Election letters 2-24-08

Obama's empty promise I like listening to Obama. He makes me feel good and everyone likes to feel good, don'
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Obama's empty promise

I like listening to Obama. He makes me feel good and everyone likes to feel good, don't they? He says everything I want to hear, and then some. About the only promises missing from his speeches are world peace, curing cancer and balancing my checkbook. Could you work those in too, please? When he speaks I almost expect the sky to split open and the heavenly hosts to start singing. He's inspiring, articulate, intelligent and intoxicating. He does make me feel good.

But wait. So can my old friend Jack (Daniels). Yeah, maybe it is time a motivational speaker is president. Hey, could he get Tony Robbins as his running mate. Apparently we can stop waiting for the Christ's second coming. We have Obama! They both promise Utopia, and I don't want to wait any longer.

And, if you see this, Obama, I think a nice touch to your television ads would be a backdrop of fluffy baby ducks frolicking with adorable little kittens.

Reality eventually sets in though, darn it. If I want to feel good, I'm probably gonna have to settle for practicing random acts of kindness and balancing my own checkbook.

Matt Bickley


Chamber endorses issues

The Erie County Chamber of Commerce urges voters to support the following:

Replacement tax levy for the Huron Public Library

Replacement and increased tax levy for the Sandusky Library

Renewal tax levy for Vermilion Local Schools

Kalahari Resort Sunday Liquor Sales

Both libraries serve the entire spectrum of their respective populations, and have endured service cuts due to declining revenue streams. Both libraries enhance their respective communities' qualities of life, and are of particular value to our local students' educational experiences.

The Chamber has consistently supported school levies, because of the schools importance to the fabric and future of the community. The Vermilion Schools, especially, have demonstrated their outstanding stewardship of the community's tax dollars.

The Chamber does support Kalahari Resort's interest in having voters approve Sunday liquor sales. This business has made an enormous capital investment in our community, and seems poised to continue adding to that investment. The establishment truly is one of the country's premier tourist destinations, and they should have the ability to serve their customers, accordingly.

The Chamber urges all qualified voters to go to the polls March 4, to support the candidates and issues of their choice.

John Moldovan, director

Erie County Chamber of Commerce

Renew Vermilion schools

On March 4, we will go to the polls to cast our vote for our choice for a presidential candidate. On the ballot is a very important local issue that affects our Vermilion community. That is the renewal of a Vermilion School Levy.

We know the local economy is in very bad condition and this may be a hardship for some people, but we also know that we must provide for the children and keep our schools operating at the current level.

This renewal levy DOES NOT increase our taxes and will provide needed revenue for the schools. Please join with us and vote yes for the Renewal School Levy.

Ken and Jan Cassell


Your voice in Columbus

Do you believe the residents of Ohios 80th District deserve a representative whose main objective is to serve as a trustworthy voice of the people of Erie and Ottawa counties? If so, then cast your ballot for Ed Enderle for State Representative.

Are you tired of politics as usual and elected officials whose primary concern is pursuing power for self-promotion, seeking how high up the legislative ladder they can climb?

Wouldnt it be great to have a state representative whose character exemplifies integrity, high moral standards and prudent common sense? This seemingly impossible goal is obtainable by supporting Ed Enderle for Ohios 80th District Representative.

Ed has earnestly served on numerous boards, committees and on behalf of various causes in his district for over 25 years and is devoted to his family, faith and community. Ed is determined to work diligently on behalf of the residents in Ohios 80th District and is eager to serve as a champion for the concerns of the citizens in Erie and Ottawa counties. For all these reasons and more, I encourage you to vote for Ed Enderle for State Representative.

Carol Rinella


Three best for judge

Working knowledge is the most important qualification for Sandusky County common pleas judges. Consider each candidate's experience, and then support the following three people on March 4.

Tim Braun is seeking election for the seat currently held by retiring Judge Sherck. Mr. Braun's extensive background as an assistant prosecutor, in both Lucas and Franklin Counties, provides him with knowledge to handle future cases in Sandusky County.

Barry Bova is seeking election in the Juvenile/Probate Court. This seat is currently held by Judge Culbert. Bova, a former Sandusky County assistant prosecutor, worked in both the adult and the juvenile courts. Mr. Bova is also an acting Judge in the Bellevue Municipal Court. In his private practice, Bova has argued cases in both adult & juvenile courts, but he has more experience in the juvenile courts. Bova's work experience gives him the knowledge needed to serve as the juvenile court Judge.

Judge John Dewey is seeking election for the seat held by retiring Judge Sargeant. For over 30 years, Judge Dewey has been the judge of Sandusky County District 1. During these years, he has fine-tuned the type of expertise that is needed in order to serve the citizens of Sandusky County as their common pleas judges.

Mark Roach


Furey for Huron County

For 38 years Chuck Furey helped serve the financial needs of the citizens of Huron County as a member of the National City Bank's financial team. Until his retirement as a senior member of the banking staff, Chuck was in daily contact with the citizen of our county. He was the "familiar" face at National City Bank that people could go to with a problem. He was closely involved with the financial planning for numerous building projects throughout Huron County. These projects put him in contact with many people throughout the area. Chuck is a known positive entity. He has experience with taking a project from conception to completion. Simply put, Chuck Furey gets things done.

As a Huron County Commissioner, I believe Chuck Furey would do a wonderful job. It's a fantastic opportunity to vote into office a man with his proven abilities. So much of a commissioner's time is spent reviewing and approving departmental budgets. Who better to do this type of work than a retired banker?

I would like to encourage the citizens of Huron County to take advantage of the opportunity to vote into office a candidate perfectly qualified for the position of Huron County Commissioner -- Chuck Furey.

Scott Ford


Mulvin is proven

I am an 87-year-old loyal customer of Mulvin's Market on Perkins Avenue. I believe David Mulvin's courteous customer service and the quality of his produce reflects the pride that he takes in his work.

Dave has grown Mulvin's Farm and Market from a roadside picnic table operation as a teenager, to the business it is today. The business did not grow from family money. It grew from the dreams, hard work and determination of a boy who loved farming. He received a scholarship from Ohio State University, and earned his B.S. in Horticulture and Business. Dave is not relying on his family name to get elected. People in Erie County know him, they know his market and people in Sandusky know what he can do. This is the community where Dave grew up, raised his family and built his dream. It is where he's invested and donated his time, energy and money.

Dave has another dream. A dream where Erie County becomes a place where people can earn a living wage, where people listen to each other and where the county is filled with community pride! My 87 years of wisdom tells me to vote for David Mulvin!

Gracie Reed


Enderle's integrity

I've known Ed Enderle and the Enderle family for many years. I've also had the privilege of working with Ed's father, Lewis Enderle, when he was a township trustee. I found both men to be men of integrity that are people minded, putting the concerns of the community above themselves. Both men were charter members of the the Firelands Habitat for Humanity back in the late 1980s. They and others spent countless hours organizing and promoting this non-profit organization. Starting with nothing and developing an organization that has built more than 75 homes.

This record of hard work leads me to believe that Ed will do what he says he will do. He has said that he will propose legislation that will not raise taxes, and I know he will do that very thing. Not only will he propose legislation that won't raise taxes, he will do what it takes to lower existing taxes so that Ohio is a more competitive state.

I would urge you to support Ed Enderle, as I will by voting for Him as State Representative of the 80th district, in March and again in November.

Nancy McKeen


Obama for real change

I would like to start out with a well known fact that we need a President who looks out for the greater good of the people, which we have not had in the past 7.5 years. I believe Barack Obama is the answer to our prayers, hopes, and dreams. He is the candidate who can give us real change.

His main concern is with the common middle class/lower class families unlike the republicans whose main concern is with the top 2 percent of Americans who make the most money (and also who can give THEM the most money). The majority of America is people like me and you, why don't we give someone who looks out for us a chance. We do not need more of the same thing that we've had in the past.

We need an answer, and if we give Barack Obama a chance I would bet he would be more of an answer than we could ever hope for.

Please America, don't just rely on the same old same old to work for us (also which is currently NOT working right now for us), this is the kind of change that we need . One that will better our country as well as Americans, which is truly what matters most when a nation picks its next leader.

Christina Murray


Library levy a bargain

With all the hoopla going on right now about the presidential primaries, let us not forget our local issues, such as the Huron Public Library's replacement operating levy.

The library is truly the heart of the our community, a place where people of all ages can connect with the world -- through the internet, DVDs. Videos and CDs. And, best of all, you can pick up the latest best seller - all at no coast.

Libraries are the best bargain around. Talk about a multi-use building, the Huron Library is the site of classes for obtaining a GED diploma, local Bloodmobiles, a polling place, and the home of the Business Resource Network, a clearing house for information that can be of help to prospective and new business owners.

Issue 4 is a five-year, 0.8 mill replacement levy. The total cost of the levy is $24.50 per year for a home with $100,000 valuation.

This is less than the cost of one book, but since $21.66 is already included in local tax bills, the replacement will cost only $2.84 more per year.

Even with these tough economic times, this is a very small price to pay for such a great community resource.

Sheila Ehrhardt