REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Power of, by and for the people

Thumbs UP to the neighbors of the Erie County Landfill who are getting up a petition to put on the ballot the zonin
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to the neighbors of the Erie County Landfill who are getting up a petition to put on the ballot the zoning change that would allow a methane gas power plant at the landfill. We think the plant is a good idea and there might be more public support for the it than expected -- but as we said, arbitrary "spot" zoning is a bad idea even in a good cause. This petition may be the county's last chance to do this the right way.

Thumbs DOWN to the loss of another longtime business -- and two decades is a long time. Add Full of the Dickens, a teacher-supply store that turned into an imagination-land for kids, to the list of missing threads of our economic and social tapestry.

Thumbs DOWN to the folks who couldn't just leave fireworks to the pros. Sparklers are one thing but shooting your fire arrows into the air, to fall to earth you know not where, goes beyond freedom into irresponsibility. And speaking of thumbs, we at least hope you made it through the weekend with yours still attached.

Thumbs UP to the historical marker at Carl Keller Field in Port Clinton, recognizing the role of the Ford Tri-motor -- "Tin Goose" to those who know and love the slab-sided old bird -- in local life for many decades. The Goose was a famous flyer far and wide in its day, but Port Clinton and the Lake Erie islands are welded firmly into Goose lore the world over.

Thumbs UP to Drew Carey, who knows how to order out. The Cleveland-born-and-bred comic, host of "The Price is Right," ordered pizza for the show's staff party -- from Antonio's in Parma. UPS delivered the 43 pies to TV-land and apparently the $450 price, not including freight, was right. Anyone who wants to talk about supporting hometown business has to tip their hats to Drew.

And those who try to maintain their property, and even those who got a chastising letter from the city for not doing so, might want to join us in a thumbs DOWN for the city of Sandusky for apparently not taking care of some property it owns on Old Railroad Road -- in Perkins Township. Practice what you preach, people. Perkins even asked nicely.