Kasich reels in walleye, signs lake drilling ban

UPDATED WITH VIDEO For outdoor enthusiasts, Gov. John Kasich's fishing expedition Tuesday in the waters off Ottawa County was a success on two fronts.
Tom Jackson
Jul 13, 2012


UPDATED WITH VIDEO For outdoor enthusiasts, Gov. John Kasich’s fishing expedition Tuesday in the waters off Ottawa County was a success on two fronts. 

One: He caught a halfway decent walleye. 

Two: He signed an executive order that bans oil and gas drilling in Lake Erie.

Kasich hooked the walleye during the 34th annual Governor’s Fish Ohio Day, and he signed the executive order as a crowd of several dozen people looked on at the Lake Erie Shores and Islands West visitors bureau.

While federal law already bans petroleum drilling in Lake Erie, Kasich’s order ensures a ban will remain in place even if Congress changes its mind and lifts the federal measure.

As Kasich prepared to sign his order, state Rep. Nickie Antonio, D-Lakewood, said lawmakers should approve her proposed state law, HB 304, to prohibit drilling in Lake Erie.

“A law on the books would provide long-term protection to the region’s most precious resource,” Antonio said. “It is imperative that we protect Ohio’s largest source of freshwater for our children and grandchildren, our economy, and our environment.”

Asked about a proposed law to ban Lake Erie drilling, Kasich said he believes his executive order covers the matter.

But what if the Ohio General Assembly approves its own ban?

“It would be fine with me,” Kasich said.

Elected in 2010, Kasich has approved several line-item vetoes of a recent budget bill.

But he has vetoed only one proposed statute: last year’s bill to put Ohio into compliance with the Great Lakes Compact, which regulates withdrawals of water from the Great Lakes.

Kasich contended the measure was not strict enough in regulating withdrawals of water from Lake Erie.

His veto angered some members of his own party, but it forced lawmakers to approve a more restrictive bill this year, which the governor signed.

Kasich told the “Fish Ohio” crowd that Ohio’s rules governing fracking — a technique for taking natural gas out of the ground — are the strictest in the country.

He also said he and his cabinet are working hard to deal with harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie.

“I think we’re making progress,” he said. “We’re aware of it. We’re pushing it.”

George Voinovich, a Republican former U.S. senator and governor, sat in the audience as Kasich spoke.

“The person who loves this lake more than anybody is George Voinovich,” Kasich said.

Afterward, as Kasich chatted with reporters, he said he often hears from Voinovich about Lake Erie issues.

“He always calls and talks to me about the lake,” Kasich said.

Voinovich also participated in the fishing event, wearing a T-shirt with a walleye picture on the front and a baseball cap with a walleye above the bill.

Voinovich said he was pleased Kasich vetoed last year’s Lake Erie bill.

The former governor said he would have preferred a stricter bill this year, but he believes Kasich is sincerely concerned about the health of Lake Erie.



There are over 400 drilling sites on the Canadian side.



Repub or Dem; it doesn't matter. Ohio is done economically - put a fork in it.



Contago is right.  Just cross the line and you'll see them all over...it's really a moot point.


Right, Let Canada have it!

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Usage Note: The adjective moot is originally a legal term going back to the mid-16th century. It derives from the noun moot, in its sense of a hypothetical case argued as an exercise by law students. Consequently, a moot question is one that is arguable or open to debate. But in the mid-19th century people also began to look at the hypothetical side of moot as its essential meaning, and they started to use the word to mean "of no significance or relevance." Thus, a moot point, however debatable, is one that has no practical value. A number of critics have objected to this use, but 59 percent of the Usage Panel accepts it in the sentence The nominee himself chastised the White House for failing to do more to support him, but his concerns became moot when a number of Republicans announced that they, too, would oppose the nomination. When using moot one should be sure that the context makes clear which sense is meant.


P-E-R-F-E-C-T     E-N-V-I-R-O-M-E-N-T





Super Judge

 rule number one is to never tlk bad about a fellow republican so i wont.


I trust our governor presented a valid fishing license. 


 The lake is dangerous, even deadly, for swimming. If the algae doesnt kill you the jet skis will. So screw it, drill it hard and frack its brains out! 


@ davey,

Lake Erie is not your mother so we aren't gonna treat it that way.


LMAO @ Buckeye. Now I have to change clothes since they are covered in coffee :)


 LMAO @ wetsu great point but still funny lol, and I am sure because of it was the "Govenor's fish Ohio day" I am willing to bet he was exempt from having to have one lol. I would also be willing to bet there were scuba divers under the boat who hooked the fish on his hook so he wouldn't come back empty handed lol.


Where's the fish? I know a half decent walleye when I see it, and I don't see it. No offense to Wylie, of course.


You GO Gov. Kasich!  Enjoy the fishing and the abundance of fish in that "EVIL" algae lake.  If you do NOT believe they are drilling in Canada or you are a typical liberal who REFUSES to acknowledge the TRUTH, take a plane ride over the lake and see for yourselves and marvel at how wonderful you liberals are.  Oops, I forgot, even if you still see it, you will STILL deny it, even if one of those Asian carp jumps up and slaps you on the side of your empty liberal head!  Ha! Ha!


He won't be back...Soon there won't be a "Fish Ohio" Program... the algae bloom and the Asian Carp will completely destroy the Lake Erie and it's related economy very soon.. . While Kasich poses for "photo Ops"... What a joke.