Election letters Nov. 4, 2007

Farrar for new Sandusky Julie Farrar has been and will continue to be a hard-working, concerned citizen of Sandusky. She has
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Farrar for new Sandusky

Julie Farrar has been and will continue to be a hard-working, concerned citizen of Sandusky. She has vested interest in the community, no only as a parent, but as a shareholder in the future. She knows Sandusky needs to reinvent itself.

She has witnessed first-hand the dramatic changes since her childhood. Gone are the "mom and pop" corner stores, those busy stores downtown, and the movie theaters that entertained us. Julie has a vision that Sandusky will go forward and prosper. Maybe not the way it was, but she can see the way it can be, a city revitalized, a place she can be proud to call "her hometown."

I have known Julie all of her life, first as a neighborhood classmate of my sons, later as a co-worker and friend. She has never backed down from a job, never shirked her duty as a mom, supporting her sons and helping them become all they can be, and serving her community with honest and integrity. When presented with a problem, she investigates with an open mind, hearing all sides before making a decision.

Linda L. Johnston


For Margaretta schools

On Nov. 6, the residents of the Margaretta Local School District will be asked to renew a 1.5 mil, 5 year Permanent Improvement levy. This type of levy generates about $225,000 for our school district and the funds can only be used to purchase items that have a life of 5 years or more. Renewal means that there is no additional cost to the homeowner.

Permanent Improvement funds help keep our aging buildings in good repair. This includes roof replacements, more efficient boilers, door and window replacements, stadium repairs, carpeting replacement, and other upgrades to keep the buildings safe.

Margaretta is a no-frills school district and works hard to reduce expenses. The administration and teaching staff work diligently to provide outstanding quality education. The students, our future leaders, need to know the community supports their achievements. When children succeed in school our entire community benefits.

Failure of this levy could affect the safety of the students by limiting funds to maintain the buildings and it would reduce the monies required to upgrade the learning technology for students.

For information about the levy go to www.supportmargaretta.com.

JoAnn McMahon


Brown works for kids

I would like to recommend Curt Brown for a second term as a Sandusky school board member.

I have known Curt since our sons became friends in junior high. Curt and his wife Deb are very active parents in the SCS and served in the Band Parents and Orchestra Organizations as board members and officers for several years. You'll find Curt at games, band, orchestra and choir concerts selling 50/50 tickets, and assisting where ever he's needed.

During away football games Curt and I drove to Lima, Napoleon and Findlay to bring cross country team members (from the band) home from the game after the half-time show to rest for a meet the next morning.

Curt has been very active in the school system prior to being a board member and has become even more involved since being elected. I've observed Curt in the school on numerous occasions during the day talking with staff, listening to ideas, concerns, opinions, etc.. Curt has said many times, "I need to be informed and know what's going on if I am going to have to make a decision on an issue."

Rod Buck


Gardner for Graham

Huron's Terry Graham has proven to be one of the hardest working and committed public servants I've come to know and respect.

Holding local government office is a very important but increasingly difficult task, but Graham is someone Huron voters can count on to work with the citizens for the city's future. Good people in Huron and Erie County are not hard to find, but we don't always have the opportunity to elect them to public office. In Terry Graham, the voters of Huron are fortunate that they do.

I'd like to keep working with him in the years ahead.

State Sen. Randy Gardner

R-Bowling Green

Young for Perkins

We need to elect attorney D.J. Young to the Perkins Board of Education. He is an alumnus of Perkins Schools with three children in the district and will provide the board with a broad and balanced perspective that will further contribute to its ability to function intelligently and effectively to provide the best possible educational system for our children in Perkins. Given the complex legal issues that confront the administration of all schools in our society, Young's legal education and experience as a businessman will immeasurably assist us in our schools in accordance with the ever more complex and expensive demands made on the system by the state. These abilities will compliment the skills and experience of other members of the board. His election will provide the Perkins School System with a board, unusually talented, sensitive and responsive to the needs of our schools

Elaine Waterfield

Perkins Twp.

Charges misguided

Recent political advertising in this paper has brought attention to Judge O'Brien involving an issue which dates back to 2002. I feel compelled to comment.

As your readers my recall, Judge O'Brien and Sandusky Municipal Court Clerk Peggy Rice were each the subject of a criminal charge relating to a court employee who may have submitted a work time card containing misinformation, resulting in payment for work not performed by that employee. I had the privilege of representing Judge O'Brien during the pendency of that matter. The whole thing ended with an outright dismissal of the charge against Judge O'Brien and Clerk Peggy Rice.

It was a pleasure and professional honor to represent Judge O'Brien because I have known him for more than 27 years as an honest, professional, fair and hard-working lawyer and public servant who operates an efficient court in our community.

The misguided work of an overzealous prosecutor from Kenton, Ohio, should have nothing to do with whom our municipal judge should be for the next six years.

Jim Hart


He'll serve Perkins well

As a voting resident of Perkins Township you have the opportunity to return to the board of trustees, an experienced veteran of the political arena, who has honorably and previously served this board on a local and state level--Jerry Baumgardner.

It was privilege for me to serve with him and the the late Bob Kowalk. The three of us were a team who stayed the course making the right and legal decisions for the township. We didn't always agree, but we always came to a consensus as to what was best for the township.

With my retirement, I leave one trustee with two years experience and one trustee with a personal agenda.

Do you really want to vote into office an individual who has little or no experience with a budget of $7 million or more; and labor negotiations involving three seperate unions, personnel management and benefits for employees.

Jerry has served our community in many capacities and has the time, all the time needed, to devote the hours the job requires. There'll be no on the job training for him.

J. Thomas Pascoe


Keep Botti for Danbury

Re-elect Rhonda Botti to the position of Danbury Township Fiscal Officer. We all have first-hand knowledge of the outstanding work Rhonda has done in this critical position. Rhonda's vast knowledge and watchful management of this position has enabled our township to be in the excellent financial position it is today.

Her duties entail the crucial administration of the Uniform Accounting Network; research and recommendation for wise investment of township funds; managing all transactions in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code; processing payroll along with several thousand dollars in bills each month; developing and managing the township budget; adopting and implementing regular changes in procedures as dictated by the Ohio Auditor of State; evaluating the merits and understanding all components necessary for preparation of replacement and renewal levies; and managing every single financial aspect of township business.

Her excellent work as fiscal officer has been proven by the successful audits conducted by the State of Ohio on all township financial records. Her intense dedication to this position is clear and obvious.

Dianne M. Rozak David M. Hirt

John C. Englebeck