REGISTER VIEWPOINT: What's the point? Give it up

There's a story somewhere about why crab baskets don't have lids. Don't need 'em. Seems that if one cr
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


There's a story somewhere about why crab baskets don't have lids.

Don't need 'em.

Seems that if one crab tries to climb out of the basket, the other crabs pull it back down. Why? Because they're crabs, and that's what crabs do.

Sound familiar?

As in, it doesn't matter what someone tries around here, or who tries it, there's always someone -- sometimes a lot of very loud someones, to shout it down, to drag the idea back into the basket with the rest of the crabs.

Condos and a hotel on the bayfront? Whaddaya think we are, Miami?

Businesses downtown? What for? Shopping's better in Cleveland, and so are the restaurants.

Back when it seemed as though all the shouting over the Huron River Greenway was actually going to mean something, one gentleman wrote to us to say MetroParks ought to just give it up, and anyway, nothing in Erie County was going to compare with the hiking trails around Devil's Tower in Wyoming -- now there was a place to hike!

What is it about us, that we can't try something without measuring ourselves against the absolute best there is? That's healthy, if you use it to form a goal.

Not so much, if you use it as an excuse to give up.

Oh, you know what? The hell with it. You naysayers, you're right.

Castalia Quarry Reserve's no Devil's Tower. Back up the dump trucks and fill that sucker in.

Those places you remember from your Sandusky childhood don't measure up to the glitziness of the big city to which you moved? Knock 'em down and plow 'em under.

The proposed Transit System route won't have the big buses, like in Cleveland? Forget it, pal.

No Nordstrom's at Sandusky Mall? What's the point, then?

Cedar Point? Pfft. It's no Disney World. Away with it.

Whatever we've got now, someone else has it better somewhere else.

So forget it. Wad the whole thing up into a ball and roll it into the bay (it's not even a real bay!) and give up.

Let's not even try.

There. Isn't that better?

At least we'll have plenty of public shoreline from which to fish.

Not as good as the fishing somewhere else, of course.