Reporter's Notebook: Mylander-backed candidate likely to win

SANDUSKY REGISTER Only one person can win tomorrow's three-way contest for Sandusky municipal judge.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Only one person can win tomorrow's three-way contest for Sandusky municipal judge. Regardless of the outcome, Sandusky philanthropist George Mylander can say he backed a winner.

Mylander made campaign contributions to all three of the candidates in the race.

He said last week that he gave a total of $500, the maximum allowed, to Michael Kaufman, an attorney supported by local Republicans. Campaign contribution reports filed at the county election board show that Mylander also gave $100 to incumbent Judge Erich O'Brien, who is backed by Democrats, and $75 to Sandusky attorney Heather Love Carman, who is running an independent campaign.

Mylander explained that he's run for office himself, winning some contests and losing others, and admires anyone willing to seek public office.

"I feel like when people run they ought to have a little support," he said.

Mylander voted last week at the election board office using an absentee ballot, but only chuckled when asked who among the three captured his vote.

That's "my own business," he said.

-- Tom Jackson

Putting the "book" back in "book signing"

I had been looking forward to it since the beginning of October.

Last week, John Grogan, author of the New York Times bestseller "Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog", came to the Sandusky State Theatre as part of the Erie County Read Program and I was covering the event.

I spent nights reading and laughing along with the hilarious antics of Grogan's giant goof of a dog, Marley. I bought a copy of the book especially to have it signed when I got to meet Grogan.

As fate would have it, just before the event I had to walk and feed my own puppy (who is not as crazy as Marley, but refuses to eat his food out of a bowl).

In my rush to be on time for Grogan's presentation, I left my copy of "Marley and Me" at home.

A book signing is much less exciting without a book.

-- Jennifer Grathwol

Free delivery?

Always the jokester, Perkins Interim Superintendent Denny Rectenwald couldn't help but take a jab at board president Brian Printy at Thursday's "Meet Denny, State of the Schools," address.

Introducing his family one by one, Rectenwald joyously introduced his youngest daughter who is pregnant with twin boys.

"I wanted Brian Printy to know he's not just here as the president of the board, or to introduce me," Rectenwald chuckled. "I wanted him here just in case there was a delivery tonight. I wanted it to be a free delivery."

-- Amanda Godfrey

If a tree falls in a wheat field...

A giant and valuable black walnut tree was chopped down at the edge of a wheat field in Berlin Heights last Thursday morning.

The tree sold for a whopping $12,500, so the workers took great care to make sure the tree was chopped down in one piece.

Everyone had a task and diligently made sure the job was done.

Except for one thing -- the person assigned the job of yelling the iconic lumberjack phrase, "Timber!", must have called in sick.

If no one yells "Timber!", is the tree really cut down?

-- Jennifer Grathwol

More hair and a loud voice

At Thursday's gathering at Perkins High School, principals and administrators used a microphone to get their message across.

After Interim Superintendent Denny Rectenwald finished speaking, he moved toward Furry Elementary principal Halley Leffler.

"I'm the one with the most hair," she said laughing and glancing at the middle-aged men who are head of the remaining school buildings.

As Rectenwald waded through people to hand her the mic, she stopped him short.

"I have a loud mouth," she said, voice booming. "I don't need it."

-- Amanda Godfrey