Sandusky officer cleared of excessive force, falsification accusations

Administrators cleared a Sandusky officer of allegations he used excessive force to arrest a woman and later falsified the crime report.
Emil Whitis
May 3, 2012

Administrators cleared a Sandusky officer of allegations he used excessive force to arrest a woman and later falsified the crime report.

Shawna Goode, 31, told police she was just trying to retrieve her purse from a locked bar Feb. 26 when Officer Sean Orman got in her face.

After an escalating argument between the two, Orman arrested Goode and charged her with disorderly conduct intoxicated.

There was just one problem: A breathalyzer test at the Erie County jail showed absolutely no alcohol in her system.    

Sandusky Municipal Court prosecutor Lynne Gast-King later dropped the charge, only to level another charge against Goode for disorderly conduct — for her behavior after she was arrested. 


**WARNING** The above video of Goode's arrest contains profane language that could be offensive to some viewers.




Wow !

The patience it takes to put up with that kind of behavior.

Looks like a drug test was in order?



Not sure what language the young lady spoke, but it sounded offensive to me.



My only problem with this story is someone or someones are lieing here.  Either she was drunk or not.  You can't be drunk with no alcohol in your system.  ALL the officers said one thing but the breathalyzer contradicted them all and the police report.  Hands down she was disorderly but intoxicated....not so sure.  I guess the arresting officer could have taken her home to shower and sober up before taking her to jail!!!!!!!



GREAT job Officer Orman!  You demonstrated excellent restraint in dealing with a typical entitled resident of the city.  I am sorry to say this typical, liberal behavior is more prevalent than you could ever imagine.  You did a great job in maintaining professional control.  In this case the Register posted the video for all to see that the defendant is a liar.  Thank God for in-car/dash cam video with remote audio.  This does happen a lot in the city.  It is always the BLAME of SPD for the self-anointed loser behavior and the GUILT of people living a liberal, wasted life! 


Sounds like they needed an exorcist !  Wow !!!



Why is a white girl calling a white cop a racist?  That's a first!


Wow.  She deserved to go to jail.  And by her language and disrespect toward the officer she is the only one that is racist.  She should be so ashamed and embarrassed by her behavior.  I hope she doesn't have kids to teach this behavior to. 


This woman is white?  Wow...  Is she confused or what?  However, I don't care if she is purple or plaid, her behavior is inexcusable.  Disgraceful.


Officer Orman is one hott police officer....just sayin

And she is not white.......

So who are they racists ones again???


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white b!tch? white trash? honky? does she hate white people? 14 entries about her in municipal court. she is no lady. many men don't swear like she did. if she wasn't under the influence of alcohol what would cause her to be so agressive and hateful? so racist against white people with her rants. what will the naacp say about her racist rants? what if the woman was white and the officer was black and she used the n word?


I think I'm in love !!!


It should be unnecessary to mention that there are intoxicants other than ethanol.




Drugs????Duh???  Whats interesting is the register only prints her racist hate filled tirad one time in at least two articles written about this incident. "Sandusky Officer Cleared" but lets throw doubt on something to show the officer could be wrong. Internal investigations only work for the register when they say what the register expects or wants them to say. Sooo in usual SR fashion we repeatedly and sarcastically bring up repeatedly about the breath test?People are intoxicated every day on drugs with 0.0 BA! SPD wouldnt want to waste tax dollars on a drug test for a lowley misdemeanor would they?Depends on what spin the register wants to take on that issue on that day.  Its all about finding out how they can blame the SPD for this womans behavior. The cop must be lying! At least thats what the register obviously wants.


@been there done are so far off the beam here...........READ the headline.  It says they CLEARED the officer not conviced him AND they showed the girl at her worse.  What else do you want? 

My goodness.  You act as if it is the other way around.  You simply want to crucify the SR for bad behaviour and missed the big picture.  You are still smarting from the problems of the SPD being brought to light and when something GOOD finally gets printed your anger forbids you from seeing it.

Your name says it all, been there done that, leads me to believe you are either an ex cop or someone involved in police work somewhere along the line. 

You should be happy as hell that this thing is in the paper.  Obviously the SR is in FAVOR of what happened in Officer Ormans favor and they are highlighing in not slamming it   So instead of slamming fhem for it, I suggest you get on board and tell the world that your fellow office did his job and did it right.  Almost all the rest of us are......that is, except you, who seems to be harping on the SR who, for once, is on the side of the police.  


May 03, 2012
09:51 AM deertracker says


My only problem with this story is someone or someones are lieing here.  Either she was drunk or not.  You can't be drunk with no alcohol in your system.  ALL the officers said one thing but the breathalyzer contradicted them all and the police report.  Hands down she was disorderly but intoxicated....not so sure.  I guess the arresting officer could have taken her home to shower and sober up before taking her to jail!!!!!!!



someone that's a diabetic  ,when their sugar gets to low ,, ACTS 







Well, she looks like a white girl to me.  I guess it could be the lighting.  Why would the NAACP  get involved?  No need.   What color is she?  Whatever color she is she should have been arrested.  You can't smell alcohol outside the bar and assume she is drunk.  You may want to assume she was drunk because she was at the bar but @ 4am all drinks should be off the tables!  What does her having a kid have to do with anything?  The BAC was tested at the jail where there was no screaming.  Relax people noone is accusing the cops of anything except assuming she was drunk.  She probably was high on something......since alcohol sales end around 2....... so just say that.



Diabetics do not act that way!  If your sugar is too high or low you DO NOT act that way.


The comment was about people acting drunk ,not about her.

Hypoglycemia Symptoms

By Mayo Clinic staff

Your body needs a steady supply of sugar (glucose) in order to function properly. If glucose levels become too low, as occurs with hypoglycemia, it can have these effects on your brain:

Confusion, abnormal behavior or both, such as the inability to complete routine tasks Visual disturbances, such as double vision and blurred vision Seizures, though uncommon Loss of consciousness, though uncommon

Hypoglycemia may also cause these other signs and symptoms:

Heart palpitations Shakiness Anxiety Sweating Hunger Tingling sensation around the mouth


This goes with the other post.

wiredmama222 husband is hyperglycemic.....and while I am sure he, and other on here not suffering from this would LOVE to, during period of HYPOglycemia, never ONCE has he screamed at my "white betach 51 times".  If he did, several things would happen. 

First of all, he wouldn't be capable of it, as when he is in that state, he is seldom able to scream anything, as he is weak and disoriented and shakey.  it is important to get him something to eat quickly to balance him out. Usually sugar and orange juice or insuline depending on what his blood sugar is. 

the secondf thing is....if he did yell that fifty one time, he would NEVER yell it again, because I do NOT hae the patience of Office Orman and I would be in the death chamber.   I don't carry a knife or a gun, but I do have a wonderful butcher knife in my rack on the counter


Taxed Enough Already

hmmmm where's the NAACP when you need them for racist hate crimes?   




Your own post proves you have no idea what you are talking about.  Was she acting drunk or just acting up?


Racist hate crime?  Disorderly conduct....yes.....hate crime?????  No, just free speech used in the worst way.


DEER track here is your comment.................. You can't be drunk with no alcohol in your system

My comment s were to that ,not to the girl in the car .

worried dog mama

The sad part is that all officers are lumped together.  There are some good ones out there unfortunately they are punished just like the others who wreck cars, cheat the system, and abandon their families!!!!  KK


I'm sorry, but i'm gonna have to have an explanation on how anyone can call someone else a racist, when they, themself, keep shouting white b**** like, what, 50 times maybe?.. Clearly this person is heavily driven (by w/e) to hate white ppl...and has the nerve to call someone else racist. >.>

And as to the "falsification" charge, it was ridiculous in the first place.. They said, all along, disorderly conduct but turned out to be mistaken about the alcohol intoxication part (tho i have to wonder if she was intoxicated with something else).. They didnt change it to a "new charge", they just dropped the part that they were mistaken about.. But even IF there was nothing at all in her system, (and except in the case of some relevant medical and/or psychological problem), that would make her disorderly conduct charge even moreso fitting since she would've been of a sound mind as she was doing all of this.

P.S. i am not sure why anyone is bringing up hypoglycemia.. Has that been mentioned somewhere?.. None of those symptoms seem to have anything to do with the woman in the video.. maybe "abnormal behavior" but i guess anyone could claim that.. is there a report or some kind of rumor that she was hypoglycemic?.. EITHER WAY, i do not see how hypoglycemia makes you shout white b**** 50-ish times.. the girl seems like trouble looking for more trouble, imo.. She needs to step back and reconsider her life decisions, seriously.






NOONE is me!


To think.... she wanted to be a school teacher! baha


She's not white, she just has a light complexion. Her weave tracks are pretty visible when she is close to the camera.

This place is known for being a BYOB that stays open all hours of the night. They lost their liquor license a long time ago. Apparently now that Big O's is closed, this is a new favorite hangout for Sandusky's finest.

What a peice of trash.


I have to agree with all those on here who say she has the mouth of a truck driver and Officer Orman showed the restraint of a seasoned verteran police officer.  The NAACP will be hard pressed to show cause in this little "lady's" (and I use this term lightly) defense.  She is the racist here.   How do we know she wasn't fueled by drugs or just plain hate. 

Why were to police called in the first place...a fight, right?  I bet she was in on that from the get go.  So haul her in and he did.  So why is he being punished for doing his job.  Her speech is slurred, she makes no sense other than calling him every name in the book.  She is insultng, bigotted, mouthy and thinks she is right. 

The judge has every right to throw her in jail for being disorderly and disrepectful.  Let her cool off in a tank and learn some respect.  She ACTS drunk.  If she wanted her purse, how do any of us know she didnt have a gun, a knife or more drugs in it?  We don't. 

Many of you scream that the register does not show GOOD things about the SPD in their paper?  Well here it of SPD's finest doing  the thankless job for which they are paid.  Now thank fhem for it, don't moan and groan....thank them. 

Good job, Ofiicer Orman.....and Thank YOU for doing what we cannot do....taking care of us all.