WESTERHOLD: Strange Bedfellows

Wow. That's my reaction to a few recent letters to the editor. One took the Register's editorial board
Matt Westerhold
May 24, 2010



That's my reaction to a few recent letters to the editor.

One took the Register's editorial board to task for some of what's been written on this page in recent weeks.

County Auditor Tom Paul skewered me (and my boss) for a Dec. 2 editorial that asked the county Democratic Party to make sure to get qualified candidates to run in the March primary for county offices.

It also stated Tom Ferrell should be forced to run on his record.

But Paul dismissed the request and extolled the virtues of the Democratic Party: "Each and every year the Democrats will present to the residents of Erie County great candidates (who) will be the best qualified and have the best interest of Erie County in mind."

Wasn't this guy a Republican until just recently?

And after he got elected didn't he give Ferrell's wife, who works in the auditor's office, a big promotion and a hefty raise? And didn't he fire another employee to make that move?

Politics sure makes for strange bedfellows.

I'm sure now that he's on top -- hanging with the cream of the Democratic Party crop -- Paul will offer the Democrats even more loyalty than he gave the Grand Old Party.

What's that tune?

Speaking of Tom Ferrell, I found it interesting he's suddenly decided it's up to Sandusky and Perkins Township whether the two communities should combine emergency dispatch operations.


Wonder why he's changed his tune. In June he told Sandusky City Commissioners only the sheriff should be looking at combining dispatch services. "It's the inertia that will keep this moving forward," he said, adamantly declaring the sheriff the sole authority.

Maybe Tom's singing a different song now because his brother was elected Perkins Township trustee in November, and he expects Jeff Ferrell to carry his water in township dealings.

Jeff Ferrell should be given every chance to prove himself in his newly elected post, but I bet Tom's thinking brother Jeff and good old boy Bill Dwelle will team up and vote down moving forward with the Sandusky-Perkins combined dispatch.

Tom Ferrell teaming up with Bill Dwelle. It furthers both their agendas. It boggles the mind.

Jeff Ferrell already has lined up against the Sandusky-Perkins dispatch plan, but it might be a mistake for him to even vote or offer further comment on the issue since the decision will have a direct impact on his employer, the Sandusky Fire Department.

Maybe Dwelle can put in a call to his friend at the Ohio Ethics Commission and get an instant opinion whether that's a conflict of interest.

Politics sure makes for strange bedfellows.

Love firefighter; hate police

Speaking of Bill Dwelle, what's up with his all-consuming obsession with the Perkins Township Police Department. His hateful grudge against police Chief Tim McClung goes back a long, long time. But lighten up, already.

On Tuesday, Dwelle knocked down a purchase request for new police cruisers, saying he had a "dilemma" because one proposal was to buy from Foster Chevrolet.

Hey, I like those guys at Foster Chevrolet.

"Something triggered in my head today ... ah ... this afternoon," Dwelle said. "... All of the sudden I remembered ... I called the ethics bureau in Columbus ... (and asked) what is involved when we have a part-time police officer who is a member of an owner family of the local Chevrolet dealership. Can we buy vehicles -- No."

Dawson Foster is a part-time Perkins police officer, but his very limited employment with the township didn't seem to matter to Dwelle just last year when he approved the purchase of new ambulances through Foster Chevrolet for the Fire Department.

Dwelle just can't get his thumb on top of McClung the way he has it on top of the fire chief so he seems to love those firefighters and hate those police officers.

And wow, that's the fastest I've ever seen any government entity ever work. Dwelle places a phone call and gets an instant answer from the Ohio Ethics Commission.

Of course, "All Are Evil Except Me" couldn't remember who he talked with at the Ethics Commission, a standard Dwelle trick when he might be stretching the truth.

If his lips are moving ...

The Ohio Ethics Commission does not offer opinions over the phone but requires written inquiries before rendering a written opinion.

If his lips are moving ...

Dwelle -- never reluctant to show his love and gratitude for firefighters -- later in the trustee meeting on Tuesday voted to spend nearly $400,000 on a new fire truck.

Love firefighters; hate police officers.