Teen gets probation for Clyde rape

CLYDE The 14-year-old boy convicted of raping and kidnapping a classmate will not go to jail.
May 24, 2010



The 14-year-old boy convicted of raping and kidnapping a classmate will not go to jail.

During his sentencing Wednesday, Sandusky County Probate/Juvenile Judge Brad Culbert said the boy will be put on probation for an undetermined time, continue home detention and will be required to complete sex offender treatment.

The sentence was for a combination of the rape and kidnapping charges in January and a separate incident involving breaking and entering in the Green Springs Elementary School in July 2007. As part of his sentence, the boy will also be required to pay restitution fees to the family and the school district.

The boy could have been sent to the Ohio Department of Youth Services for a minimum of one year up to age 21, but Culbert stayed the jail time as long as the boy completed the requirements of his sentence.

"I believe you've got the ability to be a good person, but you've got a lot of work to do," Culbert said. "Your behavior was way out of bounds. You can't afford to make a decision like this as an adult."

Culbert said jail was not considered as punishment since an investigation revealed that the boy was a minimal risk to re-offend.

During the hearing at the Sandusky County Juvenile Court, a court official read off a statement from the victim.

Since the rape occurred in January, the 14-year-old girl has suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome and night terrors and her family has been forced to move four times.

The girl's mother said the family has slowly put their life back together, despite her impending divorce with the girl's stepfather. The mother said it was not a result of the rape.

The girl said that she is still angry with the boy for what he did to her.

"Fair would not be the word," said the girl, about the boy's sentence.

Despite the negative effects on their family, the mother said she wishes the boy the best.

"I think he (Culbert) is trying to give him a chance. Whether he takes it is up to him," the mother said. "It'd be nice if he could be a more productive person."

The boy's attorney, Chris Marcinko, said the sentence was fair, but plans to appeal the guilty verdict on the rape and kidnapping charges.

The boy, one of four 14-year-old boys, was accused of raping the girl while another girl was restrained and prevented from witnessing the rape, police reports show.

The other three boys were charged with one felony count each of complicity to commit rape and kidnapping.

In March, one boy pleaded guilty to complicity to commit rape and kidnapping and was sentenced to probation.

The other two boys pleaded guilty to the kidnapping charges and their sentencing dates have not been set, Sandusky County assistant prosecutor Norman P. Solze said.



 Why bother?  Now he thinks he can get away with this kind of behavior in society.  This society is nuts!!