Crash victim's identity pending dental record verification

Two men died Sunday morning in a fiery crash when their pickup veered off the road and slammed into a tree before ricocheting into a house at East Perkins and Remington avenues.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 27, 2012

Two men died Sunday morning in a fiery crash when their pickup veered off the road and slammed into a tree before ricocheting into a house at East Perkins and Remington avenues.

The passenger, Bradley Vickery, 30, of Bellevue, was pronounced dead at Firelands Regional Medical Center shortly after the wreck.  

The driver, an Erie County man, died at the scene. His body was so badly burned that authorities have yet to confirm his identity. He was taken to Lucas County for an autopsy where coroners are waiting for dental records.

Neither man was wearing a seat belt and it's still unknown if alcohol or drugs were a factor, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said.  

Both bodies were taken to the Lucas County coroner's office for autopsies. The coroner plans to identify the driver by inspecting his dental records.

“By tomorrow afternoon, we should have some positive ID,” Erie County coroner Brian Baxter said.

Six people who were sleeping inside the home when the pickup smashed through it are all safe, said Candy Blanton, who is related to the home's occupants.

The six, including two children, narrowly escaped disaster — the truck sparked a massive fire when it slammed into an exterior wall, Blanton said.

The 1997 Ford F-150 was headed west on Perkins Avenue at about 3:30 a.m. when it went off the right side of the road and struck a tree in a yard. The collision with the tree ejected both men from the truck, Highway Patrol troopers said. The truck then spun around and smashed into the house, triggering a fire.

The tree no doubt took the brunt of the blow from the truck, keeping it from from tearing completely into the house, Blanton said.

Sandusky firefighters arrived within minutes, finding the truck fully engulfed and the outside of the house burning as well. By then, the six people in the home had escaped and were waiting in a mini-van parked nearby.  

Crews had the fire under control by 3:57 a.m., firefighters said.

Bystanders had pulled Vickery away from the crash scene. After firefighters snuffed the blaze, they found the driver's badly burned body lying between the vehicle and the house.

The home sustained about $10,000 in damage from fire and smoke, firefighters said.

 At about 11 a.m. Sunday, Blanton was snapping pictures inside and outside the home, documenting her family’s losses for insurance purposes.

What was salvaged, however, were six innocent lives, Blanton said.

“We’re very lucky,” said Blanton, whose mother Vickie is the home’s main tenant. “It’ a horrible accident. I feel terrible.”

Blanton said her six relatives are now staying in a hotel courtesy of the American Red Cross.

Neighbor Charles Pfefferkorn called 911 Sunday morning to report the crash. He said he noticed the carnage from across the street when he woke up to use the bathroom.

“All of a sudden, I see some sparks and flames come up,” he said. “Then the first started getting real big. It was a hell of a scene.”

Remnants from the pickup, including parts of the dashboard, were still strewn about East Perkins Avenue late Sunday.

Some pieces, including tire rubber, flew several hundred feet in the air before landing in neighbors' yards and driveways.

“It’s beyond belief,” said neighbor James Beal, who lives one house west of the crash scene.

Vickery, a 2000 Bellevue High School graduate, was revered by his peers. Students rewarded him with a superlative for having “the prettiest eyes” in the entire class.

But it was his personality that attracted so many people to him, classmate Andrea Sommers said.

“He was one of the nicest guys I know,” Sommers said. “He was never in trouble and just a really good guy.”



Get this CRAP off here SR, what the h@ll is wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 I agree with UnionGuy, have some compasion for the family of the victims.  I will be praying for them and their family!


Sitting In The ...

Victims? they both choose to get into that truck. A victim would be if they killed someone else.

old lady44870

there is nothing wrong with this story. RIP to the boys that passed. i thank GOD the others didnt get hurt



There is nothing wrong with the story, but that video needs removed!!!


I promise you one thing, i will never purchase a paper from these dirtbags ever again!!  Nor will my family!!

Thank you Creative 1!!!


old lady44870

I'm not trying to an a-- but this family is no different than any other


Not saying the family is any different, but why post something talking about our relatives burnt body, SR is a pile of garbage!



Also, i am so very thankful that no one in the house was injured. And we are a sorry for what they have had to go through!


I am greatful that the members in this household are safe and unharmed, but the family of the deceased are enduring a great deal of pain and planning a double funeral. This video is very disrepectful to the family and I can only hope that the young children to the victims do not see this! Why wait for dental record confirmation when you can clearly see their shoe! Shame on you Sandusky Register

Sitting In The ...

News stories are sometimes graphic not because the SR is "tasteless" but because thats how the event happened. Im sorry these two gentlemen lost their lives....but don't blame the paper for the decisions of your family member. I highly doubt that these were two gentlemen out just driving around and what the gas pedal stuck?.Please place the blame where it should be placed on the two men inside the truck. Think about it the paper wouldn't of wrote this story if those two would of acted like adults instead of some stupid joy-riding kids. Im just glad they didn't actually kill any innocent people.


Never once blamed register for what happened, i blame them for the garbage video, of course what they did was their fault or their bad desicions,  but there is no reason to have that video on here. NONE!

Sitting In The ...

I doubt they enjoyed doing this story but guess what that is there job as horrific as this crash they documented the aftermath it not like they showed the body and nobody put a gun to your head and said HEY YOU MUST watch it .. So if you dont want the newpapers doing videos on you or your loved ones don't be out at 3.30 am more then likely not leaving bible study and cry when the paper hurts your feelings.


 So if Fox 8 were on the scene filming & reporting & you saw their coverage would you blame Fox 8 for being "tasteless"? 

If you have a story on Bike Week you'll see bikes-You have a story on an accident you'll see the scene of the crash (to a point). Viewers see much worse on the 11 o' clock news every night, especially if you watch Detroit or Toledo news.


 It's news. Sad news as it may be, when somebody wrecks a truck and it goes into a house nearly taking out an entire family, that's news. It doesn't matter who you are. If you don't know the people involved then you can see it for what it is as being news and know that you've read a million other stories that were news that didn't bother you in the slightest but they probably bothered somebody else. 

We don't live in utopia. Bad things happen and when they do there are always victims. All we can do is pray for all involved and hold our own families a little tighter. There's no point in bashing the Sandusky Register for doing what's their job to do. Tell the news. If they keep every story out of the paper that involves victims then there isn't going to be anything left to read.


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The only "victims" were the passenger in the truck and the people in the house. I'm sorry, but the person driving the truck was NOT a "victim". He was the REASON.


and to PHS Guy, who are you to say it was his fault? were you there in the truck with them to be able to prove that something else didn't happen? no one is EVER going to know what happened, maybe it was his fault driving, but you NEVER know what could of happened unless you were in the truck with them.


Sometimes it's better not say anything.


There is nothing wrong with this report, what is wrong is the reckless operation that amost killed a family that was sleeping. Fiqures that a UNION guy would twist the facts. Mannie_2010 even says as much. NO one is happy that this happened, but to blame the register instead of the driver is over the top and reveals just how far away from common sense your reasoning skills are.


Sitting In The ...

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Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this accident, lives were lost and lives were thankfully spared. Can we leave it at that instead of saying hurtful things that the loved ones are seeing and reading. Yes no one is forcing them to read these but it is a reaction to look and see what is being said about your loved ones.


Yes, this is unfortunate and very sad but wait until you hear the whole story...

Well, it's not up to me to provide you with what I heard.  Let's suffice it to say that they were victims of their own bad choices.


I think the boys already paid the ultimate price for their decision that night....I understand it is awful that the Rose family lost their home but please, does it really matter whose fault it is at this point??  The boy's Mom has to bury two sons..have some compassion.  To the Rose family: is there a bank account set up for donations? I would like to make a donation.  To Lori, Brian, Andy and the rest of the family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  They are with Randy now.


The video is part of reporting.  The written story is what information was available at the time.  I would not want the SR to filter either because it offends somebody.  The facts are the facts.  Either get use to it or bury your head in the sand and imagine the world around you as lala land.

Captain Obvious

 I agree that his video is disgusting. Yes - it was my choice to watch it. It was fine until they showed that shoe. That was just uncalled for. 

Whether these boys made bad decisions that night or not, they paid the ultimate price and those left behind have to live with the tragedy and loss forever. 

And enough wih the "i won't tell you what I heard..." bs - I'm not a family member and that comment irritated me. Who cares what you heard. Were you there with them?  Did you see where they were prior to the crash...what they were doing?  If not - it's best to keep your mouth closed. Everyone makes bad decisions now and again. Don't point fingers or spread rumors. You weren't there. Leave the boys rest in peace and their family to grieve. 


 Captain Obvious....I was fine, until I saw the shoe, as well....Just SOMETHING about it, :(


thank you to everyone that is commenting on this with legit sympathy and prayers. to everyone saying the video is "part of reporting", what exactly do they report in this video? it's very frustrurating and terribly put together. and no one knows the full story, so if everyone would just stop spreading rumours and talking to people like you know what happened, stop because it only makes you sound retarded and pathetic. you werent there to see what happened at 3:30am, and neither did the people in the house. so everyone just shut up and screw you sandusky register, you're absolutely pathetic.


What I said was, "It's not up to me to tell what I heard", not that I won't but because I don't care to speak ill of the dead.  Someone who was there, driving behind them, told me what led up to the accident along with some other facts.  I'm not spreading rumors as I did not share what I heard so no rumor has been spread.  I feel that the accident was not their fault alone nor do I care what happened to the house or what you or anyone else thinks.  There was nothing wrong with the video.  It was fact reporting.  They show the same things on news stations across the country when there is a terrible accident anywhere.  Just because some of you know them doesn't make it insensitive.  If my comments irritate you, I could care less.  Many of your comments irritate me because many of you have the brain capacity of ants.  Very small-minded.