Huron officials unveil city's master plan

Huron leaders drafted a plan to give the entire city a cultural makeover.
Andy Ouriel
Jul 14, 2012


Huron leaders drafted a plan to give the entire city a cultural makeover.

For the first time at Thursday's planning commission meeting, Huron leaders unveiled the city's new master plan to completely transform downtown.

Plans center around enticing business and persuading people to relocate into the area, linking several core city landmarks, parks and neighborhoods and highlighting the waterfront.

Pick up Sunday's Register to read about:

• How city officials will pay for the $9 million project;

• What areas city officials targeted;

• The project's short- and long-term goals, and how they divided up specific city regions;

• Artist renderings of how the project could look once it comes to fruition.


Darwin's choice

Good luck................


 If you are going to highlight the waterfront you had better find a way to keep the Metroparks from getting their grubby hands on the land.  If they do, you are out of luck.  They have already swallowed up, and ruined all the prime waterfront property between Huron and Sandusky.

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

Some of the pages of the Master Plan were scanned in upside down.


then stand on your head then you can read it


You'd think that a better picture could have been taken, such as an area that is targeted for development.  I realize the elevator area will be part of the scheme but come on, this pic is just plain silly concerning the story.


Is this plan structured by the same people that said they COULDN"T AFFORD to FIX THE LEAF PICK-UP VEHICLE or couldn't afford the labor to pick up the fall  leaves for Huronites after decades of service...Come on... if you believe for one minute someone is going to develop anything  near where that POLLUTED LIME PLANT DUST BLOWS DIRECTLY IN YOUR FACE AND ON YOUR VEHICLES, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP FROM YOUR DREAM...Conagra had that property up for sale for years  and no developer would touch it..Our local grocery stores now struggle to make ends meet....Port Clinton and Vermilion have  businesses go  in and out of business year in and year out....Huron is a small community with a small population and you people propose something as wild as this...Huron needs to stay out of the DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS and leave it to the DEVELOPERS who know what they are doing AND who have the capital....we certainly do not need ONE MORE TAX ABATEMENT. 


What Blooming Idiot put the pdf file on line?  Enough said.

Rich Close

The picture matches the report exactly to a tee.

Many years ago the area thought about a 'master plan' to bring people into the area, it was called JOBS! 
They built the grain storage plants, the line plant, the battery plant where Drug Mart is now, what happened? TAXES and government regulations happened and now Huron is going to try to improve on the same things that have been tried in other areas and thats building new condo's and parks. PEOPLE NEED JOBS and as long as these governments make manufacturing unwelcomed with thier regulations and excessive taxation Huron will not do any better than the others. Look at Vermilion, Port Clinton, Sandusky, all waterfront areas that have real economic issues and with it crime increases.

I wish Huron the best, but there are just so many resturants, parks, condo's and buildings for health proffessionals until an area becomes saturated and it can't sustain their very existance let alone growth.  

car 54

     City manager White plans to build condos on this site.


the only thing that the city manger is doing is trying to leave a legacy of nothing with his name on it.


I have to agree with "heycaptianjohn" and other above comments, I guess it's ok to dream big but in reality Huron has bigger problems than the Con Agra property and one dosen't have to look far to see them. The city doesn't even have sidewalks for a large portion of the city. Oh yeah, Beachwood area has great sidewalks but the Westside and the south side have none! I cuoldn't believe that Main Street was repaved and their were no sidewalks, bike lane or even a berm for people to walk on. There are over 500 house holds south of Bogart road with kids riding bikes people running and walking on the road. Poor planning if you ask me.


excellent point goo driver --Huron's officials have caviar tastes on a beer budget and just don't get that we are a working-class town and always will be. Most people who work, go somewhere else to make money.


If you right click ona page you can click  2 times on rotate clockwise and then not need to stand on your head

Fibber Mcgee

 Was the Space Spiral inculding the master plan? I tried turning the pages and still couldn't see it.



A pedestrian bridge accross the Huron river to the newly developed ConAgra property would be good for both sides of Huron.


Tiger Dad

Water taxi from the boardwalk at the boat basin to the Con Agra site would be more suitable and much less expensive.


The paper includes the item that they plan to eliminate the trailer park at Rye Beach. granted it's not the best view coming into town, but I have a problem with making people move from their homes so that Huron can be viewed as an upscale community.

again, shame on the city planners and WHERE ARE THE JOBS that are going to be here for later generations??Shame on you andy white and everybody else that have dollar signs in their eyes.

This is not Florida and good luck with making a slippery slope where the con-agra used to be.

Cracked Cherry

 All you have to do is rotate the pictures with the options your PC gives you while in PDF format. 

Julie R.

Are they really going to eliminate the trailer park at Rye Beach? That's been there for as long as I can remember and like who really cares if it doesn't make Huron look like an upscale community. Who is Mr. White and Huron trying to impress, anyway?

T. A. Schwanger

Fine residents of Huron,

Hold your elected officials to making improvements benefiting the general public first--waterfront parks and walkways--then private development away from the waterfront.


Thank you Mr. Schwanger for your input. This has been my point all along. These improvements are not for the people of Huron, they are for the boaters, tourists and summer people and to heck with the year-round people. Did anyone notice that the attendance was down at the river fest? They won't say so, but it was, except for the fireworks.

@ Julie R., the article on page a-3 said and I am quoting, 'acquiring and demolishing the empty mobile home park at the western gateway" end of quote. The last time I looked, there are people living in those mobile homes. I'm sure there is someone around who can say how long it's been there, anyone?

There used to be a trailer park on the east end called Laylins and it was demolished to make way for the houses that are now there.

This plan is nothing but smoke and mirrors to change the balance of who lives in this town!!

The number one priority should be getting jobs and they are not listening to the residents when they have yet to put sidewalks along Cleveland Road, South main, Bogart Road and wherever else they may be needed!


 In other word TA Schwanger, lets ruin more of the waterfront with parks that are utilized by few people?  It makes no sense to use prime waterfront real estate for something that does nothing but suck on tax dollars.  What is needed is tax generating property so that cities and counties can provide needed services.  People advocating for the entire lake front to be nothing but one big wildlife refuge fail to see the damage it is doing to the citizens in this part of the state.  For every waterfront property that is taken over by yet another park, the area losed tens of thousands in tax revenue on top of the thousands in tax revenue that is required to maintain the park.  Pull your head out, these ideas are what is ruining this area of Ohio.

old dog

@ Reading Signs, I must agree with your  comments. The entire mentality of Huron City Council and it's planners, is to use the tourist dollar to survive, rather than make a well thought out plan to be self sufficient. Most folks do NOT work here, because we have NOTHING to offer, as fas as employment. The industrial park has drawn very little, downtown has not drawn anything, you can sit all day and try to come up with something to do with the Conagra sight, and come up with NOTHING, to make it self supporting, without the tourists dollars.There was a Master Plan drawn up some 25 years ago, and nothing ever came of that. I might have saved a copy of that!! Maybe I can send it to the historical society for their archeives.

old dog

Yep, still have a copy of the Master Plan written in September 1988. Population then was 7500 back then, and with potential of being 11,000 in 2010, and potential of 15,000 in 2020.  Last census was in 2010, and now that population is 7,149. Down -10.2%.

Julie R.

Whatever happened to all those plans for development over by the golf course --- specifically all that land that can be seen at the end of Brookview Drive? I heard ten or more years ago that a bunch of attorneys bought that land and were planning on building condos but it's still empty.  


@Julie R., the plans must have disappeared into thin air. Same story different characters.

These master plans are for the purpose of fooling the residents of Huron once again. It's like magic tricks when the magician makes you think you're seeing something, but it is really just an illusion.

If they were going to put in sidewalks, they would have done so by now!

If they were going to attract businesses to create new industry, they would have done so by now!

If they were going to do anything besides spend our money, they would have done so by now.

This is 2012 and nothing has changed. I've been here since 1967 and the Main Street has been ruined, the manufacturing jobs have gone to China and their master plan is to bring the tourists for part of the year and then we're a ghost town for the rest of the time.

Old Dog has it right, the young people are LEAVING and the older generations are dying so what does that mean for the future of Huron? Why not ask the young people for a change? It's their future too!

Darwin's choice

Has andy white brought anything to Huron ?  Business wise?  Anything?  Any "new" employees?  He is just another snake oil salesmen pretending to be a politician. He should try to get hired by the new casino, shuffling cards and stacking the deck..................