Cedar Fair's HQ to stay right here

SANDUSKY Cedar Fair is growing. The company is in the early planning stages of constructing a
May 24, 2010



Cedar Fair is growing.  The company is in the early planning stages of constructing a new building at Cedar Point to house its corporate employees.

Since the acquisition of Paramount Parks in 2006, the company has created about 20 new corporate positions. The new positions include corporate director of human resources, vice president of corporate tax, corporate director of training and vice president of information systems -- to name a few.

Several of the executive positions were created and filled shortly after Cedar Fair purchased Paramount Parks. The company is still looking to hire additional staff as officials continue discussions about possible new corporate positions.

"It keeps increasing," said Cedar Fair spokeswoman Stacy Frole.

Officials are also discussing details behind possibly constructing a new building at Cedar Point. Offices are now scattered throughout the park and the new building would consolidate the company's current corporate positions along with any new corporate positions that are filled.

A feasibility study is being conducted to determine the cost and layout of the possible new building. Officials would like to see the new offices remain close in proximity to Cedar Point.

"They're really going through the study to see what is needed," Frole said.

Constructing a new building would also bring the company to speed with the latest technologies.

"We're at a point where it would be advantageous to build a new building," she said. "As we grow as a company and technology continues to advance ... these are items we're looking to fill and bring to Sandusky."

Frole said corporate positions located at satellite offices throughout the country will remain where they are.

"This will be great for the city of Sandusky as well," Frole said.