Norwalk teacher's sexual misconduct case to go to Sandusky County

Sandusky County prosecutors will decide how to handle a case against a Norwalk teacher accused of sexual conduct with one of her students.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 20, 2012


Sandusky County prosecutors will decide how to handle a case against a Norwalk teacher accused of sexual conduct with one of her students.

“It appears from the initial investigation that any illegal sexual conduct may have occurred in Sandusky County,” Capt. Paul Sigsworth said Thursday.

Erie County Sheriff’s Detective Jared Oliver reviewed dozens of text messages sent between Alexa Nasonti, 25, and the 17-year-old student over a week’s period of time.

The content from those messages suggest sexual conduct between the two on March 31 at a private residence, Sigsworth said.

Oliver interviewed the parties involved or their representatives this week.

Then he met with Erie County prosecutors who determined Sandusky County would have ultimate jurisdiction in the case.

Nasonti and the student were first discovered at about 9 p.m. April 2 when Castalia police found them alone together in Lion’s Park in the village.

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Erie Countian

It never ceases to amaze me how people risk everything...their reputations and their entire careers....just for some sex.


I don't believe this is really about 'sex', I believe its more about low self esteem, and who wouldn't have that after all the insults  posted on the Norwalk Reflector calling her names etc.

This young woman is a result of poor choices, parenting, guidence and yes a lack of a true spiritual walk. Many parents today prepare their children for a college education and ignore THE important things in life. After reading the other forum on this subject I invision many worse things coming for us as a nation. Many posters acted like its something they would brag about doing to their teachers or older women while as a youth; the first signs of a corrupt, senseless and lawless society.  Wait long enough and the slim will start posting their venom of why the student is lucky and how she is or is not hot etc. They think its about sex while in reality its about being corrupt and void of Godly desires.  Society as a whole has slipped on feces concerning morals and lifestyles and are now are swiming in it, sadly many don't see anything wrong with it and think its somehow 'cool'  

Captain Obvious

I feel a little bit sad for this girl.  We all make stupid decisions, and this one will cost her the carreer she spent years working towards.  She really should have thought this out a little bit more before giving in to her desires....  It will be very interesting to see if she will get any jail time out of it. 

I hope the young man is proud of himself.  He helped to ruin her life.


Eight years difference is not that much of a gap, but when one of the two is underage, then the system gets involved and there you have the mess.  Was it all about sex?  Only the two of them know.  Given the legal ramifications, they should've been more discreet at the very least.  Regardless, it's going to be a sad outcome for both of them.  Their "love affair" has definitely come to a screeching halt.  Regrets = maybe.  Lessons = certainly.

Julie R.

Regardless, it will be a sad outcome for both of them...........

Personally, I don't think it will that much of a sad outcome for the student. At the age of 17, his career isn't ruined and his college education thrown down the drain. Neither is his name and picture smeared all over the paper. Neither does he have to worry about any criminal charges being brought against him.  



This is about sex!  Bad decision on her part.  Very bad!  I don't think she should go to jail.  There are more effective ways to deal with this.  I don't think God, spirituality, or religion has anything to do with this.  You simply have two people attracted to each other that acted on their feelings!  Everything that  looks good is not good for you.  I bet she won't go to jail and she will teach again somewhere.  She made a mistake at a young age but there's no reason to put her out to pasteur just yet.  One mistake does not necessarily define you.  Seventeen year old boys need not fear from this woman.  She's not a serial killer!  It seems like any story with a sexual overtone gets major play in the media. Personally,I think both were old enough to know it was wrong but enjoyed each other anyway and now have to deal with the fallout.


Isnt that Special's picture
Isnt that Special

 in response to deertracker  if a 25 year old male teacher was involved with a 16 or 17 girl there wouldn't be all this investigation going-on they would have slammed the male in jail by now, and rightfully so. Are you kidding me deertracker??? "its about two people attracted to each other that acted on their feelings! Thats just insane and probably the most pathetic thing I've ever read on a comment...ofcourse she is not a serial killer sherlock but she sure is a sexual predator just like all the other who do that to minors  like her kind. You are gonna tell me she couldnt find a suitable mate around her own age or older..?  She needs to pay time in jail just like all the other adults who prey on young kids and get caught, she is no diferent!!!   



I stand by my comment.  You can only deal with the facts in this case not the "what ifs".  Sexual predator???  Are you kidding me????  Don't seem like she had to prey on him if they were texting and  meeting. 

Everyone acts like kids are Sooooo innocent but they are not.  I admit she was in the wrong here but the crime....if there was one.....needs to be appropriately punished. Jail?  C'mon! Jail is not the answer to all crimes. She's already going to lose her job, deemed a sex predator and judged by the likes of you. 


Get over yourself!!!!!!!!!!


in response to Captain Obvious, you really can't blame the boy, 1st of all what 17 yr old wouldn't do that, second it takes two to tango

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Isnt that Special

 Well now isnt that special...the Nasonti's huh!!! I guess that goes to prove that not eveyone is "untouchable" Maybe this will bring them down from their high-horse. 


According to the laws of Ohio, if she is found guilty, her teaching license will be taken away and never be allowed to teach in Ohio again. Also, if this hapens, she will not not be allowed to teach in other states as she will not be able to pass the backgorund checks.


Everyones thoughts seem to be letting the situation down easy.  Is it because her pictue makes her look like a nice young gal?  If it would have been a 25 year old male teacher I bet the comments wouldnt be so nice and everyone wouldnt be so quick to give him a second chance.  A 25 year old male teacher courting a 17 year old high school student doesnt sound so good does it.  Bad desicion on her part. Maybe she has issues who knows. She was with a minor, broke the rules. Go to jail and deal with your nieghors whenever you move becuase you'll be on the sexual preditor list.  Wouldnt want her livng next to me or teaching my kids!  Just sayin! 

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Isnt that Special

@Manowar ....You are so thoughts exactly

Captain Obvious

@biggiesmalls - I'm not placing all of the blame on the boy.  I do agree it takes two, however at 17, even with raging hormones, you should know right from wrong. 

The underlying point in this is the law was broken.  Both parties involved are to blame.  They knew better, but likely did not think they would be caught.  I feel badly for them both.  Had she just waited until he was 18 and graduated, things would have been much different.  This will be something she will regret for the rest of her life.  I couldn't imagine having to live with that everyday for the rest of my life.  She now wears the label of a predator... She will never be looked at the same way again, unless she is to move away from here.


yes you are correct Capt O he should have known better, but imagine if you were in that position and a very cute teacher (older) was interested in you, it would should be hard to turn down even when you know right from wrong


Many of you are quite niave, I see.

This girl, not only ruined her life, she ruined her parents.

In an attempt to lesson her prison time, they will have to cash in their 401k and get a second mortage, to be able to go out and hire a good lawyer. Not to keep her out of prison,because she is definately going, but to try to lesson the amount of time in prison.

This young girl has accumulated close to $60,000 in college loans, that will not be able to be paid back, since she will first, be locked up and second, will never get a job making that much money to pay them back. So her answer is to file bankruptcy, and then guess who pays for her wasted college education?

By age 26 she will have a felony, have spent time in prison, filed bancruptcy, and be a registered sex offender. When she gets out of prison, she will have to pass out flyers in every neighborhood she moves to and check off the "ever been convicted of a FELONY" box on every job application. Good luck on ever finding a job over minimum wage, or a decent boyfriend, let alone husband. Who wants a wife that has a criminal record and no restraint!

Thats reality, folks.


Fyi, College loans are not covered under Bankruptcy, so she can’t get rid of them by filing bankruptcy, she should be treated like anyone who is convicted of a crime, this could mean jail time, doesn’t matter what sex you are, it needs to be the same outcome whether you are male or female, and lastly don't forget innocent til proven guilty

Captain Obvious

Hey Dick - how do you know what the total of her student loans are??? 

Paranoid Illusion

...where she may in turn be harassed by the prison guards.

Julie R.

Hey Dick - how do you know what the total of her student loans are???

Maybe because he knows that's what the majority of people owe when they graduate. The only ones that don't are either the ones that are born with a silver spoon in their mouth or else the foreigners that come to this country and get FREE college educations. $60K also is good compared to some. Just ask some of the young doctors what THEY owe when they graduate.

Sit n Spin

Julie R......Some people that have an athletic bone in their body and or enough grey matter between their ears do receive scholarships ;)


Average cost of one year at Bowling Green is $22,222. That is the least expensive school in our area.

I have a college graduate (not BG) paying over $1,200 a month right now in school loans. Luckily my child got a great job and can afford that kind of payment.

Another of my children will have well over $100,000 in school loans, after 6 years.

So obviously, that is the first thing I thought about. What a waste of money, because she will never teach again.



Is this girl related to the Bellvue football coach?

Sit n Spin

themomx6.....besides you being nosey who cares !

here in ohio




In response to HereInOhio's post: 

Huh, funny.  The Norwalk paper is saying that she will have felony charges brought up against her.  To quote: 

"On Thursday, Oliver took his report to the Erie County Prosecutor’s Office for the recommendation of filing a sexual battery charge against Nasonti.  In this case, the third-degree felony would mean there was an inappropriate relationship between the victim, a student and the suspect, a teacher."  

I'm pretty sure it's a crime when the adult is in a position of authority.

Most Wanted

I do think what happened was wrong.  On the other hand I also think that the courts should take into consideration this young lady's age and this young man's age when labeling her a "sexual predator" for the rest of her life.  This boy is a jock at Norwalk High School; is 17 year's old, almost 18; was a very willing particpant and will have no life altering after effects of this event....he wasn't harmed.  It wasn't rape or harassment in anyway.  It was a "willing" crime, so to speak.  Her life should not be destroyed because she's still young and dumb.  Should she have known better...yes.  Will she ever do it again...chances are no...if wrong then hang her out to dry.  Suspend her license for two years to teach her a lesson, give her some "maturing" time and let her go one with her life.  Heroin dealers who kill our children get 6 months for goodness sakes!  She foolishly messed around with an almost adult.  It was very wrong...but he enjoyed every second of it and it didn't kill him!  And yes, I would feel the same if it was a 25 year old male teacher and 17, almost 18 year old female student.  Still wrong...don't like it...but not something to ruin a young life over if both parties (at that age) were willing.


Here in Ohio...we have special laws for teacher/student sexual conduct. It does not matter if it was consensual or not. Remember Mary Kay Letourneau? She was "in love" with her student, and even had 2 of his kids! She spent 6 years in prison.



Under Ohio Rev. Code Sec. 2907.03, it is sexual battery for one person to have sexual contact with another if:

1. the offender is a teacher, administrator, coach, or other person in authority employed by or serving in a school subject to state board of education standards, the other person is enrolled in or attends that school, and the offender is not enrolled in and does not attend that school;

Lets see, we have police, who said it was wrong, than we have the sheriffs, who agreed that it is wrong, than we have Erie county prosecutors who said it was a crime, and now the Sandusky county prosecutors office agrees that a crime has been committed. I think they are a lot smarter than you!

So now who's clueless?


Here's a very simple question:

 IF  you are a teacher ( man or woman)...

 WHY would you take THAT chance-- knowing it's AGAINST the law  and SCHOOL Policy?


Most Wanted

LOL...Here in Ohio...I was waiting to see how fast you'd delete that comment!

Captain Obvious

@ Julie R. - I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor am I foreign.  I am just smart enough to know that many people get scholarships.  I went to a private school with costs of over 30K per year, and came out only owing 15,000 after spending a full four years there.  Watch yourself.

here in ohio

WELL then it does look like she BLOW it then dont it !!!!!  oh well live and learn !!


sit and spin........a lot of people are wondering..........she's from Bellevue.....her last name is Nasonti..........same last name as the Bellevue football coach..............what's wrong with wondering if that's his daughter......why'd that get you so upset? you related?


"Forget about the supposed crime by Ms. Nasonti; I haven't gotten past the way Officer Mancuso handled this parking violation."  that is a good point. look up the statistics about teen suicide. teachers can be valuable in helping depressed teens. a lot of things are not adding up here. the prosecutors like to make a lot of noise to help deflect blame from the real crooks. smoke and mirrors and lame stream news media starts up a fire storm.  "It is rare for a student to come to a teacher and ask for emotional help. Depression often goes unrecognized at home. The child's symptoms get dismissed as normal adolescent behavior. Depressive symptoms are mistaken for normal teenage angst. Teachers are often the ones who recognize that their student is exhibiting signs of depression. Teachers who recognize signs of depression in their students should take action. The teacher should talk to the student privately to discuss their concerns." 


She hooked up with a minor.  WRONG.  Go back under your rock.


When does a 17 year old person really grow up.  You have to just go back a few years when men lied about their age to enter into a war. I knew of people that were eighteen years old in a war zone. Some of the women over sea showed these young men what life was all about. They were not sexual preditors. I do not feel Ms.Nosonti is one either. The drinking age was raised from eighteen to twenty one, why? An eighteen year old in the military can drink beer but a eighteen year old civilian can not. Two seventeen year olds have sex and the female gets pregnant, who's at fault? Who makes all these rules and prejudges all the people? Everyone is not lilly white. We all have skeletons in our closets. The ones that say they don't are probably "attorneys and judges". They never make mistakes.

Just Saying

The Law is the Law - doesn't matter what any of us think. Two recent cases in this area of teachers having sexual relationships with their students ended up in both losing their teaching licenses and serving prison time.  All teachers today are well aware of the consequences involved. I cannot imagine they would take that risk.


The law is the law. You talk about the teacher that looses their teaching licence. What about ones that never got caught and married their student when they turned eighteen. Does that eighteenth birthday make a difference? What if the parents want to keep an affair that happened quiet and both parties break it off for now? Should the law be involved? I do not want  to debate with you. Laws are broken every day. If a younger person wants an affair with a older person it is going to happen if both agree. Sure the parents will not like it. The best approach is to try and talk some common sense into the parties. When you start to enforce your opinion, from that point things will get really ugly. I personally do not agree with the way everything went down, but if both parents are civil and the parties mature enough, let life go on. I hope this ordeal does not ruin the teacher's life. Whatever happens in the future, I hope things work out for the best. As for the police officer, you handled it wrong.   

Second Opinion

Goes to show there are different cops. No investigation was done when the prinicpal of Berlin Heights elementary married one of the students when she just graduated and turned 18. Guess the cops assume they fell in love at first sight and didn't date, just jumped into marriage


teachers aside but isn't there are law about  a man touching a 17 year old to have sex with her? this happened in fremont but i didn't see any charges brought against him. the man was a attorney. he must have been above the law. things that are often swept under the carpet.

Most Wanted

Frugal...the age of consent in Ohio is 16...I guess 17 is safe...unless you are a teacher, that is exception.

Just Saying

Retiree -- I said the Law is the Law - I didn't say I agree or disagree with it. I'm simply stating it really doesn't matter if the consenting student is almost 18 or is 18. The Law prohibits teachers having sexual relationships with their students and in this case, with a minor. If convicted, she will lose a license that she probably worked very hard to earn, and is quite possibly still paying loans on. She had to be fully aware of the risks she was taking. It's too bad, I feel sorry for her family. And I agree, there are a lot of teachers/students who don't get caught.


 You are right: "the law is the law". You forgot one thing: " laws only apply to certain people". You sound like a "bottom feeder" (attorney) with all you knowledge of laws. I know of some teachers that had sexual relationships with their students. Not a thing done to them. It was all washed under the carpet. Your next question is, "were the authorites notified". Of course. Read what I stated above.    

Just Saying

And that , Retiree, is the sad reality of our culture.


By Just saying


The justice system is big business these days, as is the prison system, whether it be seizures of houses and cars, or fines, or paying for your stay in jail, or even going to jail for a debt you may or not be able to pay.  Before you say, "but its not me, so I don't care, it doesn't apply to me", just remember, the more laws that get passed, the more chances there are to break them, the more chances there are  to become a criminal. The justice system here is getting badly out of whack, similar to 18th century England, where tens of thousands of petty criminals were shipped "away" to penal colonies. Sounds like our prison system.

GooseyGrandma's picture

big_d: JUSTICE ?????? Where ? the city of sandusky? When it takes 17 minutes and 5 different dispatchers to get a 911 call to go thru!!!!!!! They want your credentials first before they ask what the problem is..... Check out Tuesdays' suicide, behind the coffee shop on Perkins ave across from the car wash...... This citizen was calling for help   and she got read the riot act... And perkins p.d. had to go to the scene first before they called in on an ambulance run!!!!!! They finally get to the guy who shot himself 27 minutes later..... "911" As I said!!!  JUSTICE?????  What a joke in sandusky!!! Especially when they let not one but two individuals get away with a slap on the hands for  MURDERING 2 and 3 people!!!!!  I think the city officials are scared to impose the death penalty where it is needed!!!!  Sorry  so  long  I needed to get that negativeness out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^ 

Thank  You,



In a judicial system that turns corrupt, it is because of the same people that obtain the office with no competition in the elections 


First three rules when confronted by law enfarcement - Rule #1 - Shut Up. Rule #2 - Shut Up. Rule #3 - Shut Up.

They can't search a car without probable cause (unless you're dumb enough to let 'em.)

You don't have to answer questions. The driver merely has to show a license and proof of registration.

The public has the right to be on public property.

By the time the lawyer$ get done with this her life and career will be ruined, she'll be broke and he and his parents will also need a lawyer. More big money for the ju$tice system.




what the big deal.   she  25  an he 17  so what ,what  where thay doing wrong , just chating


He 17 an not a child,  at 17 you can join the army an  get your butt shot off,  so your just siting in the car

talking  ,no law  was broken , an you can go to jail??????


He isn't going to jail - the state is using him as the victim - not the suspect.  I'm not sure anyone will go to jail in this, honestly.  The state had no probably cause to obtain the warrant for the phone records in the first place.  The officer who found them stated too many times that there was nothing illegal going on and they were just talking.  This is certainly not enough to get a "legal" search warrant for sure.  The fact that a 17 yr old had a condem is certainly not a surprise and should never have been enough evidence of anything to get a warrant for searching cell phone records and text messages.  That whole thing is very suspicious and will most likely be thrown out of court - result would be no case - no evidence of any kind.

Super Judge

SB5 would of stopped this.


For Sandusky Steve + Hermandi + Hilltop - Yes, a law was broken.  The park closes at dusk, it was 9PM, and DARK.  That gave the officer cause to chat them up.  This in turn led to their paniced replies (because they both knew that they were or had been doing something else illegal), and gave the officer more cause to pursue further.

The search warrant will easily stand up in court because of the nature of their initial relationship (teacher to student) and because of what they told him in the initial conversation.  When you add in the texts that would make a sailor blush, they'll convict her of exactly what she should be convicted of.  And, she'll rightfully be labeled, and made to register, as a sexual predator, because that how the LAW defines her, and her actions....whether any of you (Deertracker) likes it or not.  Your OPINION does NOT trump the LAW.

She should've just kept her mouth shut, in more ways than one, and this situation could've been avoided, as Hilltop correctly stated...even though he was wrong about the public property portion.

And finally, she is the niece of the head football coach at Bellevue.  




Shes so hott.  That kid is going to go far in life.  He should put this on his job resume.  A real go-getter.