Car, semitrailer wreck on Rye Beach Road

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) A car and semi-trailer crashed Thursday afternoon on Rye Beach Road near Ohio 2.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 6, 2012


(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) A car and semi-trailer crashed Thursday afternoon on Rye Beach Road near Ohio 2.

According to emergency responders who arrived at the scene, the driver of a maroon Hyundai Tiburon lost his brakes coming up the westbound Ohio 2 off-ramp at Rye Beach Road at about 5 p.m.

At the same time, a semi-trailer ahead of the Hyundai on the off-ramp began to turn north onto Rye Beach Road.

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The driver of the Hyundai, unable to brake, swerved around one car in front of him, but he couldn't avoid the turning semi-trailer. The impact of the crash wedged the car under the trailer, temporarily trapping the driver before he was helped from the vehicle by emergency responders.

The driver, whose name has not yet been released, was then taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center where he is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The driver of the truck, also unnamed, wasn't hurt in the crash.

As of early Thursday evening, Erie County Sheriff's deputies were still directing slowed traffic in the area of the wreck.

An error in an earlier version of this story has been corrected.

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If the driver was taken to FIRELANDS with non life-threatening injuries, my prayers are with you.  You'd have a better chance with a veteranarian than you would with the hacks there.

November India Golf

are hyundais supposed to have brakes ?


 This accident occurred no more than 15 seconds behind me as I had turned right on to Rye Beach Road from route 2.  I was behind the tractor trailer as it was coming up the ramp from route 2.  It was in the left lane to turn and head SOUTH on Rye Beach Road.  My question is, regardless of the foreign hunk of junk losing its BRAKES (learn to spell, Register), why was the tractor trailer turning right from the left lane?

Sitting In The ...

If your brakes go out what usually is the first thing you do? you yank on the emergency brake right?. Why didn't he make any attempt to do so?. Have to see what the State Patrol discovers but something off.


Please, please teach your reporters proper English and how to spell correctly!

Seen it All

Phroggy, haven't you ever noticed a sign on the back of tractor trailers that says: This vehicle makes WIDE turns?   You try turning one of those from the right lane into the right lane without crossing the center line.

Sitting In The ...

I'd like to see that.


 The cars BRAKES were just taking a BREAK. I think the reporter needs a BREAK.


 OMG!!!!!  Break??????????   Who hired the person who wrote this update and who approved publishing it?


 Yes, I have had a couple of beers. I know the who repeated in the sentence is improper. But I feel great.


I saw the accident on the way home this afternoon. I really felt from the severity that people has lost their lives. I am very thankful thta no one was killed and injuries were non life threatening. The accident looked terrible.

Was no lack of responders as 4 OSP cruisers, three HPD and a Sheriff cruiser. I imagine the Sheriff was not far away as they sit along the road and watch that 45 mph stretch of road there by Eagles and Sawmill Creek every evening.

I would seriously doubt this guy lost his brakes as that so rarely happens. As to car makers Hyundai has been rated safer than vast majority of American cars. Infact, the new Hyundai Elantra is assembled in Alabama and has more American parts in it than a Ford Fusion which is assembled in Canada. Amazing but its a world industry.

I have no doubt either the OSP will check hsi claim of no brakes as they leave no stone unturned in accident investigation and if he is not telling the truth they will not deal easy with him either.

Thankfully no one was hurt badly or killed.  Phroggy thankfully you were not hit n the accident. Say an extra prayer tonight for that.




 i agree. i drive a hyundai and i trust my car better than i do an american made car. not all just some.  and american made cars are not 100% made.  just thank god nobody wazs seriously hurt...

Taxed Enough Already

The righter of this storie prolly had a publik edukashun. 

my oh my

The driver has a fractured thumb so far and also head laceration along with a possible fractured arm too.


I am sure you are friends with the driver or are part of his family.? There are HIPAA regulations.



Lost his brakes?




Re:  American parts in it \

Who owns those parts plants?




American parts made in a plant owned by which country?

Where does the material for those parts come from?

Give us the whole story.......





What manner of education did you have, Taxed Enough?  I'm so glad the driver only suffered non-life threatening injuries.  I came up on the accident before the first responders were there and I thought someone had definately lost their life.   Incidentally, although the wrong homophone was used in this article, I appreciate that the register had this covered and online within the hour.   


I think you pay extra to have brakes on a Hyundai.


 Seen it All, the truck was actually in the left turning lane with his left turn signal on.  Granted, I didnt actually see the accident occur so I have no idea what happened after I passed the truck.  At any rate, someone messed up and I'm glad no one was hurt.  Cheers!!!!


 Alot of people juding this guy that lost his brakes. AS your car gets older, so do your brake lines. If you have to suddenly mash on them, this could cause a brake line to burst, rendering the car without brake fluid. Thus the reason for no bakes. As far as grabbing the parking brake, I dont think I'd judge much unless I were ever in the position, just saying. Im glad no one was killed in this accident is the main thing.


Lugnut2511 you cite a valid point about the brake lines could have broken BUT it so rarely happens. This was no old car either. Alas, its a total demolished car now but not old. This guy was looking for an excuse was my thought and if you read the later article it all comes out now. Alcohol was a factor and sure he will be so charged. Actually, he should sit down and thank God he was not killed and then I would vow never to drink and drive again...........of course depending on his record the judge might decide that for him.

Thankfully, he did not injure or kill anyone in the process. For my part I would wait till home and the car is in the garage and then have my boose where I can't injure or kill someone else including one's self.


You all failed to see the obvious. First of all, if you weren't there or did not see it, how do you even comment? Sure after the fact, you all think of everything the driver should have done. That's easy. I was there and seen it all from the rear. Let's see alcohol was a factor, there were at least 2 cars he passed between them and the guardrail, and tagged at least one of them. He was probably doing at least 40 mph when he passed them on an up ramp..........Brakes maybe . And thank God, I'll say it again THANK GOD that tractor-trailer was turning right instead of left even if he was in the left turn lane because the idiot in the car would have went straight across Rye Bch Rd. possibly killing someone. As it turned out he was and is the only one injured and non-life threatening injuries might I add. I'm sure he saw it coming and ducked, that and GOD saved that man's life. I hope he's learned his lesson.  I hope the truck driver is OK. The car landed so perfect, at first the truck didn't even know he was there. Looked like a movie.

PS.. That is a very dangerous intersection, in a week I've seen enough for a lifetime happen there! Be Aware!  


The reporter is a product of our public school system.  Poor kid!


Im near ohio when i heard this news thankfully no one got hurt really bad. As gardenman said it really rarely happens and i think if there is a problem with the brake disc and pads of that hyundai. Some hyundai are not that a good car i guess. It is just my opinion :)