Sandusky High students march for Trayvon

From afar, their chant was vaguely perceivable: "No justice, no peace ... No justice, no peace.'
Emil Whitis
Mar 31, 2012

From afar, their chant was vaguely perceivable: “No justice, no peace ... No justice, no peace.”

As they neared the corner of Jackson and Market streets, the shouts grew unmistakable, much like the messages scribbled in black marker on the neon posterboards they carried.

Emblazoned on one: “My hood doesn’t mean I’m a criminal.”

On another: “R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.”

Thursday afternoon, about 30 Sandusky High students donned hoodies and set out on a mile-long march through the city, protesting the Feb. 26 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Trayvon, 17, was returning from a store with a bag of skittles and an iced tea when he was shot dead by community watchman George Zimmerman.

Trayvon, who was black, was wearing a hoodie that night.

Zimmerman, described as both white and Hispanic, told police Trayvon attacked him.

The incident has sparked outrage and protests nationwide from people who say the killing was racially motivated.

Police haven’t charged Zimmerman.

And while the shooting played out in a Florida community about 1,000 miles south of Sandusky, the distance did nothing to dilute the voices of this city’s black teenagers.

“It doesn’t just effect his family,” said Brandi Smoot, one of the Sandusky students who protested Thursday. “It effects everybody that cares about what’s right and what’s wrong. It could have been any one of us.”

The students wore hoodies as they marched from Sandusky High to downtown.

“We’re trying to support Trayvon Martin,” Tashay McDonald said. “His death was a horrible mess. He needs justice. His family needs justice.”

Brandi agreed.

“People need to understand they can’t just get away with killing people,” she said.

Some have called Trayvon’s death another instance of racial profiling, demonstrating that even a half century after the civil rights movement, racism is still alive and well in the U.S.

“The person that put powder in Kim Kardashian’s hair got arrested right on the spot, but the person that killed Trayvon Martin is still out,” Smoot said.

The teens said it doesn’t make sense that an alleged killer could continue to walk free in plain sight.

“If we understand it wasn’t right, then why doesn’t everybody else?” asked Destiny Knight.

The group said the know there is no such thing as true justice in this world, although one unidentified girl said this is no reason to shy away from the fight.

“It’s up to us to change that,” she said. “We need to make other people care about making this world right. We have to start here and then we’ll spread out.”

The teens’ march came on the heels of Sunday’s candlelight vigil in Washington park. More than 200 people gathered to support justice for Trayvon, while community leaders spoke out against racial profiling and prejudice.

“No matter what anybody says, I know that it’s still a black and white world,” Smoot said. “We need a bigger crowd.”



It's funny how i  came up with the idea and organized This whole thing and did not get Acknowledged for this march., I must say that i am not a Student of sandusky high school! but i would also just like to thank everyone for there support in this event.



VTX Rider

 @ DJ - I would hope that you didn't organize this march just to get acknowleded ? It would appear that you are jumping on the bandwagon!!

Can you explain exactly what you were marching for?  I hope everyone was marching in support of those who lost a loved one. The only thing any one of knows about this case is what the media has told us.  This doesn't mean everything we have read or heard is factual.  A young man has lost his life. A mother and father have lost a son and a sister/brother have lost a sibling.  This is certianly a horrible thing to have happen to anyone.  I too have lost a loved one who was young (23) so I know how it feels.  I hope those involved in your march remain objective until the facts come out  (hopefully they will, only time will tell.  I am a little skeptical.)  I would love to see this type of communtiy support for issues that come up in our city.  Issuest  that concern eduction, jobs and such.  Just my two cents. 

The Big Dog's back

VTX Rider says

 "Can you explain exactly what you were marching for?" 

Just to iritate you right wingers.

VTX Rider

@ Big Dog -  Not a right winger.  It was a legitimate question.

here in ohio

Yea and look at the dude in the back ground with the head phones on looking at his cell phone !! need i say more !!!!!!!!!!  I am so tired of the racist BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what does that have to do with anything ? your way  off topic


sad times


'Gateway Pundit' is a right-wing propaganda site, long on distortion and short on honesty and civility. Not a good source.

The aforementioned citation is a good example. The purported "gash" on Zimmerman's head is not real.



Pictures are pictures and Gateway wasn't the original poster if you like all liberals, only had comprhension skills.

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 The guy is a g y form of briethbart.


And the plot thickens and the world just keeps on spinning.   


    Hey kids,  here's an idea...  worry about what's in your own backyard.   I don't see any of you protesting when there's all the gunplay and  " riot"   gans$a  like  behaviour  in Sandusky.     Don't see any of you then.    



EVERYONE WATCH that YOUTUBE video!!!!!!!


we made a impact !


 I'm gonna ralf!


EVERYONE WATCH that YOUTUBE video!!!!!!!


we made a impact !


I wonder if Martin would still be alive if he would have not copt an attitude and told Zimmerman he was visiting his dad's girlfriend who lives at such and such address and would have given Zimmerman his dad's girlfriend's phone number. Zimmerman was doing his job protecting a neighborhood that had numerous B&E's. Martin was no stranger to the world of B&E, check out the reason he was suspended from his high school in Miami!!!


Practicing their demonstration tactics for the cackle trial?


With no one besides the authoritys having the true facts that are not skewed by race baiters and media hounds people still demand justice on what they perceive as the facts. If they scream that the system do anything then they must trust in that same system, Let it work. A kid got killed and that is a travesty, Throwing gas on the fire and rushing to justice because of race just clouds the facts. Why not instead of having a march for one kid who died in a rash act, Have a march for ALL kids that get hurt or killed because of violence? Naa, The race card couldnt be used and the national news doesnt want to hear about common sense, It needs drama and ratings.

How many would march for a 13 year old white kid that got burnt for being white?

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I guess thats the best answer i should have expected from you big dog. One liner with no facts or sense put behind it.

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 My comments did not contain profanity. More bias from the Gestapo at the S R. The right wingers such as winnie, ecr goof can disgiuse their profane language and never, never are they called out on it. If you are going to censor do it to both sides.

Erie County Resident

To Little Puppy,

Nice personal attack on me and I have not even commented on this story.

I don't know if you used profanity or not and don't care, but your sure showing the level that you'll stoop to belittle people!

All this so you can make yourself look important and intelligent.

To bad it backfires all the time and makes you look so, oh how shall I put this... Something along the lines of a insecure little brat that needs to be sent to their room!



And yes you get away with tons of racist liberal trash talking remarks all the time, so get over yourself.


So many people misunderstand what's at issue is here.

This isn't about whether a watchman wannabee was stalking a Skittles-armed teen in a hoodie was doing so because the kid was black. No one doubts that.

This isn't even about whether Zimmerman is guilty, or at least it didn't start that way.

What set off the outrage is the failure to arrest Zimmerman. There was plenty of justification to do so, and the protesters think than if ZImmerman had been black and Martin white, there would have been an arrest. Does anyone really doubt that? Racist cops and prosecutors in the deep south? Who'da thunk?




Facititous, Here is the cold hard truth. Your Comment "the protesters think than if ZImmerman had been black and Martin white, there would have been an arrest. ", Key word THINK. no facts to back it up. A man in his neighborhood come upon a stranger (white, black, latino, eskimo, pacific rim asian) wtf is the difference, he went to question a stranger, you never did that?


What the h@ll is a "contribute"?



I applaud these kids for showing there support.  If anyone thinks that because Zimmerman is latino there is no racial element here you are just naive.  You don't have to be white to be racist.  Smcc how can you call the kid a monster?  Do you know something we don't?  Catholic pedophile priests are monsters!  If I beat your head into the pavement and pound your face for a whole minute you would not be able to shoot me.  Where's the blood or injuries in the police video that the police did not want to release?  If Trayvon's name is listed in the police report....which it is.......why did the toe tag say John Doe?  The police did not do a very good job here if at all.  Why is it so hard for some of you to believe there just may be an injustice here.  I am black, no criminal record yet I have been profiled by the cops and so has my wife.  It happens people.  If you are following me and I fear you may have bad intentions I also have the right to protect myself.  You can't start the fight, kill me then claim self defense.

I applaud Al for advocating for Trayvon.  We are not going to let you kill our kids.  You wouldn't allow your kids to be killed.

Newsflash:  Black people are also outraged about the killing of Officer Dunn.  It's ridiculous to think otherwise.  Regardless of whatever happened that night Office Dunn should still be with his family.

All you have to do is read some of these posts to know that racism is still an issue in America.  Keep it real people.


I can't have an opinion without knowing all the facts.  The only fact I know is a young man is dead and another one's life is ruined!  I'm not going to jump to either's defense without knowing it all!  Just because one is black and the other isn't....isn't enough for me to point fingers either way.  The media only exploits the whole story!  I do have to agree though if both were either black or white....I don't think it  would've made the national news!!


Seems to me the "Stand your ground" law would apply to Trayvon as well as anyone else.  He is the one being persued by someone he didn't know who was wearing ordinary street clothes.  There was nothing to identify Zimmerman as watchman, security or anything else.  Trayvon had the right to defend himself but it's just a little unequal when the persurer is carrying a gun.

  Re: Professor - - Perhaps you have had some local law enforcement training in this geographic area. But, law enforcement officials in the military and in other environments have been trained to fire their weapon with “precision”. They are in emotionally charged situations where they do not ALWAYS shoot to kill. I’m surprised that anyone would actually think that.    If that is how you have been trained, then it wasn’t by a reputable organization. Those in law enforcement who are accustomed to handling weapons during very difficult situations have the knowledge of HOW and WHEN to use them. They don’t always fire for the kill shot…not by any means. They can make a very quick - - and cognitive decision if they want to shoot to kill…or not. This is situation dependent.  People in the general public simply don’t have this type of “emotional” or “technical” training.      If you have had training by law enforcement officials (an academy or otherwise) - -  I am surprised that this type of training was missed in your sessions. Police officers don’t always kill people when they shoot their weapon.     

All African American children are taught, by their grandparents (since their parents are in jail usually) is that White, Mexican, Muslims, etc are put on this Earth to hold the black man down. It's a joke and I'm tired of hearing it. Nobody here knows what happened that night. The media tried to make it a racial war by saying the kid was only found with a bag of skittles and a bottle of tea. The kid could have acted as if the bottle was a gun and put it under his shirt to scare this guy. They show a picture of this kid looking pure and innocents...but reports state that this kid was a trouble maker wannabe thug. It's how the media portrays this garbage that make it this way. Black, White, Green or doesn't matter. Justice will not be served because of the judicial system that we have in place. These kids protesting need to get back in the d*mn classroom because more than likely they are at a 2nd grade reading level.


Racism in the south? Facetious get out of the fifties, do you realize that Norton Bonaparte, Sanford's city manager is black. The acting police chief is Capt. Scott O'Connor, he too is also a black man. Get a grip on reality facetious.