Antelope gets wild at Kalahari safari park

UPDATED WITH VIDEO A large variety of antelope called an Eland caused a ruckus on U.S. 250 today after it escaped from its home at Kalahari Resort's safari park and wandered onto a neighbor's lawn.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 28, 2012


UPDATED WITH VIDEO A large variety of antelope called an Eland caused a ruckus on U.S. 250 today after it escaped from its home at Kalahari Resort's safari park and wandered onto a neighbor's lawn.

It took a half-dozen people to catch the beast. No people or animals were harmed during its capture.

Check back for more information as it becomes available.



Run Ante Run.


I think it's a shame An animal that should be in the wild or in a Zoo is running around loose from a waterpark.  I'll never visit that place... It amazes me the lengths a place will go to to boost their visitors... SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE !!! AND THAT'S FROM A LOCAL TAXPAYER..... Wildlife is just that... WILD... Leave it alone.....


if the thing was in the wild it would probably have been eaten by a lion or something there is nothing wrong with having these animals it gives people a chance to see something they would never see unless they went to africa and im a local tax payer too and i am thankful for companies like this one who brings in alot of buisness to OUR community


I wonder will Kalahari be forced to comply with the new Exotic Animal law? They are not a "zoo" they are privately owned exotic animals.


Big dogs girlfriend go loose? For shame it's Bush's fault !!


Dinghy Gal

Does it taste like chicken?


Kalahari has lots of money im sure they can keep those exotic animals somehow


Actually, it is an African Antelope, not an elk, Officer.


The animals are borrowed from an exotic animal farm the same people that own the lions and such that are there for people to get the pictures with.  The handlers are all very professional.  If the Antalope had been in a zoo he could have just as easily been spooked, from what I've heard thats what happened he got scared and managed to get out.  In a Zoo his run woul have either led to another animal or straight into one of the barriers meant to keep him confined and he could have wound up with serious problems.  Any and every place across the globe that has wild animals in captivity has to deal with this possibility and if you think its cruel to keep them like this at places were most of the animals have been born in captivity you really should see how the wild ones get caught to be shipped to the zoos.



I don't believe that exotic animals should be at the resort though but that is my opinion.  I believe zoos help endangered species and do research.  Places such as this resort do not have the animals best interest at heart.  All they care about mostly, in my opinion, is profit.


The animals at Kalahari are NOT owned by the resort. It is a private company who ownes and cares for them. The staff there takes exellent care of their animals. Go see for yourself.... An animals got out, it happens sometimes. From what I have heard the fencing is being repaired and reinforced.  The safety for the public and the animals is always the number one priority. Because of the professionalism/knowledge of the staff,  no one was injured. Some major zoo's around the country have had similar incidents, (San Francisco Zoo, 2007), where people have been injured or killed. So I don't see why this park being located at a resort is any issue. The owner is obviously licensed and monitered by USDA. My family and I love going to Safari Adventures and are planning another trip in a couple weeks!



 Well said!


I have seen video of Somali Pirates that look happier than the animals at this park.  The incompetent staff is very lucky that nobody was hurt or killed during this colossal failure of basic security.


 LMAO!  What in the world is a carnival petting zoo doing behind a multi-million dollar resort in the first place?

My family stayed there and it was impossible to relax at night.  It smelt like the animals were litterally pooping in our room.

There is nothing more relaxing than packing up the family and driving 5 hours to the best indoor waterpark in the world, only to realize the beverly hillbillies setup shop in the backyard and brought all of their starving and depressed animals with them.  


That is no carnival hillbilly zoo, hundreds of thousands of dollars were put into that facility. My family visits the zoo many times a year and we love it! They are always adding new exhibits and thier staff is very alert and knowledgeable. It is unfortunate that an animal escaped but that kind of thing happens when working with big animals. Animals happens. We are fortunate that the animal handlers are skilled enough to capture the animal quickly and without harm. I look forward to feeding the giraffes every year!


 My best friend is one of the zookeepers there and he does his best to feed and clean up after the animals, and help answer the guests questions. Ive been there before and i think it is a pretty cool place espeically in the summer. My friend was working when this happened and he said that the staff did there best to keep it in the zoo after it broke the fence.


 My family and I are from the Sandusky area. Kalahari us a beautiful resort to visit but more importantly the Animal safari park is a Welcome place for ALL!! You don't have to be staying at the Resort to enjoy the Beautiful animals in the TOP NOTCH SURROUNDING! The price allows anyone and everyone to visit. The animals and their surroundings at Kalahari Safari are VERY well taken care of. We visit several times a month at all different times of the day. Safety is a TOP PRIOROTY at the park! Staff is always right there! Not only is the safari clean, the Staff there goes out of their way to TEACH you about the animals. It is nothing to see the Zoo Keepers walking around with a snake in hand or an extra treat to sneak the animals as they walk by!! They stop and answer questions with a SMILE!! It is unfortunate that the antelope tried to run but  Like  all establishments, mishaps happen. Kalahari should be commended on the animals owner and his quick , safe response . I am sure measure    were taken immediately to fix the fencing.  It would be a shame to let this stop anyone from visiting one of the most amazing places ever!!!


 Well treated animals? Chris Brown treated Rihanna better.  And the angry birds app teaches more about animal rights than this disgraceful animal jailhouse.  Kalihari should fix the fencing by removing the park as this episode shows how dangerous it is to have wild animals next to children in swimming pools.  And you said this was one of the most amazing places ever?  Holy moly, I was more impressed by the Blue Hole in Castalia before it was closed, than watching animals practically kill themselfs for a two dollar bag of treats, tossed into their cage by some overweight tourist.  And who paid for all thoes Perkins Police officers?  Poor animal tranquilized, when it wakes back up in the park its going to think it died and went straight to hell.


 I saw this article posted on peta's facebook wall thats why im here... but i have to side with the owners on this one since I dont care about these filthy animals either.  all you hippies are doing is  trying to stop a guy from making a buck.  who cares if the place smells like a new jersey subway? it brings in the bacon and thats what counts!  if you want to learn about animals watch the discovery chanel, and if you have 2 minutes and 35 seconds available, grab the kids and walk through the entire safari adventure park.. its cool for the kids because their attention span isnt that great anyways, so im  glad they only have 4 animals so i can get back to the hotel room and slam some coor's !


It's a crying shame that animals are even given the opportunity to get loose in this day in age with the technology we have. From what I've read on this park, the staff here have zero clue what they're doing especially with exotic breeds. Even if the animals are owned by a 3rd party company they should have someone on site at all times that knows what they're doing around these beasts, like my uncle Tyrone. He grew up in Africa in the early 70s and has first hand experience with how dangerous an antelope can be. Back in '97 we all went to Kenya to visit and we got to go out and hunt some in the wild, except it was a traditional hunt which meant no guns, just bows and metal rods to gore them with.

We ended up out there at dark and right as the sun was going down, we bagged a giant buck about the same time the hyena started coming out and let me tell you they are nothing to mess with. We ended up having to leave the antelope behind and went running back to the jeep to get back to my grandma Iaedas house to a hot dinner of the localized chickens, but seriously no joke, out of no where a gd rhino came out out of the brush, I guess spooked by the yelling and horn blaring to get back in and basically side slammed the jeep and slashed the tires, which left us jogging home and freaking out until 3am until we got back tired and exhausted and we had missed dinner.

The next day we drove into town and ate at the local version of a KFC (fried chicken super generic no Colonels secret spices or anything jigga like that) and told people about what had happened and they were surprised we made it back with no injuries. We spent the rest of the time there talking about how my great aunts side of the family was originally sold into slavery and ended up being down troden by America and they eventually moved back in the 80s to live like kings with the money they had saved up while in America.

Long story short - research your currency conversion rates because you never know when an opportunity will rise to better your life.


 Personally i find this story DISCUSTING!  The Safari Adventure section of Kalahari Resorts is basically just like the Mine Ride at Cedar Point.  Nobody wants to waist their  time with it, everyone is waiting for it to be tore down, and the few that suckerd into experiencing it, are left feeling less satisfied than one of charlie sheen's prostitutes.  Ol' Jilly seems to have some insider information, maybe you can tell your coworkers to shut the gate next time!  PETA PETA PETA!!

PETA PETA PETA!  You people should be ashamed!  Feed these poor animals!  Kalahari Resorts will hear from all of us, not just the Ohio Chapter, but all of us!  This story will not fade away!  Close the mine ride!




 its not dead, he's back on the job... for $5 you can hit him in the head with an apple just like old times.


this story is taking on a life of its own, just noticed it on fox news online.  woah sandusky is getting famous!


 Maybe it wanted a Dug Nut? 




 i would rather walk down hancock street holding a sign that said RAPE ME than visit this garbage.  what a black eye for a great vacation destination seriously.


 As much as i enjoy seeing a large limp peice of meat slammed into a tight space, this was seriously disturbing.  You morons let a monster sized killer deer out of your petting zoo?  why?  And what in the world was the large man wearing?  total fasion fail imo lol, its spring time!  Next time one of your huge-o beasts gets let out, lets see some colors ;)


The workers at this park did eveything by the book, they did not hurt the animal, and if it was not for the fast work of them things could have been much worse. For people and the animals, it kicked in a fance and ran there was no way of knowing this was going to happen. There are veary few places kids in Ohio can go and see this kind of wild life and learn about it while looking at it. The park gives eveyone a changes to come and see there wanderful animals and even pet and fed. As to people say this park tearts the animals wrong, am from sandusky and me and my famly go to the Safari all the time, eveyweekend my little sister asked to go, summer and winter. The whole famly enjoys going, and i have been in there to see how the workers love the animals, they feed them eveynight, now if you feed a animal it will make them veary sick. When they have babys in the workers bottle feed them and try there harst to take care of them as if they where there own. Things like this happen, it was a horrabule thing and they have gone out of there way to insure it will never happen again and this should not stop anyone from going . why don't you go see for your self am sure you and your famly will love it.


 Holy English Skills!  If your grammar and spelling talents were an animal, I’d tranquilize it myself for the greater good of this country.  Is this a picture of you at your computer? :

Let’s face a couple of hard facts "This_is_why"  Q:  What is the 'ultimate fail' of a zoo?  A: Letting its animals escape.  This happened!  And it did not happen after a decade of good behavior, from what I've heard this park is only a couple years old.  Not a good track record so far.  

I loved reading these comments!  Most of them I completely agree with, and then there's you and your ilk, saying things like "it happens!"  NO IT DOESNT!  Which is why its news worthy, it’s not supposed to happen, ever!

Sure nationwide an animal escaping a zoo is incredibly rare (like you spelling a word correctly) haha.  But most zoo's might have an incident once a decade, not every other year, and they don’t share real estate with a family resort destination.

Here is another fact, the locals that I talk to, from the pubs downtown, to the uptown business owners are all talking about this, and one common denominator reached in each conversation is that SAFARI SUCKS, IT STINKS LIKE A$$, AND HAVING A ZOO BEHIND A WATER PARK MAKES ABOUT AS MUCH SENCE AS YOUR ILLEGIBLE SPELLING!  

words you typed that are not in the English vocabulary:

eveything, fance, veary, eveyone, wanderful, tearts, eveyweekend (wtf?)  ,  famly, eveynight, veary, harst, horrabule, your self am, ?  famly.


Personally, I would like to hear from SandtownLawyer as there must be some kind of liability here?  



Apparently Big Tony has a few spelling issues himself

Doesn't not DOESNT

zoos not zoo's

sense not sence


I was an employee at the Kalahari animal park over the summer and I can tell you that it is not a zoo; it is a concentration camp for animals. It is a terrible excuse for a home to the exotic animals. These animals include extremely endangered Bengal Tigers and Bongo Antelope. Other animals include giraffe, zebra, ring-tailed lemurs, snakes, tortoises, goats, kangaroo, Nilgai antelope, camels and ponies. While I was working there FIVE ANIMALS DIED due to lack of care, including a baby kangaroo that was very precious to me. I quit that job because it upset me so much. I am hoping to expose Bill Coburn for the animal abuser he is! He is nothing more than a sideshow manipulator who is only interested in making money. It should be noted that he is already on the Humane Society's watch list for improper care of animals. Bill Coburn may hold all the necessary permits to have these exotic animals, but what he is doing should be illegal. I have many more details about the horrible things I saw there. BILL COBURN AND KALAHARI ANIMAL PARK ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS AND I HAVE PROOF!


 Sadly this is what a lot of us knew, but it takes a bold individual like yourself to truly step up to the plate and help these animals out.  As an animal lover, it SICKENS me to hear this!  We need to be a strong voice, for the voiceless and report this abuse until this park is SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY!

Also it is rumered that the baby tigers are sold on the black market after they are too large to be photographed with small children for a fee.

If there are any REAL reporters left at the Sandusky Register, or Cleveland News, they will INVESTIGATE the rampant ABUSE of animals at this park, along with the complete NEGLECT of public saftey.  And the #1 Person that everyone should be looking into, is BILL COBURN.


I'm not sure what made then think that they could handle kids at a safari park when they have had absolutely no luck handling kids in a water park.  How soon everyone forgets about all of the issues with accidents and almost drowning kids there.

They had, at one time, the worst record of any water park in the area for accidents and violations of state regulations there.  Should the safari park be any differently run?  I wouldn't expect it.