Update: Privileged few attend Obama speech, with comment added from the Ohio Obama campaign

President Barack Obama's ice cream social Thursday in Sandusky was a sweet deal for roughly 300 VIPs who scored exclusive tickets to the event at Washington Park.
Andy Ouriel
Jul 8, 2012

President Barack Obama's ice cream social Thursday in Sandusky was a sweet deal for roughly 300 VIPs who scored exclusive tickets to the event at Washington Park.

Thousands of others, however, were left with a bitter taste in their mouths, as they were entirely excluded from the heavily secured venue where the president delivered his speech.

UPDATE from Raymonde Charles, a spokesperson for the Obama Campaign in Ohio: "This week's visit to Sandusky was an opportunity for our strong volunteer base in and around the area to see and hear President Obama, who they are working hard to re-elect because they know he is committed to protecting the middle class and creating an economy built to last - one that is grown from the middle class out, not from the top down. And thats exactly why the President came to Sandusky on his Betting on America bus tour -- to explain the stark contrasts between his  belief that everyone should have a fair shot to succeed and should play by the same set of rules, unlike Mitt Romney who embraces an economic philosophy that rewards the wealthy at the expense of the middle class."

Obama's campaign officials earmarked tickets for people who have committed themselves to re-electing the incumbent Democrat for another four years.

Also on the guest list: nearly every single Democratic Erie County official.

Notably absent from the list: two prominent local leaders who have spearheaded efforts to lower the county's debt and reduce spending while promoting the region through Lake Erie and NASA Plum Brook.

At about 4 p.m. Thursday, Democratic Erie County commissioners Bill Monaghan and Pat Shenigo were staked out in the Erie County office building downtown.

Having been left off the guest list, that was the best vantage point they had to watch the president's speech.

"Naturally, my wife, daughter and I were disappointed that we weren't able to get tickets," Shenigo said. "But we were able to have a behind-the-scenes view. We didn't see the president, but we saw some very interesting things of how the Secret Service operates."

For more on the ticket process pick up Saturday's Register.



Here is a good read if your on the fence about what your policical choices, life choices are, and to help you decide your philosophy in life!




Re:Thanks for the comment SheronOH, but I think you are missing the point

He or She is not missing the point you are.

I read the E-paper and the free version.

That may not be the case with all the commenters.

Some will draw their conclusions based on what version they read.

The print/epaper had a good mix on the visit.

The web version IMO looked more like a weak attempt at stirring the pot.




If you filled the entire paper with storys that conformed to the democrats agenda they would be happy. This one story against thier savior has them all abuzz. You must'nt speak of god in such a way the laity of sheep get excited.

The Big Dog's back

 dunny, I think you and your fellow right wingers are upset because it really doesn't bother us "Liberals".



You are used to being stepped on. Used to protecting those who step on you. Its funny and sad watching you protect your oppressors. Any upstanding person would feel affronted by these events, EXCEPT those sheep who know no better.


Big Dog,  all they have to respond with are name calling and insults.


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 Very well said Kimo! This fish wrap is infamous of stirring the pot with slanted and one ended comments! No accountability what so ever!


The point about President Obama visit to our area.  I would hope that this visit was to remind everyone of the "MITT" take on the middle and poor class.  To fin for themselves.  To let the register cause a argument simply to create confusion and people on both sides go for it is really very small minded.  There was no privileged few!

Im poor and I know im not privileged.


I simplly want to know who selected the site in downtown. Did they even consider the football stadium?

If it was selected because only a narrowly selected few were to be invited, they should have held it indoors. It would have reduced security needs and costs, as well as been cooler.

So, who chose the site?

The Big Dog's back



"Behead the rich and send the republicans to re-education camps if they do not comply"

Obama donor heard during the Occupy wall street love fest.



We LOST 31 United States Special Forces troops, many from the Navy SEAL Team 6 that took out 0bama bin Laden.  The Afghan Taliban is taking credit for shooting down a helicopter that was on the way to hit a house of insurgents on Friday, July 07.  Seven Afghan commandoes were also in the helicopter.  I noticed NOT a peep from the AP-0bama or the Register.  NOT a peep from the liberal main stream media and NOT a peep from the white house or the "anointed" one.  Oops, he was too busy on his "campaigning and complaining" tour in his Canadian made bus.  "A step in the right direction?"  I wonder what you liberal crybabies would be doing if Bush were President?  You would all be howling at the moon to BLAME Bush.  The media would be listing all the names of the fallen every day.  Now, NOT a peep about any troops killed under this socialist regime.  The newspapers and live media do NOT want to make the "messiah" look bad!  This is ANOTHER story that is selected to be swept under the liberal "FEEL GOOD" carpet of LIES.  I guess the SEAL Team 6 is NO longer important.  0bama BRAGS about them one day and totally ignores them the next.  Still believe all your liberal news?  How about it veterans?  Is this another FREE PASS for 0bama who came to grace you with a visit NONE of you "common" liberal saps could attend?  I guess NONE of you are so privileged, special and entitled after all.  How does it feel?  You should have used your EBT cards to wager a ticket.  Ha! Ha!  When 0bama learned the owner of "Ann's Place" restaurant in Akron passed away after the "unifier" stopped by, the president called her daughter to offer his condolences.  Here is a tip for you liberal losers and the Register.  Brian Terry, the United States Border Patrol agent who was MURDERED in Arizona in 2010, a true American hero, MUST have "acted stupidly" (Barack Hussein 0bama on the Cambridge police, July 2009).  The Brian Terry family is STILL WAITING for their phone call from the "liar-in-thief" to offer his condolences.  The families and loved ones of the 31 United States Special Forces troops are STILL WAITING for their presidential condolences.  Can ANY of you hypocritical crybabies explain that?  Come on libs and Sandusky Register.  I KNOW you can make up more EXCUSES and more BLAME.  After all, it is the liberal, socialist, democrack way!  It MUST be Bush's fault!  Four more years??  See you in November!  Ha! Ha!

The New World Czar

TP is right, the prez and his spin doctors will cherry pick every sad story for the lap dog press (except the ice cream fiasco seating chart).



Re:Really? The reporter should ask if someone is a registered voter but Obama and his minions want it to be illegal to ask for proof at elections????? Seriously?

1. minions want it to be illegal to ask for proof at elections is a false statement.

2. Why listen to someone complain when they are too lazy to register and vote?




I'm still amazed they found 300 people who WANTED to see him.


kimo says - "minions want it to be illegal to ask for proof at elections is a false statement."

you are so wrong kimo! the justice dept shot down south carolina and now they are going after texas!

"Texas' controversial voter ID law goes on trial in Washington starting today, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and other news organizations....In the lawsuit Texas v. Attorney General Eric Holder, the state asks the court to approve its law requiring that voters produce a government-issued photo card....Texas is one of the states required under the Voting Rights Act to have new voting laws cleared in advance by the Justice Department. In March, the federal agency struck down the 2011 Texas law..."

let's see, first the doj says ok to the law and now wants to revoke it???  i guess oidonthaveaclue needs those illegal votes!!

hmmm, i go to the store to buy a pack of sigs and need a photo id but the doj thinks it's ok to elect our prez without a photo id??  what's wrong with that?


Ah.....voiting is a constitutional right buying "sigs" is not


This COULD have been a great event, If Anne Grubbe and her cronies hadn't been so corrupt as to forbid the public from meeting Obama in a community Meet and Greet like was done in Maumee, Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, Parma and Mahoning County.  Remember this travesty in November and VOTE OUT THE LOCAL DEMOCRATS!

The next time that our area needs help, remember that Anne Grubbe excluded 2 of the 3 County Commissioners, The Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Sandusky from attending.  When we need a grant or other funding, it would be a much greater possibiliy of receiving these, if the President and other government officialS could connect a name to a face and a location IN A POSITIVE WAY.

These kinds of personal contacts have been lost for years in this area by the Good Ol' Boys network.  They are more concerned maintaining control than fostering opportunity for the citizens of Erie County.  VOTE OUT THE LOCAL GOOD OL' BOYS.




Super Judge

 Only a liberal dies in combat! Only a liberal would allow the bullet to enter their body! Only a liberal forces us to say this. Vote Romney!


I'll ask again: who selected the location for the President's visit?

Since moving here, I keep hearing "the good old boys". Would someone please identify who they are?


All the elected officials who are really Democrats got tickets. But maybe Monaghan and Shenigo gave theirs to someone less fortunate...



to all of you libitards that thought america was ungrateful to the middle class.  last year and even through june of this year oidonthaveaclue and the libitards were saying that the wealthiest comproise 1% of the taxpayers but in his speech today oidonthaveaclue says that - "The only place we disagree is whether we keep giving tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of Americans..."   so, all of a sudden he is after the top 2% not 1%.  how much longer til ol "robinhood" comes after you????  baahahahahaha.  keep drinking the kool aid!


 Matt the "withholding" of information does not reflect biased reporting, in fact that was poorly written and does not even make sense, your attitude, and ridiculing of the police does.  He
admittedly called them rent a cops and yelled the F word while the
police where trying to take care of an issue that Bickley injected
himself into, therefore the citation. Bickely claimed they erased his
phone, why didn't he take it to best buy and get it recovered, you did
not address any of these issues with him. Your attitude was clear,
please watch it yourself and even you would have to agree. If you had an issue with agencies "withholding information" address that, if true, that is a legitimate argument.  Don't automatically take the word of a suspect.  It was clear the police were well within their discretion and Bickley clearly had motive to lie. 

I suppose you agree that his 16 year old son was "tricked" into selling to
undercover agents beer.  I look forward to any future broadcast with
Bickley and hopefully you will look at the facts and not be
intimidated by Bickley and your attitude toward the police will be a
little more respectful. I hope you don't consider that little bit of tabloid journalism (my apologies to tabloid journalsim) as a career highlight. 

Perhaps as a "jounalist" you should be interested in getting the story right.  I am concerned that law enforcment agencies sometimes skirt the law, there are consequences and avenues to pursue if they actually do that. However the print media holds itself up as the watchdog of the community,so it is extremely disheartening when you do something like the Bickley interview, but that's my view from here. Keep the editorial in the ediorial page. 

I do appreciate your approach and attitude to my rather harsh critique.


Matt that was not the link this is http://www.sanduskyregister.com/sandusky/betweenthelines/2011/nov/10/video-watch-between-lines-guest-shawn-bickley?similar

and I have to tell you it was more dispictable the second time I watched it than the first.  Can you honestly say you took an unbiased position when talking to Bickley, really pathetic.