$11 million in taxes owed to Erie County

Almost 2,300 area properties are tax delinquent, translating to nearly $11 million missing from the county's coffers, according to a Register analysis of financial data obtained through a public records request.
Andy Ouriel
Jun 11, 2012


Almost 2,300 area properties are tax delinquent, translating to nearly $11 million missing from the county's coffers, according to a Register analysis of financial data obtained through a public records request.

County officials define a delinquent tax as anyone failing to pay fees deriving from residential or commercial taxes. This includes property taxes, sewer or water bills, demolition costs and when government officials are forced to mow overgrown lawns.

A breakdown of the roughly $11 million owed shows:

* $10.6 million owed in delinquent taxes, defined as when people neglect to pay a government-imposed fee;

* $420,000 in late or penalty fees assessed.


Read more about who owes taxes, who is hurt by the delinquency and how the county is trying to collect in today's Register or e-paper.



I noticed the state of ohio is also included in this delinquent tax how can that be....

I say lets take em all to court each and everyone of them

the office cat

Check the recors in Sandusky County.... but you don't need a request.  It's on the Auditor's webpage.  There are 350 or so in Clyde alone.



   Do YOU really think the 3 county idiots will do right with the money, or keep sticking it in Rt 250. Other places can be built up and create more jobs and to get more tax money. But these 3 clowns don't have a clue. I say keep the money, they'll only spend it on worthless 250. How about the 4 lanes east to west on Strub road Hayes ave, like that road will have major freeway connection or something.

Phil Packer

 Someone with money will come along an buy these properties for cheap and bail the current owners out. Then when the next real estate "boom" happens, they will sell them back for ten times what they paid, and make billions. Hey, it's nothing personal. It's just business...


I was always told if you don't pay your real estate taxes your property is sold by the Sheriff's Department for delinquent taxes.  So how in creation are all of these folks, city of Sandusky, and the state of Ohio getting away without paying their taxes?  Some of these taxes are from 1999, seems like someone sure dropped the ball on this one.


What is being done to collect these taxes - it appears nothing.  Many of these taxes go back years.  Many of these are for businesses that currently exist.  Many are people I know who are currently working and are still buying things.  Several are for the City of Sandusky and the State of Ohio.  Is the a reason nothing is being done to collect???  Maybe everyone should stop paying their property taxes since there doesn't appear to be any consequences.


I think that the "certified delinquent date" might be when the taxes are 3 years late. Then, as long as the owner makes payments on the deliquency, forclosure is stalled. Does that sound right? It makes sense since there don't seem to be any recent certified delinquent years.

Does anyone know what a "Special" tax is?


The people across the street from me owe over $7000 in back taxes. They only pay $710 a year. So for roughly 10 years they have not paid any real estate taxes!

I asked the county about it and they said the have a formula that determines if they take the house for taxes owed and that house didn't meet the criteria.


11 million uncollected.  The schools are the ones benefiting the most out of property taxes and they keep coming to the taxpayer for more levies rather then add some pressue to the county to start collecting what is due.  These properties seem to go into a do nothing file to stay there for ever.  Over half of the delinquent properties are in Sandusky alone at the tune of 5 million being owed.  As for the county,  start collecting and do not come to us after election is over for more license plate tax fees because you can't collect what is due us.  


I believe the "special" is for the various assessments such as sewer, street lighting, etc.  This is not applicable to all property owners.

Julie R.

Why doesn't Jo Dee Fantozz forgive them?


I didnt know I HAD to pay. I thought it was a suggestion! oops

6079 Smith W

The real crime:

Property market values have declined greatly over the past several yrs. and property tax rates have not followed suit.

How many home owners would like to refinance and take advantage of the historic low mortgage rates but cannot because their home value is underwater relative to their current mortgage?

The bursting of the housing bubble is finally catching up with tax collection - it ain't over by a long shot.


@ rickross:

Facebook? How about only paid SR subscribers?


dont blame me

Isn't this the Wood Co. Sheriff ? 

01-00101.001 WASYLYSHYN MARK ROSSFORD OH 43460 Property 488.65 18.20 24.73 2.47 2003



Re:Sandusky Register needs to make a facebook account mandatory to comment


You still have the phony accounts but they are fewer and easy to spot.



@kimo....not all of us have "facebook'.  I hate that thing.  My computer got hacked using it and I will NEVER use it again.  Not all of us use facebook.  how do you know who has or does not have a phony account on here? 


6079 is correct in pointing out that the bursting housing bubble was a crime. What he doesn't mention is that it was fully enabled by Republican policies in every way, shape and form. The housing loan crisis occurred only after massive deregulation of the banking industry and less oversight, which, of course, was pushed by Republicans and Mr. Bush. Bush bailed out the criminals/banks, and the lasting legacy of his presidency is that he gets full credit for  wrecking our country's economy. And we're supposed to believe that Obama caused the problem? L O L


why doesn't the auditor's office file a lien on the properties as prescribed by law???  If they don't pay, the property is sold under sheriff sale?  Why isn't this being done???? 

What is the county auditor doing?  Some of this goes back years?  What is she doing with her time and why not doing her job??????  

Ohio Bell is on there several times as is the State of Ohio.  This is ridiculous.  So is Cold Creek Investments.  Come on.  This is not right, something needs to be done about this.  And don't tell me that this is all going to be 'forgiven'.  You can't be serious. 

Do your job.

Marcus M

coasterfan get out of the wacko kool aid, the housing problem was the Democratic Controlled congress allowing Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to insurance loans to people who should never have been able to buy a home.  When the Bush administration tired to rein in Fannie & Freddie Chris Dodd (D) & Barney Frank (D) Mass. lead the fight against regulation, both profited financially personally.


Oh, wait, this one I have to comment on.  While Bush was Prez, Marcus, is when the people at the top were running their little scams and making up that wonderful betting schemes to make themselves a bundle on mortgages.  THEY caused the bubble to burst, not Obama.  I don't know how in the world you could possibly blame him for this one.  Watch the shows that Matt Damon narrated and others did, 

They are real eye openers and really made me sick to my stomach.  His buds got positions within the government after running their companies into the ground...Paulsen is one of them....he became secretary of the treasury.  So you cannot blame Obama for that one.  Their little pyramid schemes backfired bigtime and we are all paying for their mistakes.  What a joke to blame that on the Democrats.  Its ridiiculous.  You can't. 

Do your homework.  Bush didn't try to reign in anything.  He let it go and allowed more and more mortgages.  He let lose of the Fed.  He in fact, encouraged it, as did Paulsen and when the trouble began his so called advisors jumped ship as fast as their beady little eyes would carry them to the nearest exit.  

Now who's drinking the "kool aide"?


@Coasterfan: Perhaps you should stick to the flat rides, the thin air on those first hills must get to you.

Take a look at Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, two previous heads of Fannie Mae. Johnson pushed an agenda whereby the mortgage companies HAD to loan money to those they normally would not have given loans. The banks and mortgage companies actually got heavily penalized if they would not lend, even to those unfit (and unable to read). That was fine so long as property values were ever increasing but history doesnt show that values always rise. 

Raines actually went down in flames over an accounting scandal but Johnson walked a way scot free. That doesnt forgive a lot of the banks and your favorite, Wall Street, but the housing bubble was inevitable. Too many were mortgaged to the hilt, well over the values of the property.

6079 Smith W

The bursting of the Housing Bubble was merely a symptom of the disease.  We as a society are living beyond our means. (Our govt. is writing checks our collective *sses can't cash.) It can't and it  won't last forever.

Wait for the bursting of the Credit Bubble. That figure is $54 trillion. 


Mr. Krugman is a certifiable nutball. More of the cause of the disease is not the cure.

If you seriously believe his mishegas, get out all your credit cards and borrow and spend your way to prosperity.


Free Man

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