Local Legion has day for kids whose parents get the call-up

PERKINS TOWNSHIP Members of a local Army National Guard unit are on guard to deploy following the holiday season. Seve
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Members of a local Army National Guard unit are on guard to deploy following the holiday season.

Several members of the unit spent Saturday giving children at Kids Day at the American Legion rides in Humvees and allowing them to see their gear up close and personal.

Next Veterans Day for members of the 37th Brigade will be spent somewhere in Iraq.

Their exact duty assignment and deployment date are confidential or unknown.

Spc. Mike Buttermore, 23, is looking forward to the deployment, to the chagrin of his proud but concerned parents.

Buttermore was in Baghdad and Fallujah among other places during his last deployment as a communications specialist, this time Buttermore's job is infantry team leader.

Buttermores mom, Lori, said the family knows more what to expect now, but it doesn't make the seperation any easier.

"He's been there once and he's older now," she said. "He wouldn't have re-enlisted if he didn't want to do this. So we pray for his safety."

For dad, it's hard not to be selfish and want their son to stay at home and someone else go.

"As long as this is what he enjoys doing we will support him," he said, "We're proud of him."

For other members of the unit, rookies to deployment, the sentiment is hurry up and get the deployment over with.

Pfc. Brian Rivera,19, and Pfc. Marco Padillo, both infantry soldiers, will both deploy with the unit in January.

"I just want to get it over with and come back with 10 fingers and 10 toes," Padillo said.

"I'm just taking it one day at at time to get it over with be over there and then come home," Rivera said.

For Cpl. Chris Orme Saturday was a chance to spend some time with his three children.

Orme recently returned from a 15 month deployment in Iraq with Bravo Company out of Bowling Green.

Orme has been a reserved with the Army for three year and served a previous four years of active duty with the Marine Corps.

McKenna, 6, was having fun participating in safety day activity, but it was clear she was most interested in spending time with dad.

"Want me to swing you like a clock?" Orme said. "Yes," Mckenna Orme said, climbing up her dad's uniform and into his arms.

Orme said McKenna's pinching his cheeks to make funny faces with his mouth was well worth it.

Even now if Orme has to go away for a couple days for duty or school, his two sons and McKenna start to ask their mom if dad is going to be gone as long as we was last time.