WESTERHOLD: August gets hot at the Register

There's a lot happening behind the scenes at the Register. One of the big projects underway, the revamped
Matt Westerhold
May 24, 2010


There's a lot happening behind the scenes at the Register. One of the big projects underway, the revamped fandy.com magazine, is almost ready to debut.

It's all about high school sports and the new fandy Web site offers the best and most complete prep sports info anyone could ever get anywhere.

That's not an overstatement. The 24/7 sports site will include player pages with biographies, real-time updates, school pages, team pages, stats, reader blogs and schedules. It will be the most interactive site to date with sports fans designing and contributing to it on a daily basis.

The new fandy.com debuts later this month along with our fall football preview edition online and in print.

Decision 2008

Decision 2008, a special section updated daily at sanduskyregister.com, will include the candidates blog. Readers will be able to interact with the candidates for local and state offices, and candidates will be able to address constituents directly.

The section also will include all of our election stories on local, state and national races and issues and conclude with a voters guide in the print edition just before the general election.

Obama or McCain

The Register's Chasing the President series will get a jump-start this fall as reporters Cory Frolik and Annie Zelm detail for readers their efforts to get interviews with Barack Obama and John McCain.

Frolik and Zelm, two top-notch reporters, also will blog at the special 2008 election section on sr.com.

Some readers might think it's a long shot -- at best -- that we'll land the big interview. Don't be too sure. Frolik and Zelm are relentless, and I'm thinking we have better than 50/50 odds. Besides, stories and blogs about the hunt for a sitdown with the next president will be cool and entertaining.

Meet the bloggers

Sue Daugherty is the newest blogger at sr.com, and the executive director of Serving Our Seniors is already a huge hit with readers. Our teen blogger, Michelle Pletcher, also has developed quite a following and continues to share her thoughts with readers. Michelle and Sue are pioneers whose appeal crosses all generations. How cool for us.

We're looking to expand blogs to other high school students and just about anyone else who has something to say, and say, and say. If you're interested in becoming a regular blogger at sr.com e-mail me at mattwesterhold@Sanduskyregister.com. We're also looking for monitors to help us enforce guidelines for the readers comment section of the Web site. E-mail or call me at 419-609-5866 if you're interested in either, or both, opportunities.

Watch Baxter squirm at sanduskyregister.com

The Nuesse-gate hearings begin later this month, and we'll hit this story as hard as ever. One of the stars on the city's long list of witnesses is none other than the old wise man himself, Kevin Baxter.

I'm not sure the hearings will even come off, because at this point the city likely is looking for any way possible to extricate from this Murman report debacle, and Baxter's looking for a way out, too. There's just no way he wants to be cross-examined about his Murman statement. He already took a big lamo shot at making some corrections to it after the Register questioned inaccuracies, but his cross-outs and new notations in the margins of the Murman report were nonsensical and almost incomprehensible.

Baxter will squirm under cross-examination from attorney K. Ronald Bailey, or he will squirm away from being forced to testify. His Murman statement is riddled with misstatements and holes you could drive a Hummer through.

Look for some hot Dog Days come Aug. 25 if the hearings do go forward as scheduled. The Nuesse-gate special section at sanduskyregister.com will be updated throughout each day of the hearings and will include live blogging from city commission chambers and video coverage of the testimony.

This is going to be fun.

Ferrell's dispatch fumble

I figured I'd link to my last blog here since it's about emergency dispatch, which is directly related to the Nuesse hatchet job and Kevin Baxter and county commissioner Tom Ferrell Jr.'s complicity in it. Make no mistake, Ferrell and Baxter have been holding hands through this disaster since the beginning. They share an agenda on dispatch, and they share an abnormal need for secrecy. These two have been holding hands and playing kissy face with public policy for more than two decades. What a bummer.