Woman of God fights for families

SANDUSKY If she's in the vicinity, one feels her presence. The Rev. Doris Troup is here -- or
Matt Westerhold
May 24, 2010



If she's in the vicinity, one feels her presence.

The Rev. Doris Troup is here -- or near -- and you hear the beating heart of a warrior.

She's a woman of God who fights for women, for men, for families and children.

For women. She recognizes they are the center of the family.

Her heartbeat settles softly on the ears and you realize quickly how she touches lives. Her mind meets the swiftness and strength of her heart. She forever ponders ways to help others less fortunate, searching for solutions and points of action.

Troup knows the action points. Her Home of Hope, a residence for recovery for more than 50 women during the last decade, offered redemption and salvation to families stuck in a cycle of poverty and addictions.

The Decatur Street home Troup founded provided around-the-clock nurturing, understanding and prayer. It provided hope and changed lives.

Troup has been nominated for a Register Award in past years, but this is her year. The Rev. Rufus Sanders, a Register columnist, described her in a recent column.

Troup understood "there is always a chance for conversion, a chance for people to believe there is a future and a meaning to the struggle," Sanders wrote.

Troup guided the Home of Hope and also took her dedication and a Bible into the Erie County jail for years, serving inmates who yearned for better lives.

Earlier this year Troup closed the Home of Hope. No one was ready to fill the shoes she left at the door.

This award should serve to note what no measure could express: The Rev. Doris Troup has meant so much to so many.

But now is your time. You've ministered to thousands and healed many broken lives. You have served your community, and that service will never go unnoticed.