Norwalk woman arrested for supplying children with alcohol, cigarettes

On Friday police arrested a Norwalk woman who allegedly purchased beer and cigarettes for children on several different occasions.
Emil Whitis
Apr 17, 2012


On Friday police arrested a Norwalk woman who allegedly purchased beer and cigarettes for children on several different occasions.

Julie Molesky, 45, was charged with buying or furnishing beer or intoxicating liquor to an underage person.

Officers also had her vehicle towed.

The arrest came after police convinced a 14-year-old boy to go undercover for them.

When the boy asked, Molesky took the boy to the grocery store where she picked up a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes for the boy, a Norwalk police report said.

In an interview after the arrest Molesky told police it wasn’t the first time she’d done it.

“Molesky admitted she has purchased alcohol for the juveniles on more that one occasion during the past week,” police wrote. “She also admitted to drinking with these children.”

According to police the children involved ranged in age from 13 to 16.

At about 8 p.m. Monday, Molesky was held at the Huron County jail on $9,000 bond.



what a fine citizen. 


GET HER PIC OFF of  Norwalk refector.


When I read these articles, it makes me wonder that if in the cases of divorce, maybe judges need to start giving custody of children to their fathers. What is wrong with some women?


@ grandmasgirl .... personally I think in the case of custody and visitation (both of which greatly affects the CHILDS LIFE!!!!!!!) there should be a complete investigation into BOTH parents and NOTHING should be taken for granted and that means that neither the mother, nor the father automatically GUESSED as being the best place for the child to reside. There are both good and bad mothers and fathers, but NOTHING should be assumed when it's going to affect a child's life.

Seen it All

@ jon491... That's just MEAN!  (to all the unsuspecting and innocent readers!!!)   haha


It doesn't actually say that she has any children or that these were her children. 

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Newcreation...the Reflector article states she purchased for underage parties her 13 year old daughter hosted.  What a winnnnner! 


Seen It All....LMAO!!!!!




Very interesting ... The SR is always so quick to post up someone's mugshot, but they didn't here?  So how do they decide whose mugshots to post and whose not to?

Or could it be another example of media bias?

Kottage Kat


Picture remains

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i swear she looks like boss hogg from the dukes of hazzard, give her a cigar  'n a white hat.  i mean it's the truth


LOL I just looked at her picture on the Reflector's site and she DOES look like Boss Hogg!


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I complained about this woman to the police and a couple of the parents who allowed their children to stay at this woman apt for a party. My daughter came home the next day after a slumber party and told me about alcohol in their drinks. When I confronted Julie about this she denied knowing anything and said that it was friends of hers that put the alcohol in the drinks and tried to get the girls to drink them. When I complained about it to the parents and the police they did nothing about it. I am so happy that Julie was caught and gets her due. Too bad that her child has a mother that does not care what happens to her and thinks that it is ok for her child to become irrisponsible and ignorant. I am just glad that she was finally caught. Now maybe the parents and police here will believe me. Ha! Told you so.....Thank you Norwalk Police Dept for getting this woman... Thank you Thank you....


What a POS!!!