REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Statehood and vampires

SANDUSKY REGISTER "Do you have a passport?" the confused bank official asked.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



"Do you have a passport?" the confused bank official asked.

It was a weird question, and one I wasn't expecting while opening a bank account last week in Sandusky. Never before has my New Mexico driver's license prompted anyone to ask if I had some other proof of U.S. citizenship.

No, I answered, helpfully pointing out that New Mexico is one of the 50 states.

After giving me an ugly look, the bank official typed something into her computer. A few clicks of the computer mouse must have done something.

"Oh," she said.

We didn't talk much after that and I couldn't help but think about a similar geography-challenged individual I encountered years ago.

I am originally from Pennsylvania and attended college in southern California, where one day I was asked by a concession worker if there were a lot of vampires where I grew up.

Probably a few, I said, but not as many as I imagine there would be in Transylvania.

The humor was lost on her.

-- Cory Frolik

Sweaty men and running with scissors

The background noise of the Register's newsroom is often filled with scanner traffic. Most days it consists of the typical ambulance calls or fire runs, but last week there were some out-of-the-ordinary calls.

One, out of Perkins Township, called for an ambulance to respond to a "very sweaty male." Another just gave more credence to the age-old worry of every mother. The call was for someone who was running with scissors and was poked in the eye.

-- Laura Collins

Grownups say the most colorful things

At last Tuesday's Perkins Township trustee meeting, joint dispatch was the hot topic of the day.

Representatives from Sandusky made their case for the proposal and several Perkins residents expressed support for it.

But there was one resident vehemently opposed to joint dispatch. The man used several colorful phrases to make his case, and the best by far was, "I've been over the valley, down the road, blued, screwed and tattooed."

-- Katie Walsh

Nancy McKeen, star of stage and screen

Erie County commissioner Nancy McKeen is back on TV -- or at least her voice is.

McKeen provides the narration for a new television ad for the Erie County Care Facility that's airing for the next several months on local cable on Discovery, the Weather Channel, CNN and Lifetime.

McKeen said she also has provided the voice for public service spots and appeared on TV in political commercials to endorse local candidates and ask voters to support them.

-- Tom Jackson

Is he really 40 years old?

During Thursday's Ottawa County Commission meeting, the commissioners and other staff sang "Happy Birthday" to commissioner Jim Sass and another staff member.

The staff member said she just turned 40 years old and Sass joked that he was also 40.

Sass later confided he was going to be 54 on Feb. 26, but he was "scrapping and climbing back to the top of the hill."

-- Jacob Lammers