The Mailbag: Why don't you publish a Border Patrol blotter?

Q: There are an awful lot of white and green border patrol vehicles around the Sandusky area. Must be looking for problems on our coastline. Sandusky police have their arrests and other actions printed daily in the Register. But have never seen one word published about Border Patrol arrests or activities. How come? - Charlie on Cleveland Road
Sarah Weber
Jun 13, 2012


Q: There are an awful lot of white and green border patrol vehicles around the Sandusky area.  Must be looking for problems on our coastline. Sandusky police  have their arrests and other actions  printed daily in the Register. But have never seen one word  published about Border Patrol  arrests or activities.  How come? — Charlie on Cleveland Road  

A: Truth be told, Charlie, the Register has put in requests for documents regarding the Border Patrol's local stops and arrests. But unlike local police departments, which must follow Ohio public records laws, the Border Patrol is a federal agency that is supposed to abide by federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) rules. And, in a post 9/11 world, the federal government has seriously locked down what information it makes available on federal policing activities — even down to the names of those arrested locally by Border Patrol. Taking a different tack, we also asked for the dates, locations and nationalities of those arrested instead of names just to get a gauge on how many people — and from where — were being picked up in our area. That request was turned down too. While we understand the need for national security, having zero access to information on what's happening in our own back yard seems wrongheaded too. For all we know, Sandusky could be a major illegal immigrant or drug smuggling thoroughfare. Or we're the squeakiest clean town in these United States. Without access to records on the number and types of arrests federal agents are making locally, we just can't know either way.


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maybe because they don't arrest anybody and drive all around trying to look important? maybe they arrested innocent people and want to keep the sheep in the dark?

Darwin's choice

Maybe their just more of the national government employee waste, hired under obama for his jobs program.  Oh, wait, he doesn't have one!


Lol.....Dont you dare question our government! They are saints.



Kudos to the register for printing a mailbag question that actually makes sense.


You're just going to the wrong source for that information. Give it time (which looks like will be up in November) and this administration will have leaked anything you have ever wanted to know via a tweet or just search for it on youtube.


We all know that Sandusky and surrounding areas   is a  major hub.  Common knowledge some of these have set up businesses (ain't hard to figure)  along 250 and route 6,  etc.,  but we are all suppose to keep hush  hush and not talk about it. 

That's the bottom line and the harsh truth.

My Opinion is...

Wasn't there an article a while ago that a Mexican Drug Cartel Assassin was arrested after living here for 10 years? I think the citizens of Sandusky deserve to know the Border Patrol info for our own safety.


Please keep on the presure to get disclosure. 


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First of all, money is not the root of all evil.  Some people are evil and use money as a vehicle for illegal activities.  What network might you be privy to?  Some of your friends getting drugs at businesses on 250 and 6?  Police officers are afraid to get involved?  Well it might be outside their jurisdiction and belongs to the drug task force or border patrol to put a stop to it, if that's even possible.  For every 25 they arrest, there's probably hundreds of others out there selling or trafficking drugs which doesn't say much for the war on drugs.  It's obvious we're losing that. 


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they don't do a Border Patrol blog because we can't speak spanish



FruGal....  don't  misunderstand my comment.. 

Who said anything about friends?  I was referring to certain  food establishments in Sandusky , Norwalk, and Huron... Remember the raids?

I don't  condone illegal immigration, or drug smuggling.   For the record.  If you have been on here awhile you would have  known that.


Next copy and paste more clearly , would you?


" I don't condone illegal immigration, or drug smuggling. For the record. If you have been on here awhile you would have known that."   i know much more than you do. i am told that some police are part of the network.



 @ Frugal

 starry don't live up there...if you know more good for you.    The rest of us dont care




They recently stopped a friend downtown and asked him if he was from America, they also made him show his ID. 


Apparently, "the most transparent administration" in history has struck again...

I can understand keeping the lid on information involving ongoing and open investigations. But where are the statistics for what's been done and closed out so far? Where is the information on those cases that have been resolved? I believe the Border Patrol is doing its job (it's ICE I tend to question), but you couldn't prove it with the data we don't have, could you?!


 I think there is a simple answer to this question and it is "they DO NOT DO ANYTHING" other than drive around and burn up fuel.  Ask any local law enforcement officer and you are likely to hear that truth.  Customs and Border Protection (of which the Border Patrol is part of) built this gigantic structure on SR 53 in Ottawa County for a reported cost of $25 million (the published amount-rumor has cost overruns about doubling that).  Yet, they are having a so-called "open house" today that "the public is not invited to."  Last week on the way to Detroit, I saw two separate Border Patrol vehicles parked along I-75.  For what purpose?   Talk to boaters who have been stopped repeatedly for no reason and who weren't even close to, let alone crossing, the border for examples of pure harrassment because they can do it-not for any valid law enforcement or boating safety reasons.  Try to find out why the Dept. of Homeland Security (parent department of Customs and Border Protection) recently ordered 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition.  Try to find out under what authority the Border Patrol can stop people in downtown Sandusky and demand ID without any probable cause.  We are slowly loosing our civil rights and we are just quietly letting it happen.  Once gone we'll never get them back.