Sandusky High students march for Trayvon

From afar, their chant was vaguely perceivable: "No justice, no peace ... No justice, no peace.'
Emil Whitis
Mar 31, 2012

From afar, their chant was vaguely perceivable: “No justice, no peace ... No justice, no peace.”

As they neared the corner of Jackson and Market streets, the shouts grew unmistakable, much like the messages scribbled in black marker on the neon posterboards they carried.

Emblazoned on one: “My hood doesn’t mean I’m a criminal.”

On another: “R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.”

Thursday afternoon, about 30 Sandusky High students donned hoodies and set out on a mile-long march through the city, protesting the Feb. 26 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Trayvon, 17, was returning from a store with a bag of skittles and an iced tea when he was shot dead by community watchman George Zimmerman.

Trayvon, who was black, was wearing a hoodie that night.

Zimmerman, described as both white and Hispanic, told police Trayvon attacked him.

The incident has sparked outrage and protests nationwide from people who say the killing was racially motivated.

Police haven’t charged Zimmerman.

And while the shooting played out in a Florida community about 1,000 miles south of Sandusky, the distance did nothing to dilute the voices of this city’s black teenagers.

“It doesn’t just effect his family,” said Brandi Smoot, one of the Sandusky students who protested Thursday. “It effects everybody that cares about what’s right and what’s wrong. It could have been any one of us.”

The students wore hoodies as they marched from Sandusky High to downtown.

“We’re trying to support Trayvon Martin,” Tashay McDonald said. “His death was a horrible mess. He needs justice. His family needs justice.”

Brandi agreed.

“People need to understand they can’t just get away with killing people,” she said.

Some have called Trayvon’s death another instance of racial profiling, demonstrating that even a half century after the civil rights movement, racism is still alive and well in the U.S.

“The person that put powder in Kim Kardashian’s hair got arrested right on the spot, but the person that killed Trayvon Martin is still out,” Smoot said.

The teens said it doesn’t make sense that an alleged killer could continue to walk free in plain sight.

“If we understand it wasn’t right, then why doesn’t everybody else?” asked Destiny Knight.

The group said the know there is no such thing as true justice in this world, although one unidentified girl said this is no reason to shy away from the fight.

“It’s up to us to change that,” she said. “We need to make other people care about making this world right. We have to start here and then we’ll spread out.”

The teens’ march came on the heels of Sunday’s candlelight vigil in Washington park. More than 200 people gathered to support justice for Trayvon, while community leaders spoke out against racial profiling and prejudice.

“No matter what anybody says, I know that it’s still a black and white world,” Smoot said. “We need a bigger crowd.”



most of these kids should have stayed in school as their grades probably s u c k.


Get Jobs!


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 @safecracker  the guy was arrested  and punished  whts your point


safecracker2, One would wonder if BHO aka Barry Sorento, might have a grudge against the English for their colonialism of Africa.

Phil Packer

 And while we are busy being distracted by this story, our government continues on the path to turning us ALL into peasants. 


It used to be that a hooded sweatshirt symbolized colder weather and athletics but now hoodlums of all colors are wearing them to commit crimes or look tough.  I know it is not fair to generalize that everyone who wears a hooded sweatshirt is a criminal but many are and that is so sad.  And it is not just people of color.  I drove down Hayes Avenue and there were two young white males just standing on the corner wearing white hooded sweatshirts smoking lord knows what.  They looked pissed off at the word and up to no good.  Since when is hanging out on a street corner considered fun?  In a big city they would be considered dealers.  Is it any different here?  At one time Sandusky had an anti-loitering law so I wonder why it is not enforced?  Anyway, I have a hooded sweatshirt but I refuse to wear it up because of what it represents nowadays. 

I am happy the kids want justice but I wish they could also learn to respect their parents, elders, teachers, peers, and authority as a whole.  I know it needs to start with the parents but these high schoolers are old enough to know right from wrong.  Instead of walking down the street after school cussing and vandalizing others property maybe they should stop to think how many people they are offending.  So, march for justice but to get respect you have to earn it.  If each person, young and old, would think of other people before they think of themselves, do no harm or offending to others this world would be a better place. 


You apparently missed it. Not surprising.


Why is it that everyone considers Obama black and Zimmerman white?  Both are BIRACIAL.  Obama is an African/Caucasian American and Zimmerman is Hispanic American (White and Mexican I believe).  This is not a white on black crime since Zimmerman is Hispanic.  I am part Native American but I am white so what am I?  Am I white?  Am I Native American?  I am also part German.  So what am I?  What is the person who is of color that was born in England but moved here?  We are all just people, humans.  I am so sick of the race card being played but everyone needs a crutch.  I am not saying prejudice doesn't exist because it does and always will.  It is the nature of the human race to find fault with others and when humans don't have a valid reason to back up their hatred then they find one, such as race.  Every race has prejudice which is sad.  Do you know what race I belong to?  The human race, period. 


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Kottage Kat

It is an election year, and look who is jumping on the band wagon with Jesse and Al. I am NOT a racist, deplore racial slurs and profiling. Just want to see how this plays out in a court of law and may justice be served, trying either in the Kangaroo Kourt of the Komments Kolumn while entertaining accomplishes nothing. I simply feel that this is being exploited for political gain.     Kat


Smcc, if the man would have obeyed the police dispacher to not follow the boy, then none of this would have happened.  He was the one who did the wrong doing.  He was the one who started it.  And not only did he not go home and continued following him, he got out of his truck.  He should be charged based on that alone.


Stirring racial tensions again.  The Rag loves to stir the pot.


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 @ excel says   all them where was song lyrics everybody tweets song lyrics im a be real he was a  17  year old male we all know how 17 year old males are but he didnt deserve to  die like he did


Idiot hollywood jerk  Spike Lee  jumped on the bandwagon and gave out the wrong  address...yes,   the folks were white and no way related to the case ....Now, what  would have happened if those same   people were black?? 

That's a classic case of  stupidity  because he  didn't know  what  he was talking about.   And yet,, you never heard a peep out of any of them when all the  black kids in Chicago  were  being  shot and killed  did ya?    Or any white kids for that matter.  



Super Judge

Here is a direct quote from one of the marchers yesterday.


"This whole thing about Trayvon Martin is making me upset. Especially reading them comments on the sandusky register blog, ugh.. The ppl on there talking about Zimmerman was using self defense.. Ok Cackle was using self defense to (if he really killed tht cop) & they still arrested him.. They NEVER asked for his side of the story, they just automatically said he was guilty.. Why they won't do the same thing to Zimmerman? Oh yea bcus he's WHITE.. IDC what ANYONE has to say both situations have something to do with RACISM.. & I just hope Trayvon Martin & my family receive JUSTICE.. God don't like ugly."


worthless cause, racism will never die, black people wont let

Tool Shed

 Racism will end when the NAACP is dissolved!


Supper Judge, you proved the point, she needs to stay in class and apply herself as her use of english is deplorable.

Didn't this young girl miss the point, Cackle (WTF kind of people call their friends Cackle?) we have to assume "Cackle" was shot and still at the scene wasn't he? "Cackle might very well have been still in the possesion of the weapon. There was a video feed and more than likely Dunn called in a description of the person he was going to question. Now I will consider all of the above as assumptions and will wait for the trial. the use of the name "Cackle" and God don't like ugly, doesn't help your case much does it.


I would be much prouder of those attending my Alma Mater if they were marching for JUSTICE! They should all be smart enough to know that justice requires facts, not the emotional rantings of those who do not know and certainly not any information from the media, which can only be characterized as sensationalism.

Both sides have not been yet heard and the facts are still out!

Just Thinkin

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why are they not in school?



no fear Justhinkin........some yankee put them in the pantry with the crackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus M

Why don't they march to protest, the black on black crime rate, the drugs in the black community, single parent families with  the babies daddy not supporting the family, the high rate of domestic violence in the black community, answer why take responsibility, blame others....    Of course you have the big mut, aka bfrutie still promoting his far left plantation racism....


So much for innocent until proven guilty...

dig this

   Hey   excell says,   We be chillin on Hancock.


@ dig...You be chillin on hancock?  I'm shocked!

absolutely RIDI...

That little punk trayvon got what he deserved.


Sandusky needs a hero like Zimmerman that is willing to put his life on the line to help keep our community safe from these kind of people.