Sheriff: Norwalk man beat 9-month-old baby

Huron County deputies arrested a Norwalk man Tuesday for allegedly beating a 9-month-old boy.
Emil Whitis
Jul 26, 2012


Huron County deputies arrested a Norwalk man Tuesday for allegedly beating a 9-month-old boy.

Christoffer Mills, 20, was charged with felonious assault.

On Tuesday morning Huron County Children’s Services told deputies they suspected the boy had been beaten.

The injuries came to light Saturday when the boy’s mother took him to Akron Children’s Hospital for an unrelated health problem, Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said. During routine examinations hospital staff found the boy had suffered a total of nine fractures to the same leg in recent weeks, a report said.

And the injuries didn’t happen during the same incident.

“(There were) two different fractures on two different occasions on the same bone in the lower leg,” a sheriff’s report said.  

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.


he said she said


@gpcmonkey:  you said 'your a child maybe you should be beat since your 100% suree smh get a life wen this story pans out and you find out something different and he didnty do it what then you just going to feel stupid right?!?!?!?! thats crazy'

      Here, let me help you with your post:  You're a child.  Maybe you should be beat since you're 100% sure.  Shaking my head.  Get a life.  When this story pans out and you find out something different and he didn't do it, what then?  You're just going to feel stupid right?!?!?!?!  That's crazy.


Now let me set the story straight.  I am not a child, I'm a grown woman.  I am an intelligent female that graduated high school in the top 10% of her class and am now in college keeping my 4.0 constant.  What are you doing with your life except for standing beside someone who beats on helpless children?  Did you help when he was beating this child?  You are so hell bent on proving he didn't do this horrible deed, you must be guilty also.

When you get some more of an education and stop standing by someone who beats on people that cannot defend themselves, you may come back and speak, with respect, to me.  Until then, kepp your mothe shut.



 Very good response he said she said! Props. 

This is a sad story. Poor baby, in my prayers forever.

I have a child and I could NEVER harm her. She is the apple of my eye.

Sit n Spin

What a POS....Why we continue to allow people like this to breath is beyond me !  Coward !


What a waste of skin! Sounds to me like the baby mama isn't blameless here, either.

Whatever the punishment for these "parents" (perhaps better simply called "breeders" since "parenting" is oviously the LAST thing they're doing), I'd be entirely on board for mandatory sterilization.

Mime Bloggling

Although the article doesn't really say, I would wager a guess that he cohabitated with the child's mother inwhich case she exponentially raised the danger for her child to this kind of horrific abuse.

There's a special place in H-LL for people like this who harm the most innocent.


i volunteer to take care of this guy. it will cost less than a dollar.


 Give me ONE minute in a room with this idiot!!


I would love to know where the "mother" was in all of this.  I have 8 month old twins and they make me very aware of every little bump and sniffle.  I cannot fathom being oblivious to NINE broken bones.  I am horrified beyond measure by the cruelty, selfishness and hatred of these people.


I have a bat in my trunk right now....

Westend Homeown

this poor baby is going to have problems with that leg for the rest of his life because of this P_O_S  he deserves to be beaten to within a inch of his life and left to suffer in a little room from the injuries without medical help till he dies and i hope it take a good long while for that to happen!


God bless this poor child. I hope it finds a loving home which is not what it has now. In the hard copy of the Register, it states that this child was "recently" taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for a fracture to the lower leg. My question is: Why wasn't this abuse reported by this hospital? I am so thankful that this child is alive.


From the Reflector:

"The baby first went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center, where Howard said the baby was treated for a fracture in his lower leg. It's unknown how long the infant was there.

Fisher-Titus doctors recommended the baby go to Akron Children's Hospital, Howard said. The mother took her son there Saturday.

The sheriff's office received the initial complaint at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. By an hour later, Howard said he, Duncan and a Huron County Children Services worker were in Akron, were briefed about the situation and began interviewing doctors, the mother and Mills."


Here's a link to the page it came from:

There is also an update story for it.


Another thing just crossed my mind. Why do these people who appearantly don't want children not practise birth control? I am totally against abortion, but people who are incapable of love and want to just have sex (like animals) need to use protection. If for no other reason than to save the children pain.


Pardon my judgement:  My guess is that "Mom" has plenty of bruises herself along with a few broken bones she won't acknowledge or admit because "tomorrow will be better".  Sorry for her and her inability to leave a bad situation.  BUT with a baby now in the mix, her maternal insticts should be kicking in.  Its her choice for what happens to her.......but that baby is unable to make such choices. 

The comments about he!! and baseball bats...........sad but true!


Julie R.

Wow.........big tough man beating up a 9-month-old baby.


 Kill him!

Seen it All

@ grandmasgirl.. According to the Norwalk Reflector, Fisher-Titus did report the abuse, and recommended that they Mom take the baby to Akron's Children's Hospital, and that's where the Sheriff met up with them.

@ ritt.. again, according to the Norwalk Reflector, this baby is not this man's child.

I think they both need to a public stoning!


 Let me guess ...probably unemployed livin on obama care and beaten up a poor helpless child if i would say what to do with this waist of flesh moderators would remove it !!


Nobodycares, I hate to break it to you, but child abuse happens in all walks of life.  It knows no boundaries in regard to socioeconomic status, political affiliation, race, or religion.


 Give me 10 min with this POS and I will give him a beating he will never forget


I realize that only God has the right to take a life.  That being said, I hope he has plans for this coward to go SOON and PAINFULLY!


he said she said


This guy is a coward!!  Only a low life worth nothing would beat on a baby that cannot defend himself and probably the mother that will not defend herself.  If the mother is involved, then she needs to be beat herself for letting it happen.

Put him in a room with a female like me that is not afraid of him and see what happens!! 

POS needs to be put under the jail not in it!!



Heres his facebook page if you would like to become friends...

Party Involved Defendants Name:MILLS, CHRISTOFFER M
Address: 309 Edwards Rd
City/State/ZIP: Norwalk, Oh 44857
Telephone #: Confidential
Social Security #: Confidential
# of Priors:
Warrant(s): Click Date of Birth: 11-27-1991
Race: Undocumented
Sex: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'04"
Weight: 175 Pounds
Hair Color: Black Complainant/Officer Name: State Of Ohio
Agency Code: Shf
Unit Number: D.B.A.: Shf
City/State/ZIP: Violation Information File Date: 07/25/2012
Ticket Number:
Violation Date: 07-19-2012
Violation Time:
Violation Description: Felonious Assau Section #: 2903.11A1
Degree: 2nd Degree Felony
BMV Offense Code:
Waive Amount: Hearing Information Hearing Date: 07-31-2012
Hearing Time: 10:45 AM
Hearing Type: PL
Mandatory?: Yes
Time Waived?: Undocumented
Judges Initials: JSR Waive Attorney?: Undocumented
Attorney Name: Public Defender
Attorney Code: DEFE
Time Limit Days: 30
Time Limit Status: A
Time Limit Jail: Miscellaneous Information Summons Issue Date:
Summons Issued How: Undocument
Summons Returned Date: Status/Location Date: 07/25/2012
Status Code: Judge Desk
ITN Number: Disposition Information Conviction Date:
Dft's Plea:
Dft. Found:
Balance Due: 25.00 Fine Amt.:
Costs Amt.:
Susp.: Jail Time:
O.L. Susp. From:
O.L. Susp. To:

huronguy beat me to it.

That's usually my line  for scum like    this pos  perverted creep.


Bury him under the jail!


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@ Demented

I have not posted anything yet but what does this guy have going for him that you or your friend would allow him to get close enough to you to master manipulate both of you.  Is he going to school? Does he have a well paying job and secure employment? I am just wondering what you possibly thought he could do to enrich your or your chidrens life.


Honestly he was one of the smoothest talking men I think I have ever encountered.  He (in front of the family and friends) treated Chunka Monk GREAT.  But obviously what we didn't see is what obviously what happened.  Sometimes mothers and father alike can not have 24 hour complete over view on everything.  So the issue of  employment or anything of that stature was not the main factor that why they were together.  It was a mother attempting to move on and a guy was peice of $h!t.  It's not that she is a bad mother she this time had a poor choice in partners.

Home Boy

Send him jail, but put him in with the main stream inmates. They will take care of the rest.


he said she said


@ Demented:  I understand you are sticking up for your friend, but I don't appreciate you slamming everyone against the wall when everyone didn't say she was involved.  I said 'This guy is a coward!! Only a low life worth nothing would beat on a baby that cannot defend himself and probably the mother that will not defend herself. If the mother is involved, then she needs to be beat herself for letting it happen.'

I didn't say 'the mother is involved' I said IF.

I am the type of person that if I said something I'm woman enough to say yes I said it.  I will not have words put in my mouth and slammed when I didn't say it.

I am not going to put my personal business on blast but I know what she is going through and how she feels with the pos in her life.  Manipulated, controlled, scared for her child and herself.  Leaving will not be easy but the first thing you need to do is cut off all contact.  If you don't you are setting yourself up for more abuse.






I am sure that these things have gone on for ages, but when family values are lowered or completely gone, I feel these things will happen more often. More and more young women are letting strangers into their lives without really knowing the person. It is to late to learn what a person is like "after" the fact.


Just wanted some people to know... By no means Im not saying at all was this right but.. This boy alway had a job an would do anything for anyone that needed it.. An no he never beat her!!! She was on her facebook a few days ago talking about how much she loved him an loved their family they had!!! So my point of view she had to have known what was going on!!! So she should have the same charges he has right now!!!!



he said she said


Don't know you or him.  Don't really care to.  I don't like to be friends with cowards that beat on helpless children.

I know the SR has a hard time giving all the details, but IF


is true, then why is he sitting in jail for beating this child?

IMO you are guilty by association


 your a child maybe you should be beat since your 100% suree smh get a life wen this story pans out and you find out something different and he didnty do it what then you just going to feel stupid right?!?!?!?! thats crazy 


@ gpc monkey

  You're an idiot and just as guilty as he is.   FOR   REAL!!!

Seen it All

@gpcmonkey.. He has CONFESSED!!  So, what part of the story are we suppose to wait for?  The part where the stupid @$$ mother admits she loved this man so much that she ignored the obvious signs of abuse?!?   She will be charged next, and the both of them will rot in h e l l !!!


 This waste of skin makes me want to puke!  Why are women attracted to a-holes like this butt wipe!



If you don't know him personally then keep you comments to yourself ..I know my son he would never hurt a child..


The child didn't hurt himself....were you  there?     Is he covering up for the  baby momma?  Are they on  crack or heroin?   


Once your   son  made headline news  it's  public domain.  

Concerned For A...

@ Stacey2373........Your joking, right? This either has to be a joke, or you are incredibly stupid. I get that he is your kid and all, but how in blazes could you defend him, after doing such a HORRIBLE thing to a defensless little BABY!!!! You must have been making excuses for him his entire life. Get real lady!


 If he confessed why are people defending him? If you're my friend or family and you do something like this, your a$$ can rot in jail for all I care. 


Lay off the man, he is in jail and all for wat? He didn't do it but he took responsibility cuz no one else would have. I know my brother and he would die before he hurt a child, he has a great big soft heart for kids unlike some of you on here. You would rather blame a man you don't know for a crime he didn't commit than try and find out who really did it. When the truth comes out and he is proven innocent then ya'll will be salty as hell, and I hope you have the decency to publicly apologize for falsely accusing a man you never met or ever will meet.

Thank you gpcmonkey for stickin up for him you are truly an awesome friend and I only wish the person who hurt the lil guy will grow some gut and come forward and tell her friend wat she did, instead of leavin an innocent man to take the punishment that was meant for her.


 You don't confess when you're innocent.    Do you?    Why would he cover,   AND yes,   The idiot birther should be charged  the same as him. 

If ya don't do anything to stop  the abuse  you may as well have hit him yourself. 




 Let little Owen be a "lesson" to whoever broke this little boy's legs as to what being a big, tough man (NOT!) can lead cowards make me sick to my stomach!!