One goodwill turn deserves another

SANDUSKY Rain or shine, Roger Stallard finds his way to work at SBA Goodwill Industries on West Mark
May 24, 2010



Rain or shine, Roger Stallard finds his way to work at SBA Goodwill Industries on West Market Street.

He enjoys the time he spends there and it shows.

Stallard, 35, has overcome many obstacles in his life to be able to work. The Sandusky resident suffers from cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a group of motor problems and physical disorders related to a brain injury or to problems with brain growth. It can cause uncontrolled reflex movements and muscle tightness that may affect a part or all of the body with varying severity. Several conditions including mental retardation, seizures or vision and hearing problems are often associated with the condition, according to

No matter his disability, Stallard lives life to its fullest.

He's enthusiastic and enjoys laughter. He jokes around with his supervisor and co-workers. Once, when a co-worker was sick, Stallard stopped by his home to visit.

"Roger is really delightful," Pamela Hartle, a data entry program assistant for Goodwill Industries and Stallard's supervisor. "He is one, if not the nicest person I've ever met."

This is one of the reasons Stallard was voted 2007's Associate of the Year at SBA Goodwill Industries.

"It was a landslide," Hartle said. "Pretty much everybody voted for him."

Last year Stallard was named Associate of the Month, which made him eligible for the annual award. He began work in the company's data entry department in 2005.

Stallard said he was surprised when it was announced he had received the honor.

"I wasn't expecting to get the award," he said.

His family, friends and co-workers were ecstatic when they found out he was chosen.

"They were proud of me and teased me about getting a big head," he said laughing.

Stallard was chosen from nearly 300 employees in the area.

He works four days a week at the company's administrative office in downtown Sandusky. He helps build the company's database of donors by entering their information into the company's computer system. On an extremely productive day, Stallard can file up to 50 receipts in the system. He does it all with a one-handed keyboard.

Stallard previously worked at Double S Industries for about eight years. He also received the employee of the month honor there.

"I have always liked to work rather than not be doing anything like staying home," he said.

Stallard's advice to other people who may have obstacles to overcome because of a disability?

"I hope they would like to work and not let anything stop them," he said. "If I can do it, you can do it."