President to make stop in Sandusky

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 3, 2012

President Barack Obama will visit Sandusky this Thursday in Washington Park.

The visit is part of a two-day "Betting on America" bus tour through Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Stops are also scheduled in Maumee, Parma and Pittsburgh. The time for the President's stop in Sandusky is set for 3:40 p.m. according to a release from the campaign.

The Register filmed the above invitation, which we then shared with the campaigns, earlier this year.


EDITOR'S NOTE: We currently do not have information on how residents can attend the event, but we will post it here as soon as we get it.


The city has announced the following street closures for the event.

Due to a special event taking place in downtown Sandusky on Thursday, July 5, the following road closures will be in effect from 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.:

The parameters of the road closures will include:
Jackson Street to the West,
Hancock Street to the East,
Market Street to the North,
and Adams Street to the South

There will be restricted access to Washington Park.

Parking will not be available in these areas between 12 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.,  including the Key Bank parking lot on Washington Row.

Residents who live in this area will be able to travel to and from their homes with a valid ID only.

Be sure to check the Sandusky Register and back here at for more information and live coverage of the event on Thursday.




They said on the news that it's going to be an ice cream social. I think he's just coming here for some Toft's.


Darwin's choice

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Mime Bloggling

The only reason this "sitting President" is coming to this county is that it's a sure always votes Democratic. He'll avoid any tough questions like the plague... if he's even asked....he may even go teleprompter free, it will be that easy for him. This President wraps himself in Democratic rhetoric but "rules" like a Socialist. We are being sucked down a black hole (no racist pun intended) from which there will be little chance of return. When a government has the ability to TAX you in order to buy a product, then what's next? Maybe we should force (tax) people to buy GM cars? God knows GM is tanking and needs the money. See what happens when the 'government' takes over an entity? Shades of what is to come with the passage of Federally run healthcare. I'm glad a bit of history is coming to town..I encourage people to does have educational and entertainment value but I'm hoping this bit of history will be history come November.



Will Ted Nugent be in Sindumpsky?


If Mr. Obummer would spend more time trying to fix the countries ills and less time campaining maybe

we would be much better off.

Thomas Paine

If you start a conversation off being disrespectful of OUR President, the civil conversation we should be having about what is good or bad for this country ends. You can agree or disagree with who the people elected and with the President's beliefs and policy ideas and vote for someone else; that is your right, but this is THE PRESIDENT of our country. Please have the decency to respect the office and what it stands for. And if you can't come up with a better idea or solutions to issues you feel strongly about and all you can do is post nonsense you looked up on Wikipedia this morning, please take the time to understand the source of where the information came from or better yet take the time to verify there IS a source.  Even though I disagree with his view of where we should be heading, I am honored a sitting President of this great country of ours is stopping here and I will be there to see him. I believe this is an opportunity not many people have in their lifetime.

Free Man


Whaaa.. maybe he is going to hand the welfare checks out in person..


@ Reese; Ahhhh make me blush (smile). "Thank you for your kind words."

I realise some lesser-income people are also taking advantage of our system and therefore the chaff needs to be winnowed from the wheat in that sector as well however....the degree and quantity that the Monetary Elite are taking advantage (and control) of our so--called democratic sysytem far out weighs those lesser-income folks could ever imagine  and....the full-blown goal they (Monetary Elite) have is diabolical at the least, insane at best. Goldman Sachs and other mega-banks are at the top of this plot and have the Corporate Society in their back pockets (Citizens United is evidence of that) and they in turn to their henchmen, a.k.a. "lobbyists" to do their bidding (it's more money laundering) by which newly created (and the abolishment of others; Glass-Stengal for an prime example), (that's the one our formerly sane government installed AFTER the Great Depression because of the world-wide havoc the BANKS had initiated) laws governing how our nation, it's people and the future is to unfold. {F.Y.I. The single largest (by FAR) lobbying group is the good ol' Chamber of Commerce which, if you think about the "grand scheme" of the Monetary Elite, is a natual body by which to convey propaganda, money and influence at the local level and then upstream to themselves. The novice and/or un-suspecting business person(s) feel they are joining a nice little and local business community by which they may be able to help themselves by learning and while simultaneously..."doing the right thing for the right reasons". The sad truth is...there is typically (and I speak from personal expericence)  very little offered to them in return and actually AND....they then have inadvertently contrubuted to the # 1 lobbying committee the U.S. has ever seen (power in numbers). I am ALL for free enterprise and our foremerly controlled via common- sense-for-good-of-the-whole regulations for EVERYONE but...the the Almighty/Uber-wealthy/Monetary Elite have now been able to prosititute every level of government and now have their focus on the total self-submission of the "people" through dis-information, out right lies, propaganda, innuendos (and, for now, only stop short of hit squads) and then are able to garner the utilmate self-submissive, condensending and self-humliating submission with the gullible, innocent, ill-informed, biased and/or prejudiced vote they can. 

OF COURSE we have free-loaders at all income stratifications. OF COURSE we need to crack the whip on a goodly number of lazy people. OF COURSE they is ample blame to spread around to our elected officials. HOWEVER....the Military-Industrial Complex ol" Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican) foretold and forewarned us about is HERE at your doorstep. Hint: It's the BIG BOYS causing the entire mess.

If you are brave enough and hungry enough to see what they (the Monetary Elite, both major American political parties, the British, the German Industrialists and the Sweedish BANKERS) have done in historical past terms , have been doing of late and...have been plotting with YOU in mind and world domination (remember the words, "New World Order"??)....merely type in your favorite searchbox window, "Goldman Sachs Bubbles". It's scary, maddening and will probably make you wish you hadn't read it! The trail of total, unabashed, unbrideled greed at (ALL) and everyone's costs is sheer _______________.

Good luck!    

Ps. You may also want to read of book that was printed 20-30 years ago. It's called, "Brave New World".

If you meld the concepts of it along with "Goldman-Sachs Bubbles" WILL get the big picture and know...

it ain't the "little" people creating all the problems we good, hard-working, honest Americans are facing.

{Barack tried to give us "Little People" something before the foreseen and dreaded T-bagger mentality swept our country and semi-collective metalities. That "something" was what he thought we may need the most considering the true sancticty of "rule of law", Human dignity, fairness/equity and to help supress (for a time) the outlandish medical cost abbhorrent escalation.He gave us the A.H.A.. Mr. Roberts...I thaank you as an Idenpendent, free-thinking American who cringes at the direction the Rads have convinced so many for their own self-enslavement. Salute..





Thanks for sharing your insight and suggested readings. I am curious and  I am on it, but probably over the next couple of days.  I will find you in the blogs online when I have completed this self-imposed assignment. 

I have come to the same conclusions as you have regarding the status of our democracy without the benefit of the information that you have shared and suggested that I expose myself to.  I recently did some online research and (to my surprise) discovered the role that the Chamber of Commerce has been playing as a pro-business lobbyist. This role, I found, goes back at least as far as World War II, when it played a large role, in partnership with the AMA and the American Hospital Association, in stopping the efforts of President Truman in the 1940's to pass a law to provide Health Care to all citizens. That was at a point in time that employer sponsored health care insurance for employees really expanded. It was a disappointing discovery.   I am not totally sure I want to dig deeper into the black hole,

But, I am curious, and think that I need to be as well-informed as I can be, in order to be well-prepared to do what I can to help overcome what I think is happening. 

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I sure as hell don't need to see the lying corrupt so called President myself.. Why doesn't he just go back to Kenya and be with "his" people. We don't need him here. He has been the worst president we've ever had.



Re:They said on the news that it's going to be an ice cream social. I think he's just coming here for some Toft's.


He likes "Five Guys" but it's not open yet.




Super Judge

 Cheryl F is a joke and has never amounted to anyting but a welfare slob!  Go Team Romney!


We give Obozo as much respect as you'uns gave Dubya!!!!!

Super Judge

 The truth is that most of the Republicans I know cant stand Romney. They will admit to you in private that we could run a dead squirl against Obama and we would vote for it. For most of us Republicans its not about Mitt being the best we have to offer its the fact that he dosent look like Obama.  We will never admitt it but deep down we are scared of anything that dosent look, act , or sound like us. We are terrified of change and wish that things would go back to the way they were in the 1950's. We will do anything, stoop to any level, and tell any lie just for a momemnt to live our dream of being the masters of America! GO ROMNEY!


And it's Thomas Paine for the win!

I completely agree with everything you have said, Thomas. The reason this country's such a mess is because people can't see past their partisanship. It's too bad more Americans don't have your outlook. 

My husband and I are happy to be Independents. We haven't made up our mind on who we're voting for this November, but we will be proud to take our children to see the President and are thrilled that he's stopping in Sandusky, if just for historical significance. 


(By the way, love Kelly's comment about Toft's!) 

God Of Thunder

This is the problem with this country  I am by no means involved in politics, in fact I hate politics.  I think everyone in office now should be voted out.  No one is in it for us.  It's all about Democrats want this, Republicans want that, so no one agrees with anyone.  Everyone has their own agenda. No agenda for the people they represent, unless they have money.

This country should be run like a business, which is why I voted for Ross Perot years ago.  No business owner would spend money like our government does.  They would not let their subsidiaries run business like all corporations do in this ountry, like ship jobs out of this country, which brings me to my next point.. NAFTA

I used to think NAFTA was a Democratic thing, since Clinton signed it, but it was Bush who initiated the agreement and left office before it was signed, so it's a 2 way street.  Our representatives need to work for the people, not for the party.

We are the United States of America, and I wish I could underline the word United.

Get my point??


Take the Pres to Hancock street to meet the fine residents there. You may have to change his schedule to 3:30 AM to get a real feel for the neighborHOOD. He'll be able to buy anything illegal he wants, but I doubt if he will find health care. Probably get a lot of votes  there too. You think he can teach them how to register to vote?


@ Proline20; If you really want to change things...(???)...stop thinking in prejudicial terms. Don't you know any White Boy Scumbags? Don't you know some "Christians" who ain't so CHRISTIAN after church is over? Don't you know some old lady to bark at? Total blind and all-encompassing prejudice can only help the tyrants at the top by division. If you REALLY want to change things...get involved. Be pro-active. Are ou a member of any organizations that HELP people? Are you and active member of either major politcal party? Ya really can't gripe if you don't vote or ONLY vote! It ain't enough. That, in part, is why our nation is so messed up..."petty-minded biogtry", lack of knowledge and activism.




Why didn't he make it to the barge party to see Americas finest CG and LE in action. They were on full alert.

Saturday they arrested the NOTORIUS BINKLEY GANG. He probably is here to give all the CG & LE personel a Bronze Battle Star or Congressional Medal Of Honor for Valor and Heroism beyond the call of duty.

It was the most comprehensive and well thought out Battle plans in Modern Day Warfare.. One of America's finest days in history.

God Of Thunder




 LOL!  He better get some Toft's now and teach someone how to hand out the welfare checks  and fast because if ROMNEY gets in Toft's will be downsized and there will be no more jobs left except to keep scrubbing the boats and cleaning the hotels for all the tourists that comes to Sandumpsky because those jobs don't pay a living wage.  Haha, you can take take a Republican to a voting booth but you can't get him to vote for his own interests only their top 1% who own the world!!  hahahaha

The Big Dog's back

 They vote for the top 1% because they all believe they are millionaires in waiting. I'm serious.

Free Man long as he stays on his side of town..

The New World Czar

How many supporters will get bussed in from out of town to make this look like an attended rally? Let the collective no-more-mortgage and free-fueled leg tingle begin. But hey, it helps sell papers.


Super Judge,

             You are 100% correct. To prove your point, that's just how O'bama was elected.  Most of us thought that it couldn't be any worse than Bush.

  To those of you who think more or in My personal opinion,which is none, Respect should be given if not to the President but to the office.  This DA DA has given no respect to the American people, Our Flag, and especially our Military.  Respect is earned not just given.



EZOB said "Respect is earned not just given."

I've heard that argument before EZOB but it isn't what my Mom taught me. Do you disrespect a police officer becaue he hasn't earned your respect? What if you are stopped for speeding? I am sure that that particular officer has not done anything to "earn" your respect. Yet you call him Sir and you thank him after he hands you your ticket, that is unless you are a creaton!

When a man is elected to the nations highest office, he doesn't need to earn your respect. That doesn't mean that you have to agree with him! Under your theory, if your disagree with him, go ahead and disrespect him, but in doing so you show disrespect for him, his office, democracy itself, the Constitution, and all of your fellow countrymen who chose him to occupy that office.

If you disagree or even hate the President for any of a hundred thousand reasons that you might, wait until the next election and don't vote for him! That's respect. That's what is deserved. Calling him names and otherwise disrespecting the President shows flaws in YOUR character, not his!

Captain Gutz


So, you have respect for Richard Nixon?



Look back on the last 12 years and if this was Bush or Cheney could the same be said? There will always be those who dislike those in power. Me being one of them. The difference is how you show your dislike. Do you change the channel or scream at the TV set? Look at the different ideologys and you will see the answer pretty quick. The further we drift apart as a nation the easier it is for those in power to steal and manipulate. Its done by design. United we stand, Divided we fall. Guess who wants the people divided so they cannot stand up to policy or thier rulers?

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Sandusky Regist...