Milan teens share ideas for Register page

MILAN Enjoying delicious pizza at Jim's Pizza Box in Milan, Edison High School students provided com
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Enjoying delicious pizza at Jim's Pizza Box in Milan, Edison High School students provided completely different points of view on what they think the Register should offer them.

During three meetings about an upcoming teen page, students have had an opportunity to share any ideas and topics they are most concerned about while enjoying great food.

A newspaper and Web page will be designed entirely on the compiled ideas.

Tyler Voltz, a sophomore at Edison, said he'd like to see more student-submitted projects such as comics, polls and reviews.

"I mainly read the comics," he said. "It would be pretty cool if we could put our own stuff in."

He mainly visits sites like YouTube and where he and other individuals can express themselves freely.

"I like to express my opinions," he said, noting he is really involved in art and animation.

Wanting to make their voices heard, employees at Jim's Pizza Box scribbled down ideas on a scrap piece of paper in between serving drinks and food to waiting customers.

"We really like going online to look at pictures on Fandy," sophomore Elyse Turton said. "Being able to post our own random pictures would be pretty cool."

Turton and fellow workers also added to the pile of previous ideas, which included a mock Dear Abby, top five lists, featured teachers and entertainment briefs.

"We'd like to have stuff that would help us with our tests," she said. "Like SAT help or study guides."

Turton said students her age don't really have a whole lot of time outside of activities but when they do, they like to be in the know about sporting events, play auditions and other random offerings in the area.

"I don't really have a whole lot of time," she said. "When we do, people go to MySpace or the Sandusky Register page to look at pictures of our friends."

Turton said job listings for teens and message boards or forums would be great, as long as they can be maintained so subjects don't get out of hand.

Stay tuned for the page, which will be designed entirely with student input.