REGISTER VIEWPOINTS: A few bright spots, and some late news

Thumbs UP for a rare spot of bright news in the area's job picture, with Fenner Dunlop in Port Clinton comple
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP for a rare spot of bright news in the area’s job picture, with Fenner Dunlop in Port Clinton completing its expansion that promises at least 55 new jobs at its plant that makes conveyor belts.

Thumbs DOWN to Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons for taking so long to embrace electronic monitoring for those convicted of crimes that don’t really rate a lockup. As we’ve said before, this is a good idea — and it was a good idea a dozen years ago. Why does our local leadership wait until it’s backed right up to the edge of the cliff before grabbing hold of a straw that should have grown into a tree by now?

Thumbs UP to the three sisters — Patricia Callan, Molly Carver and Jan Carver Young — who drew inspiration from a documentary of the first Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, N.Y., to organize a commemorative rally last weekend in Sandusky. Officially, there were 70 — and probably more — people who gathered to hear local women talk about the strides women have made, and the strides they have yet to make, and the future that rests on all our shoulders.

Thumbs UP to Jim Halstead and all other people for whom advanced age is simply a big number. Halstead was the big man on campus for Monday’s Master’s Challenge at Osborn Park, with a duffel bag full of every kind of boomerang you could imagine. The teacher at Monday’s event, he did more than let his hobby keep him young — he shared his enthusiasm with others. And like his “flying wooden sticks,” what he gives selflessly comes right back.

Thumbs UP to Lexi Bass, Courtney Conley and Kamryn and Kaylee Hiser, four young area girls who leapt and somersaulted and flipped to glory at the AAU National  Gymnastics Championships July 2-3 in Orlando. Each placed in the top seven and, according to coach Jamie Hiser — mother of Kamryn and Kaylee — earned those spots by paying attention to the details and sticking to it for hours at a time. Here’s to dedication, and the rewards it brings — the medals and the satisfaction of having done your utmost.

Thumbs UP to people like Serving our Seniors Director Sue Daugherty and Consumers Counsel Janine Migden-Ostrander and everyone else who, like them, make sure people who have to pinch pennies know how to get the most out of their heating bill. The price of staying warm will get worse before it gets better — if it gets better — and any effort to help people fight the fight against rising costs and still stand on their own is to be supported — and applauded.