Talent shines at Sandusky Central Catholic

SANDUSKY Sandusky Central Catholic School is seeing stars. After years of absence, the K-6 talent sho
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Sandusky Central Catholic School is seeing stars.

After years of absence, the K-6 talent show made a comeback Friday as elementary students came together for an hour-long demonstration of their skills.

Through magic, song, dance, balloon animals, martial arts and musical instruments, students performed to the best of their abilities for attentive parents, teachers and peers.

Some classrooms sang as a unit, but many of the performances were done individually or in small groups.

Taking the stage -- many for the first time -- students looked at the microphone timidly, a little flushed. By the end of their routines, however, their voices were clear. They smiled and laughed in reaction to the positive reinforcement from their audience.

Many of the 21 acts used a favorite song, "Fabulous," for their routine.

Natalie Matter, a fifth-grader, performed one of the renditions of "Fabulous," incorporating her own dance moves.

"She was the best," said Kay Matter, her grandmother. "We've got a star on our hands."

The audience, including the small children, sat patiently through the performances and offered thunderous applause as each routine ended.

Alyssa Yontz, a second-grader, smiled throughout her entire performance of "Strut" and continued beaming as she walked off stage.

"I did it," she told her friends. "It was fun."

Lynn Langston was waiting to greet her daughter Callie, a fourth-grader, after Callie belted out "Joyful, Joyful" with recorder accompaniment by three of her peers.

"You did great," Langston said, hugging and kissing her daughter's head.

"Mom!" Callie said, turning red but beaming.

"They've been working on this since before Christmas," Langston said.

Many parents and students worked for months to prepare music, dance moves and routines. Despite a few spills and music slip-ups, the performances showed dedication and determination.

Were the students excited?

"Oh yes," principal Rita Dominick said, adding that students had been approaching her for quite some time wanting to show off their talents early.

Taking the stage after the last performance -- a dance routine performed by a group of K-2 Rockets cheerleaders -- Dominick proclaimed she was impressed.

"Now you have a sneak peak of our future Academy Awards, Oscar and Tony awards winners," Dominick told the crowd. "What a great way to be entertained."