McClung outlines proposed police cuts

PERKINS TWP. The Perkins Township Police Department would be "strictly reactive and no longer b
May 24, 2010



The Perkins Township Police Department would be "strictly reactive and no longer be proactive in the world of law enforcement" if it is reduced to two-man patrols to save money, Chief Tim McClung wrote in a proposal to township trustees.

McClung penned the proposal in response to the trustees' April 16 request that the chief explore ways he could better use manpower and cut overtime while keeping within his $2.16 million budget. The two-man patrols are the minimum staffing levels required by the department's collective bargaining agreement.

The department has already spent 35 percent of its $50,000 overtime budget. As a result, the township will not have the funds to pay officers who could work overtime to assure three- or four-man patrols. The township paid $72,502 in overtime in 2007, according to its financial records.

Perkins police are responsible for patrolling the busy strip of U.S. 250, which in the summer is packed with cars making their way to Cedar Point. The department also is responsible for Sandusky Mall and hundreds of other businesses.

Consequences of minimum staffing

Perkins police will not staff:

Bike Week, Memorial Day parade, Homecoming, Perkins Safety Town, Triad for Seniors, Third grade seat belt program, Perkins Prom-Mock Crash, elementary and sixth-grade DARE, Camp Pride.

Police would no longer handle:

Parking complaints, abandoned vehicles, recovered property, disabled vehicles, fire calls, identity theft, phone harassment, rescue calls, shoplifters, trash complaints, private property crash, animal complaints, bad checks, stolen bicycles, warrant services, hit-skip crashes, lost property, public utilities, residence checks, special details threats, vandalism/property damage, welfare checks.