"Bubba" seeks revenge on new "Cuffed" tabloid

The editors of the new "Cuffed' tabloid called police when a convicted sex-offender who goes by the alias "Bubba" came looking for them, police said.
Emil Whitis
Feb 17, 2012


The editors of the new “Cuffed” tabloid called police when a convicted sex-offender who goes by the alias "Bubba" came looking for them, police said.

A Huron police report said the most recent issue of the local crime tabloid featured Roy "Bubba" Lamb II, of Fremont, as a registered sex offender living in Sandusky County.

Lamb, apparently angered by his appearance in the tabloid, started to track down the men responsible, according to police. "Cuffed" does not list the names of its staff.

Lamb is alleged to have repeatedly called the office secretary, then went after advertisers to get the names of the men involved with printing the tabloid.

Fearful of repercussions from Lamb, the editors called police and asked for an extra patrol to pass by their houses each night, a police report said.

In an effort to keep their identities secret the editors even took their website offline and called Fremont police to make a similar report.

The editors names, in spite of their efforts to conceal them, do appear in the incident report taken by Huron police, which is a readily accessible public record.

Huron police agreed to keep an eye out for Lamb. They printed off a picture of him and pasted it on the dispatch center door.



Where can Cuffed be purchased? 


Excellent job by the Register Staff in making the names of these threatened indivuduals known.  Nothing like sabotaging a product that is taking advertisers from you.  Since Don Lee left the paper it seems like it is being run by a collection of dunces and less by a collection of professional journalists.


Try a local restaurant, taverns etc.

google me

 high class as always register


I guess this is the risk you take when you target the criminal element in your paper. They should have expected these kind of things to happen , but stand your ground because the public loves to see the riff raff shamed and humiliated .


 I think this kind of humiliation is what the criminal should have expected when he broke the law. Especially sex crimes. I work in the field of law, and see what kind of horrific crimes and damage that these sex offenders can create. I get that this is public information. But I don't think it is morally right  that innocent lives could be at risk because of the choice this newpaper makes to publish and draw attention to those that are innocent.

This article was just fine the way it was. I agree that it was an article to be printed and part of news. But the step too far was the printing of the report that listed the names. Just not necessary at all for good news. 


Journalism can be a risky business sometimes , even dangerous . Not for the faint of heart . I wish the people at Cuffed all the best and be safe .


Are these the mugshots of every individual who has been arrested for any crime in these counties or just for sex crimes?   Have they appeared in court and found guilty of crimes or just arrested?  Are these WANTED criminals or just a portfolio of individuals arrested and booked?  Can someone please clarify ??


 czechurself...No, the pics of people in the Cuffed paper are not all sex offenders..And not all sex offenders are in that paper. Some people haven't gone to trial, yet..It reads something like These people are presumed innocent, until proven guilty. On the other hand, SOME of the people have been convicted and their sentences are mentioned below their pic. Some people are on the WANTED list...


 Absolutely reckless and despicable to print this. Go ahead and send me another e-mail like you did before when I challenged your motives. If I were one of these people and they hurt me or my family, your paper would be involved in a lawsuit for making it easier for this scumbag to find me. Reckless disregard for human safety. 


 2kids...I know BP sells them, in Sandusky.


 @ 2kids

Hy-Miler at Perkins and Columbus Ave.


Kreimes Cardinal


read the police incident report which is dated the first of february. i recognized the two names listed. they both run a private investigative agency which means that they probably carry concealed weapons. bubba is too stupid to realize that. the huron police report was to be updated once the sandusky county sheriffs office replied back with more information on bubba so the police report has not been updated as shown. catsarethebest stated before, what happenes in sandusky county stays in sandusky county. the sandusky sheriffs office must not want to cooperate with other police agencies. be on the lookout for this pos. http://icrimewatch.net/offenderdetails.php?OfndrID=1555471&AgencyID=55155


for people who want to look at mug shots, i will post the web page. this is not the web page mentioned in the story that was taken down from the internet. http://www.mugshotsonline.com/  some of those mugshots are funny looking like stephen purdy's mug shot. purdy doesn't look so purdy to me. more like ugly.


Hey criminals!  If you are looking to find someone to hurt them, just contact the Sandusky Register!  They will be more than happy to give you their names so they have a story to print when you find them!  Honestly, I wonder if the register prints the names of all the victims of sex crimes too?  Oh that's right, they did when they missed the name of the girl in jail in the incident report about 5 times.  Intentional too?


I think this publication is good because I was very surprised to see some people I know in it.  I think the public has a right to know because then they can avoid these scum bags who ruin the lives and safety of others.  If they didn't commit crimes or run from the law then they wouldn't have to worry about being featured in this publication.  Ya know, this publication may actually cause some wanted people to turn themselves in to avoid being published in next month's edition.  Way to take crime off the streets!  I love it... just sayin.  (and I don't need the "if someone you knew" comments because I actually knew a handful of people in the one I purchased and was glad to know my suspicions were right)


 MYthoughtsexactly...There was a person who didnt want to be in that paper who DID turn himself in..They had a spot for him but there was no pic..the caption read something like, "This person turned himself in after being informed that he would be exploited." lol


 I am not a lawyer, but I think that the incident report is available to the public. Once filed, Bubba would also have access to it.


 I can't believe the Register actually went out of their way to publish these names...I guess I'm naive and still want to believe that even when I disagree with people they have good intentions.  I can't see any newsworthy value in putting these names out there.  The story was fine without the names, it conveyed all the information needed.  Now, not only have they informed the "bad guy" in question, they've provided an idea in the names of all the others.  For what purpose other than to do harm does this serve?  I don't get it and I'd really like to hear the other side of the argument.


You are entirely correct that "Bubba" could have read that police report on his own, but seriously..do you think he is that intelligent? Most criminals don't have any idea they have that resource.

 My beef is that the Register doesn't need to lower themselves to print it. That is just stooping to a new low. 


The Register does not care about journalism or doing the right thing, they are out to make a profit.  The other publication was eating into the budget of advertisers so The Register did what they did.

Sadly, the more people that click on this story and comment on it, the more revenue The Register can recieve from advertisers...so in a way we are just as bad at feeding this monster.  However, I think that as consumers we must make The Register and their "leadership" aware of our displeasure.

Julie R.

If this paper was in Cuyahoga County now the pictures of a former county commissioner, auditor, recorder, sheriff, judges, a slew of lawyers and maybe even their prosecutor would be gracing the front page.   

Truth or Dare

Does the Register publish/print CUFFED?


I for one love this publication.  It's a great way to get these scumbag child touchers names and PHOTOS out there for people to see and watch out for.  If you don't like the publication, there is something wrong.  If you think it's wrong or "offensive" that you are in the publication, you should have thought of that before you did the crime.  Bar none, it's called public record.

worried dog mama

NOT EVERY SEX OFFENDER IS A CHILD MOLESTER!!!!!  That is why I disagree with printing this type of newspaper.  I do not feel we have the right to know everything and everthing about the Jones' and the Smith's business UNLESS it can some how inform the community of danger.  This paper is not doing that it is parading the local criminals in front of a curious mob so we as a holier than thou community rub their nose in it. 


When they break the law it becomes everyone's business . A criminal has no regard for their victims , so why should law abiding citizens have any for them . My advice , if you don't want to be shamed and ridiculed , don't commit the crime . Simple as that .


Leave it to the Sandusky Register to take the public records law to its fullest. Why didn't you just print the addressess of the reporting persons also. Sure hope the new publisher can see the history of this rag, and make the needed corrections.

Julie R.

It's not only convicted sexual predators in that paper there are also people that have been charged but not yet convicted of forgery, identity theft and even theft in office. So what if it turns out some of those people are innocent? Does the CUFFED paper have to make a retraction of some sort?  


Never heard of this rag and would never buy it. You can get the same info on line for free anyway.


Great.            Trash should be shamed.                  esorn               Great work CUFFED.   Also remember esorn is to make people aware of who lives in thier neighborhood.         Realizing who sex offenders are does not make it legal for people to threaten or "bother" them....though I've heard of such things. 

Just Sayin IMHO

 I have 5 sex offenders living within a 5 block radius of me and my 16 year old daughter. I got a card from the police department telling me so. I got that card for free. I didn't even have to pay a dollar for it. Chances are, if he is a sex offender, he is on that card. Why isn't he bangin on the police department's door? Oh yeah.. that's right... they have guns and tazers and training... what do I have? A baseball bat. And fear. But at least I know about it. I never let my daughter roam in this neighborhood. A man was murdered in my apartment about 4 years ago. That is the kind of neighborhood I live in. 

If you don't want everyone to know that you are a convict, then don't break the law. Easy solution.


 As always SR good job in protecting LAW ABIDING citizen's in this community!! If you do the crime then your expectation of PRIVACY is GONE.....As far as sex offenders just because they may not be child molesters does not mean they won't come after your wife or mother, etc.......Old Bubba needs to be glad he doesn't live in GEORGIA, there they put a huge YELLOW sign in your front yard saying "A convicted Sex Offender lives here" or "I have a convicted Sex Offender living in my home" so the ENTIRE community knows...wonder what Bubba would do if Ohio started doing that?????


I agree with Bluto.


Julie R.

I heard the rumor that there's going to be a sister paper to the CUFFED paper coming out soon.  It's called ABOVE THE LAW.  


Ok so this story is basically about two people who are afriad that someone will figure out who they are and they go to the police for help......so the register decided to print their names to make it easier for the bad guy???  How is that the right thing to do. 

Julie R.

There sure are a lot of people in the CUFFED paper that have been charged with forgery, theft, theft in office, identity theft and identity fraud.

So what exactly is identity theft and identity fraud? Is that when idiot attorneys prepare new power of attorneys and new wills for an elderly client when she's in the end stages of Alzheimers?  Is that when another idiot attorney hides the forged power of attorney in another county and falsely states it's on file in Erie County to fraudulently transfer property causing serious defects in the title so the idiot Erie County courts can sell the property at a scam sheriff sale through a retarded partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report?

Dumb and Dumber. Must be what they all go to law school for. 

worried dog mama

I did read this newspaper and i feel no safer having read it.  I feel bad because this could be the first time for some of these people and believe me from experience YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE!!!!!  Some one will always find out and use it against you.  I understand listing child molesters ok, but like I said not everyone listed with a sex crime involved a child and if you look in recent history in this here paper, a prominent Sandusky official lost his job due to rape charges that I believed were dropped....so where is the "innocent till proven guilty"??? when did we lose our sense of justice and it become "guilty until proven innocent"????


worried - just so you know, the reason those charges were dropped is because the victim refused to testify.  The guy is probably very guilty, but without a witness they can't prosecute.  That guy violated court orders not to have any contact with the victim as well - but she still recanted her story and so they couldn't prosecute him.  When all is said and done, he still may be charged again as there were other complaints about him as well.

Although he was not tried, that doesn't really mean that he isn't guilty.


there are so many "laws" that violate natural law that all of us have broken the "laws" that are enforced by government (fascist) thugs. The people who should be on this tabloid are the collectivist thugs and government officials who advocate, create & enforce collectivist "laws" that violate natural rights. All freedom lovers should ostracize & shame all collectivist/government thugs.