Two dead in fiery wreck into house

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Two people were killed early Sunday morning when a truck crashed into a house near the intersection of Remington and East Perkins avenues.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 27, 2012


(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Two people were killed early Sunday morning when a truck crashed into a house near the intersection of Remington and East Perkins avenues.

Emergency responders were called to the scene at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning. The impact of the crash caused the house and the vehicle to burst into flames.

Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash. Troopers said additional information would be available soon.

UPDATED 11:11 a.m.

A family member at 1341 E. Perkins Ave. said six people were inside the house when the truck smashed into it. The driver and a passenger in the truck died in the crash, but no one inside the house was hurt.

UPDATED 11:59 a.m.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has released the following information:

A 1997 F-150 Ford pick-up truck driven west on Perkins Avenue went off the right side of the road, through a yard, and struck a tree.

A male driver, who has not yet been identified, and his passenger, Bradley Vickery, 30, of Bellevue, were thrown from the vehicle by the impact.

The truck then spun into the house. The impact caused both to catch fire.

Sandusky Fire Department transported Vickery to Firelands Regional Medical Center where he later died from his injuries. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene and released to the Erie County Coroner for identification.

Seat belts were not in use at the time of the crash, troopers said. The crash remains under investigation. It's unknown at this time if drugs or alcohol are involved.



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 Why would you post these pictures?  Shame on you SR....the victims haven't even been indentified and you have these horrible pictures online.



How would you drive into the house anyways?..

3am?..Alcohol maybe?.. Sad news.


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I said the same but i deleted that part..

Fatally Injured? <<<


They posted the pictures because this is news


Molon Labe

I was wondering what all the sirens were for! Thought the zombie apocolypse started already.  Turned the scanner on and heard something about 3 people at the hospital for GSW.  I'm curious what that is all about!


creative1:  Go back and feed your cat!


 Are there pics of the deceased? I don't see any...


Why would your sick mind want to see pictures of the 2 young men that died in this crash??? This was horrible for for their their families and the family in the home. 

The Answer Person

Amazing what can happen in a 25mph speed zone.


Good Lord, how  dang fast were they going?  80?


we just came past there on our way home.  The house is a mess, they neighbors are all out cleaning up debris in their driveways and their are cars parked everywhere. 

It is obvious as you drive by, that someone had to be driving WAY over the speed limit to miss that curve.  It appears they hit the tree and bounced into the house.

The picture is of the house, not the dead!!!!.  There is nothing wrong with showing that picture.  Now if they showed the dead, yes, that would be offensive.  Having not yet identifing the driver has nothing to do with showing this house being burned. 

My sympathies to the families of those who died AND to those who survived this nightmare.  I can only imagine what that was like, having seen the aftermath. 

Cracked Cherry

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Thank You wiredmama222 very nice words. Lets please remember that 2 people have lost their lives and will not be with their family, one very young man at the age of 30. Let’s be a real community and not leave these posts that are not needed. Please



thank you. my family really accpreciates this. thank you so much



First and for most ,thank god our family in the house are just fine.Could very easily been 5 more deaths.Not even 5 feet to the west were a gramma and her 2 year old grandson sleeping.Thank god we had the 10 month old at our house.Please keep the ignorant comments to yourself.Remember 2  young guys did die and could of be AWHOLE lot worse !!  Tony Rose


THED0N......I have every right to post whatever I see fit, as you do. 

I said I expressed my sympathy to those who losed their lives and to those who are traumatized however...,

 yes.....whoever was driving that car, was going entirely too fast.  It is obvious.  Go out there and see it for yourself.   

My answer was to Creative1 and has nothing whatsoever to do with you.  In defense of the SR, the picture is NOT offensive and I said so.  If you don't like that, I am sorry.  But it isn't. 

Yes, two people died and six are tramatized by the actions of the driver of that vehicle.  I am terribly sorry for the two who died and especially for the six who will have to remember it.  . 

Creative one chose to diss out the SR, by saying that the SR's picture was offensive.  I chose to defend them saying it wasn't.  

You want to come together as a community.  Have people stop their snipping at the only news source we have in this town.  And respect others rights to different points of view and their right to say so. 


really people.... you shouldnt be talking bad about these two men. yes they were driving recklessly but still if that was you who died, you wouldnt want people talking bad about you.

our family is suffering from this tragic loss.

R.I.P Brad

R.I.P Jason



Vickery_2 - yes I agree with you that your family is suffering - however, it was the driver who didn't really care about your suffering when he decided to go wrecklessly speeding around in a deadly weapon without any care in the world - OR - at that time of the night - probably drunk.

Although I feel sorry for their families, it is actually the driver's fault that you are suffering.  People are just making comments on the situation - I haven't seen any direct attacks on the family - in fact, it's been just the opposite.


I realize it is human nature to want to blame someone for this horrific accident..Truly, only God knows why these 2 young men were taken together. My heart hurts for Lori, their mother, I can not imagine having to burry 2 of my sons.  Parents are NEVER suppose to burry their children and I pray that God hold her in his hands to get through all of this pain.   My heart  breaks for Kingston, Brad's son and for Jason's children, they will never have the guidance and love from their fathers and that is truly sad..  Many blessings to all of the family and extended family.


Not wearing seat belts. Buckle up!


@ Vickery

Prayers go out to you and your families.



thank you so much. it truly means a lot

Captain Obvious

 @vickery_2 - thinking of you and your family. 

wiredmama222 says

My sympathies to the families of those who died AND to those who survived this nightmare.  I can only imagine what that was like, having seen the aftermath. 

I agree :-)


Just went by there and Channel 19 News was interviewing someone standing in the yard.


My sympathies to all involved.

jesus care5

I live by the incident and seen everything our heart goes out to the family of the viticms.

I wish we could have done more to save them.

Captain Obvious

 I went to school with Brad. He was a wonderful person and will be missed greatly by all who knew him...even those that haven't talked to him in years. Prayers go out to the Vickery family for your loss. You will all be in my thoughts during these hard days to come. Jason and Brad will live on in your memories. May they both rest in peace. 

jesus care5

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thank you so much everybody.


These people who are writing in about the accident should shut their mouths. I feel sorry for the families of the two who were killed. You do not know what it means until it hits your household. Also to the 6 members of the family God was watching over you. May the two gentlemen who were killed rest in peace.

vickery_2 :


                         Just wanted to say sorry about your loss.My son/family lost a home,you poor folks lost two family members.Regardless what happen it is a very sad day for both families !!!


                                         Rose family ! 


 id like to say that my heart goes out to all the families involved in this tragedy.  it doesnt matter what the circumstances are--it is such a sad day.  i believe i know the family that lives in the house that was hit.  prayers and condolences to the families of the deceased and also prayers to the family who lost a house.


Sick Minds want to see bodies....These 2 very young men lost their lives and thank God everyone in the home is alive!


Oh for Pete's sake, nobody said they wanted to see any bodies.They were commenting on the fact that the pictures from the scene were appropriate for a news story. What they said was, that if the Register had shown a picture of bodies, then that would have been inappropriate.


 Exactly Kelly...I thought maybe the SR showed some pics of the bodies, kinda like they did with the Bryan Jones guy. I too,think it would have been in poor taste.


This story has pervaded my thoughts all day. I hope and pray the families will find comfort in knowing that others are sharing in your sorrow even though you may not know them. I am praying for these families in the rough weeks and months ahead. It is hard to go about your daily routine when you know others are suffering so greatly. May God bring you peace and comfort.


Thank- you for your comforting words. (A family member that has gone thru a very hard day and yes you are right it is going to take a long time for the healing process.)

Kottage Kat

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these 2 young men who left far too soon under tragic circumstances. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.    Kat


This has been a very tragic day for both of the mens families and friends as well as the residents of the home. I can not say how thankful I am that everyone inside remained safe despite the terrible scene that unfolded inside and around their home at such an early hour. As for the Driver and Passenger, My prayers and thoughts are with their wonderful, and extremely strong, mother,  their wives,their children and remaining siblings who are, no doubt, going through a tailspin after this tragidy. They are family and will always, always be remembered, loved, and endlessly missed. RIP Boys gone far to soon


God set another  two spirits free. My head is hung and my heart is heavy. Lori and Family, There are not that many words we can say to help comfort you in your time of pain. Losing Two children is beyond my comprehension. Hugs to you


Use to be you'd whisper a short sentence in a persons ear and pass it down the line and see how the last person tells the story.  Now days, people can't even interpret what they read.  RIP boys, gone to soon but I hope it's a better place.

Truth or Dare

Thoughts and prayers to the families that lost their loved ones, as well those living in this home.  Am I to understand the fatalities/deaths were brothers?!    How very, very heartwrenching!    No one can fathom the immeasurable loss being felt rright now!  May God grant you all comfort, and strength throughout this very sad/tragic ordeal! 


I knew that tree was gonna be a lifetaker someday ...thank God for it being there ,otherwise we might havehad more death to deal with.



































I apologize.  In reptrospect, anything other than sorry for your loss and it was a tragedy are thoughtless at this time. 

Again, my sincere apology to both familes for your losses and your tragedies. I do mean that.


where these brothers????????????  OMG....May God hold them in the palm of His hand for now and all Eternity.  Seriously, my heart goes out to their family. What an awful tragedy for them to lose two family members at a time. 

And to the family of the house, this is NOT your fault at all, so please do not in any way blame yourselves but thank God that your family is safe and sound.  Rejoice in one another and bless each other daily.  This, too, will pass. 

We lost a family members under tagic circumstances and thought we would NEVER get through it, but eventually we learned to remember them for the fun they were in life, their laughter, the good times.  It took a long whle but we finally did it.  When that happens, you find the rejoicing they would want you to feel at their living, not their death.   

Again, my deepest sympathy. 


At this time the identity of the driver has not been released, unfortunatly, they have to use dental records to confirm identity. However the family is certain of who the driver is, and yes they were brothers, he is currently listed as a missing person. My prayers are with their mother who lost two of her three children in an instant, we are blessed that we will always have fond memories of them and fortunate that their beautiful children will be a daily reminder of their love.

 And you are certainly correct the family of the home affected hold no blame in this tragic accident. They did nothing to cause or aid in such a horrific incident, Im sure they are rattled and devistated that this took place in and around their home and will have a constant reminder of what unfolded in the early hours of February 26th 2012


Why on earth would the people in the house feel it was their fault?  Don't you have something better to do?  The soaps are on arent' they?


look, it would take to long to explain to you, but someone died in front of my house and I know the feeling all too well, so don't comment on what you don't understand. 

Besides, I apologized for inappropriate earlier posts, I suggest you don't comment further on anything anyone says unless you intend to wish sympathy.  Learn from my mistake and get over it. 


I don't know any of the people involved, nor do I know the cause of the accident.  What I do know is that this is a horrible tragedy and a family is grieving.  My condolences on your loss.


If they can't identify the man, how are they going to know who his dentist is ?


they know who the driver is!, all they have to do is run the vin# or the plate...Duh!


@ snatch block

You are an absolute genius.


The family knows who was driving so thats how they know what dentist to contact.  The men who died were brothers... Please pray for their family during this time.  How very sad to bury 2 sons this way:(


Also in this day & age, people drive others peoples vehicle all the time.. it not just as easy as running the plates! The family knows who was driving! just pray for them during this time!


The real tragedy here is just how preventable this kind of accident is. Yes, it was an accident—I don't doubt for a moment that anybody planned for it to happen. But it WAS preventable, and easily so. If nothing else, at least use this as an object lesson for others.

For those who knew and loved the men who died, I'm sorry for your loss. For those who didn't, take note and use what happened here to prevent such a nightmare from visiting anybody else!


Brad and Jason,you will be forever missed and loved.

Our family will never completely understand what really happened that night, but know that we all love you guys and you are greatly missed.

For the one that want to pass judgement, please know all the facts before stating your opinions, you know what they say about opinions..........