Protesters demonstrate against Obama during visit

A number of protesters gathered in downtown Sandusky on Thursday to demonstrate their opposition to President Barack Obama.
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 6, 2012

A number of protesters gathered in downtown Sandusky on Thursday to demonstrate their opposition to President Barack Obama.

Bill Roberts, running for congress in Michigan, and fellow protestor Alan Egre, said they’d encountered reactions of all kinds since they’d been camped out at about 9:30 a.m. Their goal is to impeach Obama, upsetting him so another Democrat can run for president in the fall election.

“Are you ready to dump Obama?” Roberts asked one driver.

“I’ve been ready,” she said with a thumbs up, before pulling out of the driveway.

For more on the protests of the Obama visit, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.


The Big Dog's back

 I don't hate white people, since I am white. I don't like southern white trash or teabaggers or rednecks. That just about takes care of today's repub party.



Dont forget "Affluent Whites" either. Dont feel bad though embrace your racism, Its all you have left to argue with.


What does anyone have in common with Obama? Im asking a serious question, Anyone care to answer?

The Big Dog's back

We were both raised in middle class families. 


Big dog

He wasnt raised in a "Middle class" Family. He went to private college prep school in hawaii. His grandmother he lived with was Vice president of the bank of hawaii. How is that middle class?

I should clarify this, I grew up went to public schools joined the military to pay for my college so i could get a middle class job. I still have nothing in common with him and i'll bet most of you dont either.

The Big Dog's back

 He got a scholarship to go to that school. Isn't that the your dream  for your children to do well in school and well as life?

The Big Dog's back


Randy_Marsh says

What does anyone have in common with Obama? Im asking a serious question, Anyone care to answer?


I answered your question, but you refuse to accept my answer.


There are more than just you on these pages. I accept your answer as a personal perspective, Although not mine. Anyone else care to answer? What does he have in common with any one of us seeing people seem to think they do have somthing in common.



What I think he has in common with me has nothing to do with where he was born, how he grew up, or where he went to school.  It is the values that he has that are similar to mine.  He cares about the middle class and those who are the working poor. He is concerned about the people who are struggling in this economy.  He understands that all people need to have access to affordable food, shelter and health care.  He values education as the means to being able to have everyone reaching their potential and to move this country forward.  He understands the difference between what people have available to them in Mississippi, Texas and Ohio.  He has worked with disadvantaged people.   



I respect your opinion but i sadly disagree, After watching the bailouts, Waivers, billions thrown at "Green" jobs that turned out to be just friends and donors i seriously do not see that side of the man. The government is going broke and then no one will get anything, Even the ones that truly need the help. I think in the long run it will hurt the needy alot more than help them because as the CBO stated it cannot last. His values may coincide with alot of folks but to my eyes they are going about it completly wrong.


I sincerely hope more "protestors" come out on November 3rd. and they protest against the insanity, cruelty and economic enslavement the Radpublican Party has come to stand for. Pesident Regan would be appalled.

Captain Gutz

 weiner dog,

The question is "Which candidate is more, in totality, like yourself?"


After much soul searching and careful deliberation, the answer for myself  is Ron Paul.

Perhaps you come up with a different answer for your own circumstances.




The Big Dog's back

 putz, I didn't know you were a OB-GYN.

Captain Gutz

weiner dog,

I didn't know you were the President of the USA. You were raised in another country and attended a religous school? Fascinating.

You must be a dalmatian, born white and becoming half black later in life.


I'm seriously asking what does he have in common with anyone. Not debating whether he lived a "Middle class" life. From my standpoint that is not a commonality between me and him. Yes i would like to become wealthy for me and my family, That is part of the american dream, To work hard and be rewarded for it. Not to be penalized for it later on in life because someone else wants what i have but is unwilling to put in the time or effort to get it.


 Duh and the Dems don't want your money?  Boy are you out to lunch!  Fact is neither side has a candidate like us, they are all life long politicians on the gravy train.  It will be the same old same old until we invoke term limits and dey ain't gonna let dat ever happen!  So be a fool and keep drinking that liberal Kool Aid and watch the USA turn into Greece!


pb&j - don't forget to add barney frank and his democrat croonies at fannie mae who, being just revealed, received veryyyyy generous loans to steer business to countrywide, to the blame list.




Would you please send me the lyrics to the obamanation anthem?



You too are correct. There are plenty of Dems who are at fault and to blame. I really don't care which "party" (and too many are partying at our expense) are at the core of the problem I spoke of in my previous post. However...let's not elect or support a candidate who is so obvioulsly "not one of us". We, the voters, need to quickly begin culling the bad from the good. Far more important is that we NEED to get involved. Mere voting "party line" is one the worst things we can do.

* This post was written by an Indpendent, free-thinking, well-read and watchful citizen.


Go get a job and you wouldn't have time to stand in the heat and sing off key.



Same thing i say to your OWS buddys that decide to take 6 months off to go camping in a park.


Well Office Cat - little do you know about my record of public service. Aside from military, all my service to the public has been for free on numerous environmental boards. I've been involved with politics since I was given the right to vote by RIchard Nixon.

My father was a "real" elected public servant and my family has served the Republican Party since the turn of the century. So, please don't jump to the wrong conclusions, my comments are borne from vast experiences with politics.

Present politics makes my entire family sick. Big money buying big offices.

I applaud you for your honest public service, and yes, my comments are aimed at bureaucrats, not those who strive to serve. However, if the shoe does fit . . . .

Big Dog's Back - Negotiation is a two-way street. Understand that there's two sides of the aisle and neither side is willing to cross over to come to terms about the real problems in America today. That's why we have a POS for a national "health" plan (sold-out to the insurance industry) and a bunch of thieves still running things in the banks using taxpayer money to fill their own bank accounts.

This is a bi-partisan problem caused by bi-partisan support of big money influences. Maybe "right-wingers" do cause problems, but no more than the "bleeding-heart liberals."

Throw them all out and start over!


quote: "Their goal is to impeach Obama, upsetting him so another Democrat can run for president in the fall election."

I support this (and we all know that Obama is already legally impeachable).  I want to see a presidential race between Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, to vote for the greater of two goods!  Anything less is an insult to this country. 

Oh wait, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich would each take the other as their VP!  The first bi-partisan election in history!

P.S.  I believe my comment on this other article is just as fitting, if not more, for this article.. if nothing else, considering the overwhelming amount of people who seem to support what is contained in those videos.


I see illuminoctis has joined the "Off-the-wall Club."




World English Dictionary factitious  (fækˈtɪʃəs)   — adj 1. artificial rather than natural: factitious demands created by the mass media 2. not genuine; sham: factitious enthusiasm

What is "off the wall" about anything I said?

#1  Obama is legally impeachable because he took unilateral military action in Libya without even consulting Congress about it (and intends to do so in Syria as well, it seems).  He seeks his "legal basis" from the U.N. and/or NATO, rather than the Congress.  That is a fact.  It is not "factitious".  NOTE: I am also waiting to see the outcome of all of these eligibility hearings (which Obama keeps refusing to appear at, when summoned by judges) in various states, which the mainstream national media seems oblivious to (particularly the one in Georgia). You can see court footage of these things on Youtube. 

#2  It is a documented fact that, while they have only managed to get a Democrat president elected about 50% of the time, the Democrat National Party has still been in control of Congress for upwards of 80% of the past century.  That is a fact.  It is not "factitious". 

#3  It is both documented, as well as evident, that the schools and colleges overwhelmingly push the Left-Wing agenda.  Read the textbooks.  Horace Manning publicly praised the Prussian education system in his Seventh Annual Report, back in the early days of public education.  That is a fact.  It is not "factitious".  NOTE: if you read, you will see that I gave him credit for seeming to state that we could use that system for good, rather than what the Third Reich did with it.  I was merely asking what people think as to whether or not it still holds integrity, in that regard.  Asking questions is "off the wall" now?

Do I even need to mention the obviousness of the growth of deficit spending and the growth of Executive Branch power in the past century?  Or were you just offended that I mentioned it alongside of mentioning that Dems have controlled Congress during almost all of that time?  Why are you not in support of getting Obama replaced with Dennis Kucinich as the Democrat nominee?  In what way is Obama a better candidate than Kucinich?  Why didn't you guys get Kucinich nominated in the first place back in 2008?  He was running!  Did the media pull a Ron Paul on Kucinich as well?  I'm sure they did.  Did you buy that one, too? 


we need a new article to comment on. these are all getting old. i know....let's talk about mitt-bain-overseasjobs-swissbankaccounts-roofrackdogs.


apologies on my most recent comment (and i can no longer edit, it only gives the reply option now). 

at the end of #2, i meant to add --> NOTE: If you read, you will see that I was certain to mention that I am not saying "all Democrats".  I am not saying all Democrats are willingly (or awaredly) voting for things that have a high potential of leading us into a dictatorship, not by any stretch of the imagination.  I, like many independents and people in all 3 parties, have supported things that turned out to work against us in the end. 

There is enough fault out there for a little blame to go around to everyone.  We are, all of us, incapable of seeing all the angles 24/7.  It is hard to keep up with everything for any one person.  This is why communication is key in our society.