LETTER: Obama can adapt

The ongoing hypocrisy and jealousy is evident. Obama isn't black enough. He's too black.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


The ongoing hypocrisy and jealousy is evident.

Obama isn’t black enough.

He’s too black.

He’s too cerebral. (obviously, the result of seven years of Bush.)

He’s not patriotic enough.  (The armchair warriors are the loudest about this.)

But, the strangest of all, is he’s too well-liked abroad.  Seven years of the Bush administration has really warped the mentality of some.  Case in point: The uproar over Obama adjusting some of his positions, as opposed to an unchanging style like Bush’s.  A type of “resolute,” better known as stupidity, which added thousands of casualties and billions of dollars to the war, is seen by some as an admirable trait.  An opinion, I’d venture to say, is not shared by a majority of the front line soldiers who served in Iraq.

It’s obvious, adaptability is difficult to comprehend for some.

Tom Polanco