Searsville church back from the flood

PERKINS TWP. Keep on believing. That’s all members of Providence Mission Baptist Church could do afte
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Keep on believing.

That’s all members of Providence Mission Baptist Church could do after the devastating affects of two floods within two years at the church in Searsville.

“We just had to keep believing, have faith that our Lord would put us back together,” Rev. James Alexander said.

Saturday morning Alexander, Pastor Sam Mickels and several other congregation members gathered in the remodeled church which was open for public admiration.

Platters of cookies and juice were available in the Fellowship Hall as onlookers trickled in and out.

“Sunday we will be re-opening the Children’s Church area,” Alexander said. “It’s been closed for some time. Everyone’s real excited about it.”

In 2006, the church was overrun with water, destroying everything it touched, including most of the fellowship hall and the church walls.

After almost a year of volunteet time, money and effort, the church was getting ready to put the last partition in and was flooded yet again by February’s raging flood waters.

“We had just about finished, when the flood came in and stopped us,” Deacon Butler said.

Alexander said congregation members rushed to rescue the children’s church area which had flood the most.

“We pulled the carpeting up,” he said. “We let it dry up, put new padding down and were able to save it.”

The pastor’s eyes were bright as he spoke of the day they used the power of prayer.

“The men of the congregation formed a prayer circle, right in here,” he said motioning to the freshly painted and carpeted Children’s Church area. “We started praying while the water was still rising up. Slowly, the water began to go the other way, it was a blessing.”

Alexander said flooding is nothing new for the church, but people are always willing to help.

“No matter what, we were determined to keep on having church,” Alexander said. “We put our faith in the Lord and He saw us through. You’ve got to struggle a little, but with His help, our church will continue on.”