Cedar Point: Disaster Transport and Space Spiral will close

(UPDATED with video) It's official: Cedar Point announced Friday afternoon it will close Disaster Transport on July 29. The Space Spiral will also be removed, though a last day has not been named.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 14, 2012


(UPDATED with video) It's official: Cedar Point announced Friday afternoon it will close Disaster Transport on July 29. The Space Spiral will also be removed, though a last day has not been named.

The Register broke the news earlier this summer that Cedar Point has plans to remove the rides to make room for a new roller coaster. Read more HERE.

Cedar Point did not provide any information about a new ride in a press release it issued Friday about the removal of Disaster Transport and Space Spiral.

As a send off, the amusement park said it would host a charity event for the final launch of Disaster Transport — an indoor bobsled-type roller coaster built in 1985. Money raised will go to "Give Kids the World."

Participants can register for Disaster Transport Final Dispatch: A Mission for the Kids, by clicking on the links at cedarpoint.com and gktw.org.

For more on this announcement, pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.


Licorice Schtick

Can we put the Space Spiral downtown?


Erie County Resident

That is a good idea to bring it downtown.

I'll go one step further and suggest to turn it into a revolving resturant with 1/2 hours trips up and down.

Get in line and place your order on the ground, when it's your turn to go up everything is already prepared for your dining experience.

The Don

 Licorice schtick has a great idea!!


 Man!  Disaster Transport is one of the only rides I'm not scared to ride.  (yes, I  know I'm a wuss).

Swamp Fox

Bring it downtown,?  Who is going to buy it, move it, reassemble it and maintain it?  The yearly maintenance cost alone would make this cost prohibitive. Revolving restaurant, its not that large or room enough for tables.  Why not bring the Wild Mouse back and put in in Washington Park, the Rotor in the courthouse lawn, people could ride while awaiting trial.  I hope you detect the sarcasm.


Thats a good Idea Licorice Schtick.

Phil Packer

 If I had a million dollars, I'd bring back the misting colored light in the park downtown. Screw CP.


 Just what the City of Sandusky needs...  a Space  Spiral that they would let rust to the ground.


Licorice Schtick:  don't let people's opinion on here keep you from thinking of ways to improve the city. I think it's a great idea. It just needs to be taken further. I can see the sprial going up and giving people a great view. They would have to extend the time in the air though. If they could get someone with money to put an advertisement on the side, that would help pay. 

Sue Meredith

Really kind of sad. The Space Spiral has been part of Cedar Point and Sandusky's skyline since 1965. You knew when you saw that space needle you were close!! To bad they could not have just moved it to another location in the park. Oh well, I guess that's progress.


 They should be paying us to ride that piece of crap!  Who's great idea was it to put buildings over the ride anyhow?  Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Falling Down

The Space Spiral should not be removed!!! its the only way to enjoy the view of Cedar Point, Sandusky, and the Bay without climbing on some ride that does not allow you to enjoy the view.  If anything move it to a new location within the park. As it was stated it is an icon of Cedar Point to many for many decades. But I guess these points are lost on some executive who wants to create rides that some people will never ride and only lasts a short time. Not saying it is not a good idea to add a new ride but they should keep some of the historic rides.


Now there is a GREAT idea, Licorice Schtick.....bring the thing downtown.  Perhaps CP could DONATE the thing to the City of Sandusky but who would run it?  They could put it up in one of the parks perhaps or Mylander or down at the old boat launch where the old CP boat lines used to be.  Great idea.  Someone or a couple of people could get jobs learning to run it.  WONDERFUL IDEA

The Don

 Cedar point could donate it to the city since we put up with a lot with all the tourist it brings in. ( not saying we don't need them)   And tear down that eyesore/safety issue Keller building and put it right there!!  Big enough area and a great view from there.  And there is nothing wrong with putting your ideas up here!  

Sue Meredith

As good as it sounds for CP to donate the Space Spiral to the city, lets be realistic. Who would put it up, who would maintain it, who would pay for the insurance etc. Remember, this is the city who couldn't bear the cost of a public swimming pool. I still think CP should relocate it within the park. 

T. A. Schwanger


Cedar Fair is a generous company. Perhaps they would agree to dismantle and install the Space Spiral in downtown Sandusky at the Paper District Marina.

I may be wrong, but I have to think this would be a huge draw for downtown.


Seattle and Toronto come to mind when speaking of such items in their downtowns.



I agree with Tim..... CP could assist the city.  The reason the city got rid of the pool was lawsuits if memory serves and nothing more because of the drowning.  It had nothing more to do with it than that.  When that boy died the family bankrupted the city and CLOSED the pool for good.  If I remember it correctly. 

But CP could help with getting it up and running.  They are not taking it down because it doesn't work, because they are putting in a new ride.  I agree with Tim completely.   Great idea and yes, Tim those two town are correctly stated. 

CP could use it as a write off as well, I believe.  A charitable donation I believe

It might also generate some jobs for those who don't have one as well (manintenance, operatores, etc)


I AGREE,  see if Cedar Point will donate the Space Spiral,  and move it donwtown,  See if funds can be raised to put it back up.  Look for Federal, state, county, city funds, and individual donations.  A cost projection needs to be done first.


The ride is old, it's shot, how would you get the people down when it gets stuck at the top? Talk about lawsuits, come on Tim stick to your ideal city in your mind..Think about the electricity cost, maintenance, who would repair it when something goes wrong, or who would be crazy enough to accept the liability to work on it.