Concealed carry still here

I have been waiting several months for your newspaper (i.e. Matt Westerhold
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


I have been waiting several months for your newspaper (i.e. Matt Westerhold) to inform your subscribers about the free national publicity Sandusky and your paper received in November, 2007. Without going into your rules for the Forum about libel, taste or unsubstantiated criticism, this "free" publicity was printed in the November 2007 issue of "Field and Stream". I have enclosed a copy of this article because I don't think Matt would be interested in a nationally published magazine of this caliber. Pun intended.

With Sandusky and the area being home to Cedar Point and a multitude of water parks and marinas and such, and Ohio being one of 35 concealed carry states, Matt probably does not really want to know how many firearms are in the area at any given time anyway. With publicity being what it is, I have to assume that more people read "Field and Stream" than the Register.

Hats off to the Register and Matt for bringing our area to the attention of millions of people. I guess free bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Also, hats off to Holly Abrams on her article "Firearms course aims for safety." Matt must have been on vacation that week. Her article shows that concealed carry is not all doom and gloom. It also shows that Matt forget to publish 40,300 names.

It would appear that the concealed carry issue is here to stay.

William R. Houlett Jr.