WESTERHOLD: A fresh voice online, and honors for the fallen

There are some new features in the Register family of products and more coming. But the most exciting new offering -- at least for m
Matt Westerhold
May 24, 2010


There are some new features in the Register family of products and more coming. But the most exciting new offering -- at least for me -- is a new blog.

Michelle Pletcher, a 15-year-old Sandusky High School student has agreed to post on the Web site and her first entry appeared Thursday. We posted it under my blog because we haven't built the individual Web blog site for Michelle just yet. That's still under construction and hopefully will be ready this week.

Michelle's first offering was inspiring and ready to go, however, so we decided not to wait. Here's just a portion of what this young, gifted writer had to say:

"I believe we all have to work together to change our community for the better, but we can't do that if the adults and youth can't communicate. I've said it many times before, and I have a strong feeling I will be saying it a lot in the future, 'To change tomorrow, we have to have the vision today.'"

All together now: WOW.

And here's how Michelle ended her first effort :

"I hope this blog will not only be informative for readers, but entertaining as well. I'm swinging in the dark on this, and I'm hoping I don't hit a brick wall. Only time will tell."

To read her entire blog, go HERE.

Honoring the fallen

The Register's online producer, Abigail Bobrow, has worked for weeks with reporters and editors to create the "Fallen Sons" tribute to area servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our nation.

"Fallen Sons" debuted today and the stories of our local heroes will continue in the print edition through Saturday.

Family members who lost their loved ones participated in this effort and share their thoughts on video HERE.

I am awed by the strength these mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers show, their character and their willingness to share their stories with our readers. These families give a true picture of what it means to be an American, and what it takes to stay strong.

On this Memorial Day, it is fitting to honor these men who died in service to their country. It is fitting to honor their families.

Answer Book

This year's Answer Book is done ... er, finished, and has been sent to the printers. It will be delivered to customers in the June 7 edition and also will be available in that Saturday's newsstand edition.

We try to answer every question a reader might have about our area in the 2008 Answer Book. It targets community services, local governments, recreation options and a host of other activities and services.

This is the third edition of Answer Book and we intend to continue expanding the services provided by this product.


Did you actually think I could write a column and not mention this story?

A Cleveland attorney hired by the city told me Friday that the Murman report of the investigation of Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse should be available "by mid-week."

City commission will have a closed-door session at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss police department personnel. The meeting will be in the first-floor conference room at city hall, 222 Meigs St.

We will look for a way to make the Murman report available to readers in its entirety as soon as we get our hands on it.

I'm not sure whether or not we'll be able to post all 235 pages of the Murman report at sanduskyregister.com. I'm hoping an electronic version will be available, which would make that easier to accomplish.

If we have to, we will make photocopies of the report and have those available to readers who want to visit the Register building at Market and Jackson streets.

City manager Matt Kline has been reading this report for more than two weeks now. I think Kline stepped in it -- big time -- by ordering this probe, the cost of which is more than $20,000 and counting.

That's just Murman's bill. My guess is taxpayers have already ponied up more than $40,000, and more tax money will be spent before it's over. The total bill could be astronomical if city commissioners make more wrong decisions.

Here's my suggestion for city commissioners: Return Chief Nuesse to her office at the police department; give her a three-year contract and a raise; and hire a competent assistant so she can get back to the important work she began.