Thumbs UP to In It Together, a support group for families of service people. Stein Hospice, an outfit noted for its dedication to co
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to In It Together, a support group for families of service people. Stein Hospice, an outfit noted for its dedication to comfort and dignity for the dying, offers the same to the living by its backing of this group. Whatever your views on the war, organizations such as In It Together affirm the humanity of those who serve, and those who love them.

Thumbs DOWN to evidence that's suddenly better than whatever it was -- whatever it is. Clayton Russell is charged with molesting a 5-year-old girl -- starting in 1982. He wasn't charged until last week, and he says he did everything the police told him to do -- including leave town. Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan says the charges could be filed now because "the evidence is better today than it was then." Mulligan also says he suspects Russell's claim of being told to leave town -- although that seems to have worked in the prosecution's favor, because leaving town short-circuited the statute of limitatations that was in effect then. But let's also look into the possibility the sexual molestation of a little girl was quietly swept under the rug.

Thumbs UP to people stepping up, once again. Susan and Don Fish needed money to buy a trained dog to help their son Nicholas, 4, when he has seizures. Price tag? $13,000. How much did people donate? $28,000. The money will pay to train Nicholas' dog -- and four other seizure-response dogs. And if you check out our online forums, the comments on Nicholas' story have been equally heartwarming, ranging from simple good wishes to helpful advice on caring for and feeding the dog.

Thumbs DOWN and a vote of no confidence to the ongoing voting mess in Cuyahoga County. If it's not one snafu after another with this or that kind of voting machine, its the American Civil Liberties Union claiming an attempt to fix the problem deprives people of their right to vote, and has gone to court to try to stop it. Confusing? Yes. Why should we care? Holding up Cuyahoga County in a statewide or national election holds up voters all over Ohio -- and in a year where the presidential primary race is hot enough and close enough Ohioans' votes will actually matter, that's unconscionable.

Thumbs UP to ex-Sandusky teacher James Getty, who brings President Lincoln to life for countless people young and old at the national battlefield at Gettysburg, Pa., where Lincoln himself demonstrated the power of a few words. Sadly, his visit to Sandusky this week was Getty's last road performance as the Great Emancipator, but those who wish to see American history brought to life can continue to reach him at his Gettysburg address.