OFFBEAT: Summer in Sandusky, Round 2

I've made my "to do' list. It's one of many as I'm a compulsive list maker.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


I’ve made my “to do” list.

It’s one of many as I’m a compulsive list maker.

Lists at work.

Grocery shopping lists.

Lists of cleaning I should do at my apartment, etc.

But this one list is extra special. It’s my summertime “to do” list, full of ideas to keep me entertained during the warmer months. We’ll get to that in a second.

Ten months ago when I moved to Sandusky I wrote about how underappreciated the city and its surroundings seemed to be by its locals.

On the same note I was a little concerned how I would fare my first winter by the lake. Would I still like Sandusky in its off-season?

Well, I’m proud to say I’ve made it. While I hope to someday move south to a year-round warmer locale, the three to four months of warm weather bliss by the lake is worth the eight months of dreariness, in my opinion.

I remember months ago when it started to get cold. One day I went on an assignment with a coworker. It was a dreary day, much like the one outside my window right now. As she looked at the sky I recall her saying something bleak along the lines of “This is what it’s like here all winter.”

That’s inspiring. But it was a true statement for the most part. So now I’m anticipating summer as much as the next person.

It seems like all anyone talks about. It actually seems contagious. The old cliché is that the weather is something senior citizens are known for talking about.

At 22 I guess I’m a senior because I gripe about the snow, wind and rain as much as the next person. I can’t, however, gripe as much as the Groton Township residents who are still trying to dry up their homes after flood waters seeped in. I can’t imagine going through something like that and hope I never will.

So in order to get excited for summer I made a list of things I want to do this summer. As someone still rather new to the area my list became rather long.

Here’s a small excerpt:

Go to Johnson’s Island

Visit Lakeside for a day

Tour Marblehead lighthouse

Go to the Milan Antiques fest

Visit the Castalia Quarry

Tour Thomas Edison’s home

I’ve hit some of the highlights already in the past year — Cedar Point, Kalahari Waterpark and one of my personal favorites, Ghostly Manor.

Now it’s time to move onto some attractions that may be overlooked the first time. And although some of these sights may seem like old news to townies I hope they don’t become old for me.

By the time I visit and do everything on my “to do” list it will be time to restart the list and try everything a second time.

For those who think these ideas are old hat — branch out and try something again, or for the first time this season. Who knows what could be in store.