REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Job interview's music to our ears

Thumbs UP and a Bravo! to the sort of job interview that makes it clear to the prospect exactly what the organization expects, both
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP and a Bravo! to the sort of job interview that makes it clear to the prospect exactly what the organization expects, both of the candidate and of itself. Brenda Leach, orchestra activities director at Towson University near Baltimore, will be the second of four guest conductors to lead the Firelands Symphony in its community concert season -- and the concert will be this weekend at Old Cavalry Church, 710 First St., Sandusky, where she's already led a rehearsal. Whoever gets the job, it's clear he or she will fully understand that Firelands Symphony knows where its support lies -- in the community -- and will be prepared to take it to new heights even as it stays firmly rooted.

Thumbs DOWN to credit card companies that raise their cardholders' rates -- even if they're paid up on time -- because they missed a payment elsewhere. Always looking for a fee, aren't you, folks, and what other way are you going to make money on people who pay their bills and don't run up those nice, fat, interest payments? It gets more and more difficult, but the lesson for all of us is: Don't buy it if you can't afford it.

Thumbs UP to the "condotel" plans Maclaren Management has for the Island House Hotel in Port Clinton. Maybe it won't be as easy to get a room at the venerable old pile at Madison and Perry streets, now that people or corporations can buy rooms to occupy, rent out or otherwise make available as they choose, but in an era of cookie-cutter, highway-interchange sleepover centers, it's better than letting a historic structure deteriorate -- and maybe the individual room owners will feel as though they have a stake in a downtown area. Here's to success.

Thumbs DOWN to continuing problems that led an Ohio State University study to conclude Ohio's among the worst when it comes to counting your vote. Whether you believe the more outrageous accusations about which elections were stolen or not, an increasingly fragmented electorate means future counts are going to be close enough that the "margin of error" will be big enough to matter in more and more elections. And that's reason enough to find a system that's easy to use and trustworthy.

Thumbs UP to having one eye on your neighbor's place and one ear to the phone -- it was a neighbor's tip that helped Sandusky police tab onto a suspect almost immediately after Gallagher's Feed and Supply was broken into in downtown Sandusky Nov. 29. Although the court system has yet to determine guilt or innocence, the cause of justice -- not to mention public safety -- is helped along when we keep an eye out for each other, instead of just on each other.