Police ask for help tracking stolen Kalahari money

Erie County deputies are looking for a man suspected of stealing more than $3,000 from Kalahari Resort's arcade on Friday.
Emil Whitis
Jul 11, 2012


Erie County deputies are looking for a man suspected of stealing more than $3,000 from Kalahari Resort’s arcade on Friday.

The suspect, recorded by surveillance video, is described as a white man in his late 20s, about 6-foot-2 and 275 pounds. He was wearing a yellow T-shirt and white shorts, deputies said. 

Resort managers called deputies at about 10 a.m. Saturday and told them $3,225 was stolen from five different kiosk machines. The kiosks allow guests to exchange cash for arcade credits.

The machines did not show any signs of damage, so deputies suspect the perpetrator used a key. They also believe the culprit got help from the inside — specifically an employee who managers considered “less than a model employee,” a deputy’s report said. 

Managers directed deputies to a surveillance tape that shows the suspect shaking one of the cash kiosks before walking away. Later in the night, the less-than-model arcade employee can be seen leaving the resort with the suspect.

Anyone with information can call Erie County deputies at 419-627-7553.



Kalahari is robbing many people including their employees so this seems like justice.


I have better clearity on my cell phone!


I have better clearity on my cell phone!


 Check all the local hamburger joints and greasy spoon restaurants because they both appear to have never missed a meal!


so where does it show taking anything

he said she said


Why was a 'less than model employee' still employed there?  If Kalahari thought this about this person, then you should have gotten rid of them before the was money stolen. The company put theirselves in that position.


he said, she said. I was wondering the same thing.


@unassumer.....couldn't have said it better myself.


Isnt this guy in that 'Magic Mike' movie?


Hey, maybe they could get  Fox to track this down and solve it.  He has some spare time and seems to owe them some payback.


lol @ rick

Peninsula Pundit

I took time to view the video.

I didn't see him take a thing except for a walk around the property.

The article doesn't say they have video of the theft.

You would think they'd have cameras directed to a spot where over $3200 is being kept.

I'd look at little harder at the 'managers' who directed the deputies, as mentioned in the last paragraph.

Darwin's choice

Found guilty in the court of public opinion! No evidence of a crime being commited in the video I just watched.............


I watched the video twice and I did not see anything suspicious.  If this is all they have then they better forget it as far as charges are concerned.


 Also, it doesn't show him walking in or out with the "less than a model" employee. It shows him walking in or out with a group which he very well could have just weaseled himself in. But it doesn't show any crime just a lot of exiting and re-entering.