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Lady Lindy was here The year was 1935. Babe Ruth hit his 714th home
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Lady Lindy was here

The year was 1935.

Babe Ruth hit his 714th home run. Social Security was signed into law by FDR. And Amelia Earhart visited Sandusky.

That’s right, Amelia Earhart — the Amelia Earhart — was in Sandusky.

Sunday marked the 73rd anniversary of Lady Lindy’s stop in Lake Erie’s Port of Opportunity. She was in the area to give a speech to the Sandusky Aero club at Lakeside, according to an Aug. 16, 1935, edition of the Sandusky Daily News.

The newspaper came from the local historical collection of Dr. John Schaefer.

The Aero club chartered the “Mascot” in honor of the event. The Mascot left from the foot of Columbus Avenue, the paper reports.

While specifics of her visit were not available in Schaefer’s old papers, the writing about the event shows how different a time it was.

In his attempt at complimenting Earhart, Daily News writer Al Knouff said, “I believe that she is the only woman who can honestly meet men on equal terms in the field of aviation.”

Earhart’s record-setting aviation career would come to a mysterious end about two years after her Sandusky visit during a flight across the Pacific Ocean. Her plane was never found.

Cory Frolik

Family ovens mobilized for political campaign

Dennis Murray Jr. provided Toft’s ice cream for his fundraiser across the street from the fair Aug. 9, but his family provided the cookies themselves.

Murray’s sister, attorney Margaret Murray, baked a batch of several dozen cookies a week before the event to help “Denny,” as the family calls the candidate, and then froze them. His mother, Peggy Murray, then baked a fresh batch of cookies shortly before the event. Murray is a Democrat running for the Ohio House.

We researched this news story by collecting samples. Peggy Murray’s chocolate chip is pretty good, and so is Margaret Murray’s oatmeal.

Tom Jackson

No college playoffs in the near future

College football fans who long for the day when the National Championship for NCAA D-1 teams is settled via a playoff system, don’t hold your breath about that happening any time soon.

The Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee, who was in town last week visiting The Chef’s Garden, said presidents of big-time college football programs have no intention of instituting a playoff anytime soon. Gee also said he does not see a day when college athletes would ever be paid, either. Gee contends the players are compensated with scholarships and do not need to be paid.

Mike Fitzpatrick

Dishing up the news

The Register gets plenty of scoops from area residents.

But not all of them are served up on a plate.

A Bay View man came into the office Friday using notes written on a paper plate to dish up a story about a recent swimming expedition to Kelleys Island.

Steve McGinnis said Allison, Ryan and Kelly Eckels and Lightfoot Murray battled Lake Erie currents Wednesday to swim to Kelleys Island.

McGinnis shepherded the crew, making the trip in a kayak. He told me the Eckels family made the swim in about four and a half hours, and Murray made it in five and a half.

When asked why the swimmers took the plunge, McGinnis said, “they just wanted to see if they could do it.”

Sarah Weber