovered in Akron the mother took him to Fisher-Titus Medical Center, a Huron County news release said. The statement didn’t mention whether staff there found an evidence of abuse.

Howard refused to give a date for when the boy was admitted to Fisher Titus.

Mills was being held at the Huron County Jail on $100,000 bond late Thursday. 

Huron County Children Service’s took custody of the boy and are in the process of placing him with a foster family. He’s expected to make a full recovery.


he said she said


'He’s expected to make a full recovery.'

Sure, his physical injuries and scars will heal.  The mental scars will be there forever; he will never forget the abuse that he went through.

I carry this baby in my heart and my thoughts.


Seen it All

I hope they keep this baby from it's mother!  You can't tell me that she never noticed 8 other fractures, give me a break!  Half of those were on his limbs..which would cause SWELLING & BRUISING!!  When "keeping your man" is more important than your child, you no longer deserve your child!


The so called mother should be charged as well.      .   


   These druggies nowadays don't care,  they just want the free money that goes along with a  having a  baby   with a baby daddy   and bring   a new piece of @$$ around thier new baby..    Can ya guess what body part she was thinking with.   It sure wasn't her brain.


I sure as heck hope they plan on arresting and charging the mother also.  There is no way a child of that age can sustain that many injuries and the mom not know about it or at least know there was something wrong with the child.  It looks to me like she was protecting the boy she shacked up with.  Apparently the sex was more important to her than the wellbeing of her baby.  People like this disgust me.  Having three children of my own and remembering them when they were infants, no matter how tired or frustrated I was when they cried, the thought never crossed my mind to hurt them.  A real man keeps his anger in check. This guy is a monster, and I throw the mom right in there with him since she was either too dumb or just didn't care enough about her child to do anything about it.



Sit n Spin

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KnuckleDragger-Very well said.  Thank you!


 I say break this &^%$*(& arms and legs and let him sit in his own human waste for about 6 months and then put him into general population in prison for 2 years and if he survives, then charge him with attempted murder and fry him, sorry, I am all out of grace for slime balls scum bags who abuse children. Just because he doesn't have a record doesn't mean he hasn't done crimes before, he just didn't get caught. No one abuses a child over months and has never done any other violent or criminal act before. 


OMG What the He$$ is wrong with people, How could you ever think about harming a infant or any child This son of a B*$%h needs his legs broke and beat, And the mother how could she even change him without him crying. She would have had to touch and move his legs to change him  FRY both of them.


8 years max, REALLY? for trying to kill a baby.  WTF is wrong with our court system.  He will be out in 2.


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