Sandusky man stabs himself with half-sheathed sword

A short sheath caused a Sandusky man to stab himself in the neck Sunday with a 3-foot sword, a police report said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 21, 2012


A short sheath caused a Sandusky man to stab himself in the neck Sunday with a 3-foot sword, a police report said.

Officers were dispatched at about 1:45 p.m. to the emergency room at Firelands Regional Medical Center when hospital staff treated a man who had a suspicious wound on his neck, the report said.

Police arrived to find Michael Paulsen, 20, of the 800 block of Decatur St., suffering from a stab wound caused by a sword. Paulsen told police he was trying to take a sheath off the sword, but the sheath was too small, leaving a portion of the blade sticking out of the end, the report said.

Paulsen somehow fell on the sword, with the unsheathed portion striking him in the neck, the report said.



idiots shouldn`t be allowed to play with sharp things.

Just Thinkin

And guns are deadly,LOL This just proves it's not the wepon, but the person behind it, going out and wiping the dirt off my bumper sticker that says Guns don't kill, sword handler's might


"There can be only one..... idiot"!!!!!


From now on he should only be given a spork!!!

The New World Czar

This gets a Darwin Award Honorable Mention.


Short sheath...............................short on brains.......................just sayin.'


Wow, people on here are so quick to judge.  And no, i'm not Michael, but I am a family member.  

Any of you ever heard of ACCIDENTS?  


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wiredmama222 first comment was tooo libelais or too personal.  Ok, lets try this one.  What was the actual accident?  Please elaborate?  It says he fell on the sword.  How did that happen?


Unfortunate but it seems as if it was an accident.  No one can really ever know until Micheal says different.  It was an accident and honest to god kid is smart as sh** but sometimes the common sense lacks.  To make myself perfectly clear this is my close family member and well every kid at one time or another makes a dumb decision and well this was one of his.  Remember the face you spit in could be attached to the butt you kiss tomorrow people.  For you though 'wiredmama' (don't ever know why you would even think of that name) there are dogs within the house hold and well they are hyper.  Thus you put two and two together or well am I getting to personal?  Common sense, dog hit his arm, the knife was to long for the cover (don't understand why he would mess with it then) and it jabbed him in the neck.  So to clear things up since you can not read obviously the accident was the getting stabed in the neck by the sword.  Micheal is smart enough (trust me kid was on honor roll for most of high school career) to know where the juggular is located and how to punture it and if he doesn't he'd google it.