Enthusiasts of old bicycles pass through for annual meeting

In 1886, Glen Norcliffe's bicycle would have seemed perfectly normal in downtown Sandusky.
Tom Jackson
Jul 18, 2012


In 1886, Glen Norcliffe’s bicycle would have seemed perfectly normal in downtown Sandusky. 

On Tuesday, however, the bicycle with a gigantic front wheel was nothing less than a head-turner.
In the 21st century, you see, a 19th century bicycle with a forward wheel that’s 56 inches wide will draw a lot of attention.

Norcliffe, 70, of Kincardine, Ontario, and three other bicyclists mounted their vintage bikes Tuesday afternoon for a ride through Sandusky and Perkins Township.

They planned to spend the night in a hotel in the Milan area, and then continue Wednesday on their 100-mile ride to “The Wheelmen Annual Meet” in Findlay, a gathering of old-time bicycle enthusiasts. The local leg of the journey is actually part of a 350-mile trip that began in Canada.

“Their groups are re-creating how wheelmen (as they were called) back in the late 1800s attended such meets,” said Richard DeLombard, of Huron, captain of the Ohio Wheelmen.

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More power to you guys --have fun and enjoy Flag City USA...


saw one of these in bellevue this morning. this one perhaps?


 I have never seen anyone ride one of these bikes..To be totally honest , I've never seen one of these bikes EVER ! Was Mr. Norcliffe in the video, cause I didn't see anyone who remotely resembled a 70 year old ?


If the front wheel is 56 inches wide it would be a steam roller. The front wheel is 56 inches in DIAMETER ! DAAAAAAA!

Edwin Ison

I'll be there to see this in Findlay


Ahh thats too funny, yes Glen Norcliffe is 70 and he is on the bike with the incredible big wheel on the video along with 3 of his other friends.  Guess its really hard to tell a 70 year old these days when they actually stay in shape....they fool us all don't they?