Man in screwdriver stabbing sentenced to life behind bars

At an emotionally charged hearing Tuesday, a judge sentenced a murderous estranged husband to life in prison.
Jessica Cuffman
May 9, 2012


At an emotionally charged hearing Tuesday, a judge sentenced a murderous estranged husband to life in prison.

Jeremy Gallant, 27, won't be eligible for a parole hearing until he's served 18 years in prison.

He pleaded guilty to murder and tampering with evidence last month, related to the death of 22-year-old Maria Vera on June 14 last year.

Gallant attacked Vera with a screwdriver when they got into an argument while she was collecting belongings from his Berlin Township home.

He stabbed Vera repeatedly in the face, neck and head. She was on life support for two weeks before she died.

One of Vera's sisters, Jessica Rosa, from Texas, read a statement in court Tuesday asking for the maximum sentence.

Gallant also read a statement.

To see what they said, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register or watch the video above.



Life behind bars should be just that, not "eligible for parole after 18 years". So, realistically this disgusting piece of you-know-what can be out walking the streets when he's 45. That's pathetic.


And I bet he was good kid... just like the ones mentioned in another article.  Yeah, kids who are violent turn into adults that are violent. 


Not Enough Time.


why do the call if life in prison if you can get out some day makes no sence


Good, and in less than 1 year. Now I hope they all totally concentrate on the Randleman trial.  RIP #2083

Sitting In The ...

Just because he eligible for parole doesn't mean he'll ever be released. Manson goes up for parole countless times.....I say this coward should be euthinized.


The Randleman trial should be over and done with but the lawyers are trying to line their pockets.  What this guy did was just as tragic and deserves the same punishment most are advocating for in the Randleman case.

Lloyd Christmas

He should be sentenced to death. Firing squad, carried out immediately behind the court house. $10 worth of ammo better than paying for his worthless self to be kept alive with hot meals and a bed. May God have mercy on your sole...

Tru Grit

@Lloyd Christmas, Totally agree with you. I know this kid have been around him a few times, he is a evil sick human and should be put to death for killing the mother of his child or children. Makes me sad people like this get to have a better life in some way then his victims family. Kill the killer let the family have some kind of closure.


                        This jeremy needs the death sentence  -   now.           Liquidate  ALL upper tier criminals nationwide.


 Life behind bars is the least of your worries Gallant.  The devil already has your soul.  Eternity in hell awaits you!


good place for the scumbucket ...... hope the ants and rats have a field day!


A life for a life. When are these people going to get some ba!!.


Another burden on the taxpayer.

An eye for an eye. 

Maybe someone will kill him with a screwdriver in prison.



did he plead guily to avoid the death penalty?  


Register include the "parole after 18yrs" part in the headlines. What a joke our legal system is. But it keeps judges and laywers employed. Guy will be out by the time he is 45. 5 to 2 odds he kills someone else before he is 50. Life should mean life. Will his victim come back to life in 18 yrs ? Nope, but I'm sure he had a bad childhood. So society has to pay for it. Makes sense.


I agree. When you consider the level of hands-on violence committed here, it escalates to a crime I'd think warranted life WITHOUT the possibility of parole!

Yes, I'm in favor of the death penalty (though I also favor a higher standard of proof to impose it). But in the absence (apparently) of that possibility here, it seems to me that a man who could do what he did ONCE will almost certainly hurt somebody else someday if he's out, about, and able to do so!


The death penilty needs to be installed just like texas eliminate LIFE