Norwalk teacher on leave pending inquiry into relationship with student

A Norwalk teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave pending investigations into the nature of a relationship with one of her students.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 16, 2012


A Norwalk teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave pending investigations into the nature of a relationship with one of her students.

Earlier this month, Castalia police found Alexa Nasonti, 25, seated in the front passenger seat of a vehicle belonging to a 17-year-old male student.

He was sitting in the driver's seat when police found them together in the vehicle at about 9 p.m. April 2 at Lion's Park in the village.

They told police they were talking about the boy's ex-girlfriend and "nothing was going on."

But the Erie County Sheriff's Office is reviewing hundreds of text messages exchanged between the teacher and the student in just one week, Capt. Paul Sigsworth said. Officials have confirmed some of the messages do appear to be sexual in nature.

Norwalk schools also has launched its own investigation into possible school policy violations.

Superintendent Dennis Doughty said Nasonti was placed on administrative leave Monday pending the outcome of the investigation.

"We want to make sure we get to the truth and protect the students involved and go from there," he said.

Nasonti is a high school art teacher and assistant softball coach.

For more on this developing story, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register or epaper.


Peninsula Pundit

You would think, with all the publicity text messages have been getting as far as anyone being able to go back and retrieve months' worth of them, that this form of communication would be regarded as being as private as writing them on an outhouse wall.



That old saying "Never put it in writing if you never want anyone to hold it against you" Holds true even in the digital age, People seem to over look that fact.


is the story straight? First it was reported they were in seperate cars parked beside each other???  Well???


 It's funny how schools respond and take action to situations like this but do hardly anything at all about bullying.


Sad that this seems to be happening more and more in schools around the country.

Kottage Kat

Hope somebody gets the story straight soon. How many versions are out there now between the SR & the NR someone should have the facts.         Kat


She just wasted a college education for some forbidden fruit.  I am not saying that a 17 year old doesn't know what he or she is doing in this type of relationship because they do.  If a 17 year old can be held responsible for murdering and robbing people then they also are old enough to know that they are not to date a teacher.  Many 16 and 17 year olds know exactly what they are doing but still the adult teacher does and should hold the majority of the blame because they are supposed to exercise good judgment, control, and are held to a higher standard of responsibility because they are teachers.  Like I said, she just wasted her college education if this turns out to be true.  And I bet she (both probably) is very remoseful now that she got caught.  So sad.


swiss family

 how can we expect teenages to know that there are laws  forbiding teachers and students to "inter mingle" so to speak... when a lot of the adult bloggers do not think it is a crime????



Julie R.

She doesn't look much older than 17 herself.

That said, I agree with the comment that basically said the schools take action and investigate things like this, yet they do just about nothing when it comes to bullying!  

Sarah Weber

@KottageKat and @BlueAngel

To clear up any confusion, I'm posting a PDF of the search warrant from which we got much of our information on this case. It has been redacted to protect the name of the student involved.


should the phone numbers be redacted too?


So Sarah you "redacted" the name of the student to protect him HOWEVER you printed BOTH phone numbers... So say they haven't yet changed their numbers (which obviously they will have to change now) have you ever heard of a voicemail answering and saying "hi this is......"  Is that protecting this minor???  I would put a little more thought into things before trying to act like a saint.  Another great investigative article by the Sand Dumpy Register!!!

Sarah Weber

The numbers have been redacted.


 I can still see their phone numbers, what an invasion of privacy! It is an outrage that the papers publish these kind of documents for everyone to see. What gives you the right? Desperation to sell papers is no excuse to ruin people's lives.

Kottage Kat

Thank you, Sarah. There seemed to be some confusion regarding the cars.



In one local school district you get a promotion for this type of behavior.



This is much ado about nothing.  A 17 yo knows what is up and does not need this type of protection from the school.  This use to happen at my highschool and EVERYONE knew about it and said NOTHING!  Get out of his pants and her panties!  Most men or fathers have NO problem with their 17 yo son hittin' a 25 yo woman.  You all know that is true so don't trip!


Love is like a drug.It can make you do the dumbest things.


Daddy must be proud.  Isn't he a football coach for Bellevue?  25 and career OVER.


 I hate to disappointed  you bongodog, but this isn't the Coaches very careful about what you put in print, may come back to bite you in the behind!!


They need to go back to the way it was when i was a youngster, We had 65-70 year olds that would beat us with rulers. It cut down on the intermingling between students and teachers 100%.


@ Bongo/   Don't know, but the coach has a brother, would have to be one of the two I would think....


no, her dad is NOT the head coach in Bellevue... should get your facts straight before putting it in print


Maybe we should be thankful she wasn`t a grade school teacher.


It was inappropriate for her to be in his car at 9pm whatever they were discussing.   She's not very attractive but resorting to 17 year olds is not the answer.  I agree with Warhol.  Let's respond to the bullying problems as quickly as the inappropriate relationship ones.


My understanding is teachers are teachers 24/7, year round.  There is NO way they should meet one on one outside of the school.  She is wrong regardless of what did or did not happen.


Teachers are on moral duty 24/7 for sure. I know of one in the Cleveland area that she slugged her husband in an agrument and was charged for assult. That held up in court and she was fired from her job at the public school. All happen off duty and in the privacy of ones home but again its 24/7 on moral duty.

Its a shame for all concerned when these things happen and nobody comes out a winner.

Cracked Cherry

 You go boy!!!


 I will leave my cynacism for a moment and consider this-although referring this student to a school counselor may have been a more appropriate decision, what-if this teacher actually was trying help this student?  It could be considered going above and beyond in effort to really help him.  Texting is the thing in todays society, for sure.  My kids have their teachers as friends on FB-I have no problem with that.  I actually think it helps to prevent some online bullying that happens.  I will give this young teacher a break-she does have a lot to learn, but the benefit of the doubt goes out to her-for now.  


she is cute, I would let her do a lab test on me any day!





Interesting post you made, especially the part about bullying.



daddys little girl. been taught well.


 The boy should be held accountable for his actions as well. It does take two whether anything was going on or not and honestly what 17 yr old boy doesn't have a condom in this wallet. It's called being smart wether he had intentions on using it or not. And whose to say the boy wasn't the first to imply text messages and what if he was having issues he couldn't tell his friends but felt comfortable telling a teacher / coach because he knew she would not judge him. 


Little antiquated yet doesn't the Moral Turpetude Law come into play here regardless of gender???    Her career might be in the toilet in Ohio.


"They need to go back to the way it was when i was a youngster, We had 65-70 year olds that would beat us with rulers."

Capt. Ford

Yes indeed, then there were the lay teachers.




@ose56  I only asked if he is A football coach, not the HEAD coach.  Bite me all you want.  Her career is OVER.


 I didn't say he was the HEAD coach either bongodog.....YOU said she was the coaches daughter!!! I just wanted to set you straight before rumors went wilder that they already are!!! you have any children?

Paranoid Illusion

I see the judge and jury have already been selected - and they all just happen to be on this blog!


  Ok first off none of you know what your talking about. This teacher is not a football coahes daughter. And she does not have feelings towards this kid. What if this teacher is being a caring person and only wanted to help a student out. This teacher is not being charged with anything and this paper is SLANDERING her completely. Weather they texted or not their is two sides!!!! If the student texted her and reached out to a teacher for help a teacher would! The Sandusky register is out of LINE to be putting this much information about both people when nothing has been charged!! Every 17 yr old boy carries a condom in their wallet and it's wrong to bring that up into any of this! Assumptions assumptions... 

real talk

 We don't have the facts, so it is impossible to be sure. 
I had some classes with her in college. She was a very quiet nice girl. I find that her doing anything illegal/immoral very hard to believe. 




 Well said nicksgirl524!


Aw, leave her alone!  She will be placed on PAID administrative leave as per her teacher's UNION contract.  The teacher's UNION will do the exact same thing for her as they did for that Perkins H.S. teacher.  And that Perkins Middle School Teacher.  On and on.  So why get your panties all in a twist.  I am glad Castalia P.D. was on patrol and "caught" these two together.  Good job Chief Majoy!  Now, there will be a lot of explaining and more investigation.  The text messages will say it all.  She would do better to resign and then re-apply for another UNION position in another school district.  I love her explanation.  Oh, "nothing was going on" we were just talking together in the car, at 9:00 pm at night, at Lion's Park all alone.  Great student counseling there UNION teacher!  I wonder what other UNION teacher life values are available.  Ha! Ha!   



fudge pies

i think the register is VERY rediculous  and freaking nosey as hell.

What if there isnt a case here?  what if what they said was real?

not saying it is, but if you dont want to be put in this stupid paper,  dont do anything at all, and dont leave your basement.  then you're pretty safe!  until the dumbasses call you every damn night trying to sell you there National Enquire they call a newspaper





 Boy, oh boy do I feel bad for this teacher.  She hasn't been proven wrong, but she surely has been run out of this area even if she's completely innocent.  Thinking back on all of those movies where the teachers are there to inspire students, there is an awful lot of personal contact.  What if this boy was on the verge of hurting himself?  If I were his parents, I'd thank my lucky stars the teacher met up with him to talk to him.  Things aren't always as they seem, yet people around here think that they know it all.  This teacher and her family are now never going to be the same because of the people in this town needing to know more about an unknown situation, only because their lives are so unimportant that they need someone else to feed off off to feel better.  


@ose56 I ASKED if she was A coaches kid.  That was it.  I will keep my kids away from you even though they are adult.  25 career OVER.


Oh, errant ardor!
Hypocrisy and hysteria
woe the foolish heart


The 1971 film Summer of '42 was a blockbuster.
Its novelization was reprinted 23 times.
Hermie was 14.
Gender double standards were stronger then.

Licorice Schtick

With a nose job, she could look like Jennifer O'Neill.



 Schadenfreude. Pleasure/entertainment derived from the misfortune of others. Give them a break and save your comments until all the facts are in. 

Tru Grit

The register makes another horrible attempt to report news and TAXPAYER, is using CAPITAL letters again... I am still waiting for my dollar everytime you come back to liberal junk.. My friend the day your life clock stops ticking is the day you make two people who live next to you very happy.

She may be bangin him, she may not. For her hope, she isn't I mean she is 25, go to the pump or Kalahari and find someone your own age. Heck I bet Rupp's in Norwalk has some semi attractive guys in there.


I feel sorry for both this teacher and this student.  They may not have been doing anything wrong at all but this is getting so much press it will be hard for them to face the entire school after all the dirt....I mean dust...dies down if it turns out to be nothing. 

The school is checking its POLICIES....which are not laws, as once person on here posts.... and that is very different. If something is found to be wrong then they can fire her for violating their policies.  That isn't breaking any law.  That would be the minor child's family having to press charges against her for that to happen.  Would you put your minor child through all that press and those problems?   I don't know if I could do that to my kid.  After this much embarrassment, I don't think so. 

But so far no one has proved either one of them has done a thing wrong but TALK in a car.  So what? 

Wow, what dirty minds some people have.  Shame shame.  Curb your thoughts people.  Until proven otherwise, they are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty, right?   Or did Ohio suddenly become part of another nation?  


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I often wondered and asked ' HOW could the Salem Witch Trials ever happen? 

Then I read this forum and understand that man kind hasn't advanced at all, proving evolution is false.  :-)

Really I pay ta...

Taxpayer, they let you off early from your McDonald's job?

Don S

Where were these teachers when I was growing up ????  I always had to do my school work the old fashion way !!!!!.


I do not know nor do I care if these people were meeting in secret. I do however say that I can see it happening. Some teachers try to be friends to their students. They need to stick to teaching in the classrooms, and let the parents solve their children's problems. I see teachers who dress like their students. How can a young, impressionable teen see someone who looks and dresses just like they do as an authority figure. Until teachers get back to teaching, and teaching alone, this will happen more and more. It is a shame if this teachers name is being smeared without merit, but she should have never put herself in the position in the first place.


I thought a boy's rite of passage into manhood back in the old days was that his dad would take him to a "place of ill repute"  for him to learn the secrets of womanhood.

Now they just drop them off at school........     :}


Omg Nobody can Add of course as usual. A Teacher driving around with a Student, is inappropriate behavior.  Where does it say its OK for that kind of relationship.  Sandusky High School Teachers are Street Walkers, and Ive seen it.  All they try to do is pick up Students and there Fathers.  The stuff I heard when my kids were in that School, its outrageous.  Even trying to discuss your childs education with a Teacher is impossible.  You cant even carry on a conversation with a Teacher in this area and they have the Mentality of a High School Student.  All This is Utterly Disquisting.  Who is hiring these people is what Ive said all along.   Not to mention the Teachers are Mouthy, Aggressive, have no intention of educating your child.  Believe me I coiuld tell you nightmare stories about Sandusky High School Teachers and the Principle.  Someone told me from out of town, that they knew a Teacher from Sandusky High School, and he spent more time at the Court House than School.  They dont teach, they are hoping to score with a Student and create some Drama and if they dont like you ruin your Childs Education.  That kind of Stuff happens all time at Sandusky High School.  Im all for Virtual Learning or Via Satelite teathers at home.  Teachers are a menace to Society.  There are some nice teachers, But definetely not in this area, they dont hire them! 

Sit n Spin

RD2....crawl back under the rock from which you hatched.  That has to be the most ridiculous paragraph of run on sentence drivel I have ever read !

Julie R.

According to the update in the Norwalk Reflector obviously the allegations are turning out to be true --- and if so, I can't believe how stupid some of these younger teachers are. Do they really think these teen-age boys if they are having a relationship with a teacher aren't going around bragging about it? And then to give up a good college education for a fling with a teen-ager --- doesn't get much dumber than that.


Ever think just maybe his car battery was dead and she was offering to give him a jump...


 Crazy how the newspaper would put her photo up on the front page like this... Doesn't surprise me though especially in small towns everyone seems to feed off of this stuff. (which is something I do not miss anymore with living in the city).. And who knows how reliable the paper really is. I look at it this way, there was no violence, drugs, robbery, etc involved!  She is a good person....  Things could be a lot worse....  Out in CA you have teachers feeding the students semin cupcakes! Now that's some crazy stuff! 


i don't understand why anybody is sticking up for her.  yeah, she could have been helping him but whatever.  Im sure this kid has friends.. he doesn't need to "talk" to a teacher about his relationship problems. Especially in a car at 9pm in and park!!!  & for the teacher, she knows what is wrong and right. She crossed the line. She knew what she was doing and being in that car was wrong.  Her reputation is completely ruined and she will lose her job, if not her license- if there is more..      #havemorals


Her thinking was sure backwards. If she really was helping him, and thinking straight, she would have talked to him at the school with a counselor present.  Not in a park, not in a car, not at 9:00 at night, not through texting. You just can't do anything like that now days. If she is innocent of any wrong doing, she handled the whole situation badly. I commented Monday on another article about a person I know that made a really bad decision in her life. I was just trying to get the point across that some good people do make really bad decisions in their lives. It doesn't necessarily make them a bad person. Just not thinking I guess, or they just don't care:(


Not saying whether or not this woman is guilty, but I would like to see the stats on the ages of teachers who have sex with students.  It seems to me that most of them are younger.  Don't these grown adult, college-educated people realize that they are not peers with high-schoolers anymore?  Or are they trying to relive their glory days?  Whatever it is, I realize it's ageism, but I would not hire a high school teacher younger than 30 or 35 if it were up to me.

And for those of you who don't realize it, it is a crime in Ohio for a teacher to engage in a sexual relationship with any student, regardless of age.  So not only did this woman perhaps throw away her college education and career, she could also see prison time if she is guilty.


Sit and Spin go back to sitting on it and Spin.  If you dont think there is anything wrong with that, you need some serious help.  Your as sick as the rest of them.  Sandusky is a Hell Hole and your part of the reason. Most people in Sandusky think like you.  There are some nice people in Sandusky, but surely not enough. Most of them are on prescription drugs and Drink all day.  Im defienetely not a Party Pooper either, believe me, and  I love having Fun and a Goodtime.  You think HighSchool and thats it!  Sicko

Sit n Spin

R2D2.....I never said it was appropriate behavior...Maybe you need to go back to whatever one room schoolhouse you attended and sharpen up on your reading comprehension skills !  One person does not represent the whole so take off your blinders and head back to your stall !


Im sure thats were you spend most of your free time is, in the Stall.  I went to Sandusky High School, and I dodged knives, fights, and getting beat up.  Wow what great memories.  And the Teachers today are no help, they love the cheap free entertainment like you do. 

Julie R.

Maybe they should keep the younger teachers that are only in their 20's in the lower classes --- like kindergarten through the 8th grade --- until the teachers themselves grow up.


Excuse me RD2 but you obviously have Sandusky mixed up with Norwalk. My gosh person pull yourself together,the story I read was about a teacher in Norwalk. What the heck are you reading? Are you having flashbacks or something and if so for pete's sake get some help.


 RD2....I don't know about any "street walkers" that teach at SHS..but I totally agree with you about a teacher who will EFF students and their fathers...All of a sudden- BOOM- she became quite a hoe. I don't know why her husband is still with her. smh


First of all, most of these people commenting are from Sandusky I would presume, since this is a Sandusky, Ohio newspaper.  And Im saying the same stuff is happening here.  IQ below 100, have to explain my reasoning why Im commenting on Sandusky City Schools.   Of course again, cant Add or subtract, 3rd grade level. 

The Rudy

What an unfortunate situation for all parties. Isn't this Billy's daughter? Karma is one tough mother ain't she?


Correct on the parent.



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it was hushed up years ago when male teachers went after the high school girls. i never heard of any female teachers that went after or flirted with the high school boys. how things change. the internet spreads the news like wild fire.


 I know this teacher and while I have not spoke to her in regards to any of this I know she is a good person with a kind heart and soul. I agree from initial thoughts that come to mind after reading this article she clearly made some poor decisions and has used poor judgment. I believe it will cost her her job and that will be a harsh consequence she will pay for that poor judgment. I hope that she can remain strong and focus on a future whatever that may be for her and know she has a lot of love and support from her family and friends. She may have to rebuild after this but I know for fact that she will learn a lesson as she absolutely loves her job. My place is not to judge her actions as we've all made poor decisions. 

Julie R.

Personally, I hope it isn't true and I don't even know her. I just can't fathom why she would even think of jeopardizing a good college education for a 17-year-old.


I am considered as "ex-girlfriend".

I honestly don't think anything wrong was going on. Yes, I do find it out of the ordinary for a teacher and student to meet at 9 p.m. in a private place off school grounds, but that is just my opinon. I wish I knew what was going on and why I needed to be talked about when I was here for him to talk to, instead of having his teacher to talk to. Only they will be the ones to know the real story and why this happened..



Don't fool yourself honey. Maybe they were talking about how naive you are. Think about it long enough and you will answer your own question. Or ask yourself this: Would you meet with a male teacher outside of school, at night, in a park to discuss your ex-boyfriend? Exactly.


I'm sorry. I know my ex very well and I know for a fact that he wouldn't think to do anything wrong. I was out of town when this happened or else it wouldn't have happened. I'm the only one to know how our relationship was and no one else will ever know. Anyway, he still keeps in contact with me so I believe nothing wrong was going on, thank you.


 Why don't people understand that texting can be brought into court as evidence. If all these conversation would have been verbal they could have denied their way out of this mess.

Don't you just love technology.

Tru Grit

Donutshopguy, Are you the same Donutshopguy on NOSF?


She is an attractive girl should have no problem finding a guy her own age. Hopefully nothing happened the way the paper makes it out, is that... Maybe the texting conversations talk about sexual encounter's. For her sake I hope not. If I was her and nothing came out of this, I would personally demand an apology from the Norwalk Reflector and the Sandusky Register for making her out to be a scummy high school boy banging teacher, when in reality she is most likely a smart girl who made the poorest judgement of her life in meeting a 17 year old boy at a park after dark in his car.... I got 20 bucks says nothing happened.


Can someone honestly answer this question what makes a person want to put everything they have worked for in their life in jeopardy for the chance to have some type of sexual relation with a student. I mean, I don't feel I am some Brad Pitt or even better a Burt Reynolds, but I wouldn't even ponder about the thought or wanting to sleep or do anything with a student. I have many woman my age, I mean what is it.


Even if there was nothing going on, she's done now. As soon as her name became public, she was done. Public opinon, wrong as it may be will be her death sentence from teaching here, and perhaps from ever teaching anywhere. Time for people to stop sticking their nose in other folks cars, cell phones, and bed rooms.  This woman has not been charged with a crime, yet the paper has her picture flashed all over it. Shame!


 Here's my opinion... if she was having sex with him or having a relationship with him why would she meet him in a PUBLIC place? Whoever said it's a private place obviously doesn't realize a park is a public place. IF they were planning on have sex or anything inappropriate  why wouldn't they go to her house, or somewhere that is actually private?

I heard that the boy was seeking help and guidance from her and all I know is IF the story I heard IS true... then good for you Lexi! I would be honored to have you as my children's teacher and while some may say it was poor judgement... I would say it was good judgement and you could have saved that boy's life. 

I'm going to stand by the innocent until proven guilty and give her the benifit of the doubt. 


"Here's my opinion... if she was having sex with him or having a relationship with him why would she meet him in a PUBLIC place?"   "I'm going to stand by the innocent until proven guilty and give her the benifit of the doubt."   good points by youngfamily. newspapers do like to put a spin on things. they either blow things out of proportion or hold back on some information. so the 17 year old had a condom in his wallet. big deal. the 17 year old had a girl friend in the past, didn't he. some 17 year old boys carry a condom in their wallet as a status symbol but never had sex before. according to the recent norwalk reflector  "Majoy estimated he had reviewed about a third of the messages as of late Monday morning."There are a lot of messages here. ... A lot of it was just conversation," the chief said."  texting is the modern day version of communication. i myself prefer to talk either in person or by telephone. texting is a lot like emails or some of the comments on forums. you cannot hear the tone of a voice and cannot tell if somebody is serious or clowning around. if there are hundreds of text messages as the newspaper reported, i figure that the police will try to piece together some text to make it mean something other than the true intent. look what the fbi did to the hutaree members with their hundreds of hours of recordings and then try to piece together some made up conspiracy. i could never understand the modern concept of texting as a way to communicate.


Does anyone else find it comical that someone is sexually attracted to a minor in an area called SANDUSKY (Jerry reference for the slower people.) True or not true (it's true) her life as a teacher is over and it should be. Why would you have Guidance Counselors anyway? This girl can do it in a car, after work hours, for free and in a park...For all you people that don't believe it's true I’m sure you have a free Michael Jackson t shirt in your dresser somewhere.


If Sandusky was even part of the whole thing, then yes, I would find it comical...but it's not, so not really.





"Why would you have Guidance Counselors anyway?"   some are not to be trusted.  look up guidance counselor sex on the internet and see what you come up with.


RD2 - I hear you!!!!


My comment contained NOT A SINGLE WORD that could even remotely be considered as an obscenity.  I did NOT SWEAR, and I merely stated something that will COME out in the investigation.  (And no, it did not include the word in the last sentence).

I only made a connection between her and the marijuna guy and how they both disposed of the evidence in the same manner.


 I don't think her career is over for ever...  There are many examples of teachers/admin. that have sexual relationships with students(South Central in particular) where the "adult" gets a slap or NOTHING. 

Latest , that went public, was the pricipal , a woman, had a long-time affair with a teachers daughter. Did not try to hide it, as it was on F/B , student body new of it and all sorts of T/Ms...   

Investigated, and all she received was a 2 year license suspension..  Free to go back to teaching, as soon as she can prove she won't hit on anymore children... 

So, don't worry ,  you will be back to work in NO time at all!!  


Perhaps utilizing the guidance office for private discussions and making the appropriate phone call to the parents to inform them that their child is seeking counseling or advise in a personal matter would have been helpful.  That is the usual procedure that guidance counselors take.  Had the parents been informed perhaps this mess could have been avoided.   

Isnt that Special's picture
Isnt that Special

 if quacks like a duck, walks like a duck...guess what ITS A DUCK!!!! who takes their student to a park at 9pm ish at night and of all things have the student in the driver seat...cmon!!! lets thank Castalias finest the policeman who caught that in the act...without him none of this would of came out in the open or atleast it would have been another few months before we all found out. Thank you Policeman from Castalia.


Isnt that Special - there is something in your comment that bugs me - what "act" were they caught in?  The "Policeman from Castalia" clearly stated many many times that there was nothing illegal going on when he came upon the vehicles.  Also, I'm sure she got into the vehicle with him so they could talk - she did drive there in her own car which was present at the scene next to his.  Not sure you have a good interpretation of the scene at all.

What were they doing when the cop stopped to question them being in the park?  nothing but talking - and that statement is contained in the police report as well.  If nothing illegal was going on, I still see nothing that should validate the judge issuing a search warrant for anything.  My best guess is that if she had a good attorney there is a good chance that without probable cause, that search may be thrown out of court, along with the text message documents - and if this happens, no case at all.  Who looks like an idiot at that point?  not the teacher or the student.



I think it's a stretch to turn cellphone text into an act of sexual conduct. There was no sexual conduct.

The bottom line these days is that you can be charged with anything they want, its up to the courts to decide what stays and goes. Also, I believe you no longer have any expectation of privacy or security, as it was written in the U.S. Constitution:

Article [IV.]

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Was it wrong for her to meet with him? No. The time and place? Yes. I can't believe teachers don't know the law about student-teacher relationships.

Was this young man harmed by this?

I doubt it.



Concerned For A...

Look, fact of the matter is, there were SOME text messages that seemed sexual in nature. If there is the slightest bit of suspicion to them having a sexual relationship, it has to be investigated. If there is a relationship of that nature, then shame on her. Do I think a 17 year old dude will be scarred for life by the! Do I think he will be scarred for life after it being made public...maybe! But in her position, she really should have used better judgement. Come on! You are a teacher! We send our children to school for you to teach and mentor them. NOT take them to a park at 9pm ish at night to "talk". There are plenty of rooms in a school for tht, or how about the students home? While the parents are there? I understand teenagers don't want their parents to know every single lil thing they are going through, but there is a code of ethics to be followed here. And it definately crossed the line. Just my opinion!


"Look, fact of the matter is, there were SOME text messages that seemed sexual in nature. If there is the slightest bit of suspicion to them having a sexual relationship, it has to be investigated."   i do not have the 'slightest' bit of suspicions about some of our police and public officials. I have strong suspicions. why isn't anybody investigating them? how about that former sheriff in ottawa county? he was caught by audit and got a free pass from the prosecutor. why are all you people so judgmental over a newspaper story? do you find this odd? "On Thursday, Oliver took his report to the Erie County Prosecutor’s Office for the recommendation of filing a sexual battery charge against Nasonti." so now the police recommend what charges the prosecutor should bring? how about moving the case to sandusky county? do you find that odd? there are many stories of teachers who were completely innocent and acquitted of improper behavior. take this one for example. "She admits the pair exchanged 800 text messages over a six-week period, and says his texts to her became increasingly steamy. She later learned he had boasted to friends they were having an affair. Despite the acquittal, she says her teaching career is over and fears the stigma of the student's accusations will follow her always. Nicole Howell no longer teaches, she now has a job working in a bank."  so which of you posting comments here is after her job? which of you men here tried to have a date with her but were turned down. seems to me that all of the players here are men including some law enforcement, school and prosecutors. too many questionable things going on here including that warrant for text messages. if they were found to be engaged in inappropriate behavior then i have no problem with the search warrant. won't be long before they come after you because you were parked in a known drug area, in a parking lot just talking or even going to a store and somebody has 'slightest bit of suspicion' about you so off goes a warrant to invade your privacy by requesting your phone records or even your home. then they will try to piece together someting in order to charge you. if the castalia police chief found nothing wrong then why the warrant?



read the entire warrant and tell me what you see? did the police have the right to search the young man's wallet and phone for text messages before a warrant was issued? if police stopped me, i would offer my driver license and insurance card. if he asked to search my purse, i would tell him no. i don't see a  reason why the judge would sign the warrant. a new judge is needed who knows the law.  read about that part-time castailia officer. sigsworth sure did spend a lot of time in huron county in the past. why? there are too many things that seem very suspicious about this case. this case may be thrown out of court but a teacher's life is ruined.

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FruGal~~> Do you have children? Sorry for asking such a personal question, but with all due respect, it wasn't a police officer caught in a park, at night, after work hours, with a juvenile. If the person being questioned allows the search of their property, with out being forced or coerced, there is no need for a warrant. If in fact there was no wrong doing, then I suppose that neither party has any worries? A recommendation is just that, it is recommended.The police can recommend anything they want to. Final say is up to the prosecuting attorney. I'm assuming, and yes i'm making assumtions here, that the recommendations are based on factual evidence found. Do I disagree that there are plenty of crooked officials in this world, no! That would make me nieve to the complete fullest extent of the word. All I'm saying is that she should have without a doubt used better judgement here. Especially if she is guilt free of any wrong doing. Teachers should NOT be meeting their students in a park at night to discuss ANYTHING!! It is hugely innappropriate. I am a mother, and just flat out don't approve of or condone this type of behavior. There is a time and a place to meet with your students, period. If she was just trying to help him, fine. Thats great that she is taking extra steps to get involved. But the way she went about it is all wrong, and to me and obviously alot of other people is suspicious. And by the way, I am not a teacher after her job, or a public official. Just a concerned parent.


I don't see what the big deal is, I'd fk her :)


"If the person being questioned allows the search of their property, with out being forced or coerced"   coerced is the word. many teens are intimidated by the police. was it the condom in the wallet that the teen said was bought weeks earlier that caused the search warrant to be issued? the word is coerced. i posted the web page about when a search warrant was not needed to get a discussion going. did you know that police are now going after cell phone records without search warrants? next will be confiscation of computers and coming into your unlocked home without a warrant. police in the past have entered unlocked homes. most people leave their homes unlocked when they are home. the police will try to figure out ways to go around search warrants.

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FruGal...Do you have children?? You avoided this question. If you did, maybe your veiw on this wouldn't be trying to prove a conspiracy theory about the police, but to find out if she interacted inappropriately with her student. Nobody knows if the teen was coerced or "bullied" or anything else. My belief is that the warrant was obtained and executed due to the fact that it is suspicious behavior for a teacher and a student to be in a closed park, in a vehicle together at night. And the teens story changed a few times, which in turn gives the police probable cause to ask for a warrant in the first place. I commend the officers for doing their JOB, and patroling the park like they are supposed to. I guess it's just normal now for teachers to take your child to a park after dark to discuss ex girlfriend issues.

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FruGal...Do you have children?? You avoided this question. If you did, maybe your veiw on this wouldn't be trying to prove a conspiracy theory about the police, but to find out if she interacted inappropriately with her student. Nobody knows if the teen was coerced or "bullied" or anything else. My belief is that the warrant was obtained and executed due to the fact that it is suspicious behavior for a teacher and a student to be in a closed park, in a vehicle together at night. And the teens story changed a few times, which in turn gives the police probable cause to ask for a warrant in the first place. I commend the officers for doing their JOB, and patroling the park like they are supposed to. I guess it's just normal now for teachers to take your child to a park after dark to discuss ex girlfriend issues.


"FruGal...Do you have children??" yes i do. if my children were depressed and maybe thinking suicide, i would have no problem with a teacher getting involved, even in private to talk with my children. i will not try and convict this teacher based on newspaper articles. i have provided web pages of teachers who were wrongly charged and were acquitted but their lives were ruined. i don't like the idea of newspapers dragging people through the dirt before all of the facts are in. i wonder how many parents of death by suicide teens wished that teachers would have become involved? these now gone depressed  teens didn't want to discuss their thoughts with their parents. men and women think differently. a male teacher would tell a teen one thing and a female teacher would tell a teen something else. so until i find out all of the complete facts, i will not judge this teacher.

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Like I said in my previous comment. If all she was doing was trying to help this young man, then good for her. But if you read all the articles, including the updated version in the Norwalk reflector, stateing that some of the text messages were sexual in nature, then it would SEEM that it was more than just trying to help him through a rough patch.It's pretty easy to read in black and white if a letter or text message is making a sexual reference. Even if the conversation was related to him and his ex girlfriend and their sex life, that teacher shouldn't be talking to a student personally about their sex life. If that might be the case, I don't believe that she should loose her job and be condemned for life because of it, but know better. Unless she is a sexual education teacher, no other teacher should be conversating with a student about sex, period. Are you completely ignoring those particular parts of the story? Everyone is entitled to their opinions, cause all of us in this world are different, but facts are facts, period.Would you approve of a teacher "helping" your child if the help involved texting that is "sexual in nature"? And if was innocent, why wouldn't this student inform his parents of the meeting? Or a simple hey mom or dad, I've been talking to Mr. or Ms. so n so. He or she is really helping me alot. I'm not saying yet that she did have a sexual relationship with this kid. And it is innocent until proven guilty. But if there may be pending charges on this teacher, then you don't have to be captain obvious to figure it out that the relationship is inappropriate. If anything does come out of this, the age of consent in Ohio is 16. But in Ohio, it is illegal for a teacher to have a "sexual in nature" relationship with a student. Whether the student is underage or not. Code of ethics for teachers, period. When they become teachers, they know the laws and rules that come with the job. It is what it is. Neither mine or your opinion, or anybody elses matters. The law is the law.


what does a 'rookie' cop know about the law? always remember that blue code of silence. rookie cops make a lot of mistakes.


the rookie cops that cannot pass the test can become store security officers. or go back to cedar point.


"I wasn't there, so I can't say how they reacted when they seen the police, and spoke with the officer"  you were not there? so why all of your facts?

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So FruGal, what you are saying is that the police are lying, and they must have typed up a bunch of fake text messages too, huh?? Can't even dicuss your own opinion openly without the vultures swooping in to pick you apart. Are you one of those liberal types?? Awe..I feel so bad for you honey....I guess as the case moves on, who has the right OPINION! What a female dog you are, haa!


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" I call it as I see it."  i call it as i see it. you are a sheep.

i call it as i see it. baaah!

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I actually think its hilarious that you find the need to bash someone for having an opinion other than the one that you have. FruGal...I love your little kindergarten picture you posted there, it's cute. You are so lost in the political cess pool, that you forgot about freedom of speech. Is it so wrong for me to look past the fact that there are crooked cops in this world and see things for what it is? A teacher POSSIBLY having an inproper relationship with a student. I never accused her, I'm not the peace officer that was there.Never once in any of my comments did I say she was guilty of anything? You can quote my comments all you want, since you are so facinated with them. I will not change my opinion because  a couple of people I don't know, and don't know me,  can't stand for someone to have an opinion other than theirs. Truth be told, If there is wrong doing PROVEN by investigation, I could care less about her rights!


For both the teacher and the young man's sakes I hope they get to the bottom of this soon.  Both of them are getting drawn and quartered without anything but innuendo and gossip.  Not one shred of evidence has been given at all yet put everyone sure has their views on what is wrong already. 

I hope for everyone's sake its nothing more than an innocent thing, if not then the authorities can take over and do their thing. 


"So FruGal, what you are saying is that the police are lying, and they must have typed up a bunch of fake text messages too, huh?? Can't even dicuss your own opinion openly without the vultures swooping in to pick you apart. Are you one of those liberal types?? Awe..I feel so bad for you honey....I guess as the case moves on, who has the right OPINION! What a female dog you are, haa!"    i said that rookie cops make mistakes.  i see that my comment was deleted. i wonder why? now it is my turn concerned for america and i will quote you from a comment you made over two years ago. i will remove the last name. i want to know why you said that about mark and the bellevue pd. "I know personally Mr. MARK ####### WAS CORRUPT, among a few others along the way.I have grown up here, and unfortunately been on both sides of the tracks. I may have over stated about it being "FULL" of corrupt cops,"   why did you say that?

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I said that because it was the truth at the time. All the officers I was referring to at that moment in time are gone. You must be talking about the James David fiasco. Look FruGal, I'm not denying what so ever...That police make mistakes, you are right about that, and I agree with that statement fully. All I'm trying to say about this story right here, is that I don't care if the officer made a mistake if it exsposes wrong doing. I'm not accusing her, I'm just a mother of two beautiful children, and I really don't wan't teachers around them that are going to try and have a sexual relationship with them, period. That is my whole point. I have repeated time and again that if she was just helping him, good for her, but if NOT, then shame on her. Yes I had your comment removed, because I don't appreciate you insulting my intelligence when you don't know me, it was uncalled for. I wasn't insulting you, just having an adult conversation about different opinions. The way I see it, through my eyes, is that text messages were submitted to the prosecutor, right? Well it's pretty obvious to me that there was something found to be innapropriate about those messages. Could I be wrong about that, yes. But I'm pretty sure if there were nothing criminal going on, the text message logs would never have made it to the prosecuting attorney.


"All I'm trying to say about this story right here, is that I don't care if the officer made a mistake if it exsposes wrong doing."  you don't care if the officer made a mistake if it exposes wrong doing? with your thinking, the police will ignore the rights of citizens and ignore search warrants and stop and search anybody they want. sure they will find some wrong doing but those cases will be thrown out of court. and you say that i insult your intelligence? you are doing a good job of showing your intelligence. i am curious why your are so strongly interested with this particular case. i feel that you have some vendetta against the family and that is my opinion. i have to agree with dgmutley. once the couple was notified that the park was closed, that should have been it. if there was a citation for being in the park after hours, the couple should have been cited. if there was any suggestion of sexual activity, using illegal drugs or alcohol, then i would see nothing wrong with going the extra steps. you might like the idea of police making mistakes or using illegal tactics against citizens but i don't. as i mentioned before, i don't use newspapers to judge people before all of the facts are in. people's rights are being violated all over and the sheep applaud those actions against other people until it happens to them and then they cry foul.

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Now you are just being immature FruGal. I have no personal vendetta against this family. None what so ever, so you can stop with your high and mighty ASSumptions about me. I only know one Nasonti, and that is the Bellevue high school coach. And I have no idea if they are even related, but I have nothing but respect for coach N. Since we are making assumptions about each other, you must be a friend of hers and don't want her to get in trouble? I merely was stateing my OPINION since this is a PUBLIC BLOG, and you are targeting my comments, so of course I'm going to respond. I read all the articles about it, had an opinion, voiced it, and your attacking me because of it. I don't see you spewing your verbal attacks on anyone else that thinks it's wrong, IF SHE IS GUILTY OF WRONG DOING! And I think you should RE-READ the search warrant. The situation became suspect the moment they were discovered to be adult, minor, teacher, student. I don't think the officer acted out of line or did a single thing wrong. You say you won't judge this teacher, well I refuse to change my opinion based on someone elses. Your making yourself look like an immature A$$!!! So keep talking and posting your little pictures, and analyzing my every word, I love it, you look like the stupid person here. We will see what happenes. If there are charges, then I guess your wrong. If there aren't, then I'm wrong. It's a simple as that. I bet you think Randleman is innocent to, haha! It is against the law for them to be in a closed park, that was the only basis they needed to begin with, to question the two on why they were there. How is it a violation of their rights?